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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Law Enforcement: ICE

Democrats Don't Want ICE Notified When Illegal Aliens Try to Purchase Guns - 2/18/2019

26 Democrats Defy Pelosi, Vote With GOP To Pass ICE Amendment In Gun Bill = 3/1/2019

Brandon Judd: ICE Deportation Raids - Here's The Truth (That Even Pelosi And Clinton Don't Want To Admit) - 7/14/2019

ICE Blindsides Tennessee With Plan To Release 'Single Adult' Illegal Immigrants Into State At Left-Wing Advocacy Group's Request - Republican State Officials Rush To Block Unexpected Plan - 12/21/2022

Breaking: Federal Judge Stands Up To Joe Biden, Blocks Biden From Imposing Restrictions To ICE 'A Great Victory For The Rule Of Law' - 12/31/2023

ICE Arrests 16 Illegal Immigrant Drug Criminals - 2/13/2023

Biden Admin Continues To Tout Success of Major ICE Program, But Experts Say The Data Is 'Misleading' - 2/18/2023

Top Biden Immigration Official Called To 'Abolish' ICE, End Detention Of Illegal Immigrants - 7/16/2023

'Turn It Into A Travel Agency': GOP Senator Spars With Biden Official On Funding Police Abroad While Defunding ICE - 9/7/2023

ICE Arrests Of Criminal Illegal Aliens In 2023 Drop By 41% Under Joe Biden Compared To Donald Trump - 12/29/2023

ICE Held Fewer Than 37,000 Migrants In Detention At Close Of 2023 While More Than 6 Million Went Free, Report Shows - 12/30/2023

ICE Criminial Arrests Tick Up In 2023 But Remain Well Below Trump Admin Totals - 12/30/2023

Republicans Slam Biden Admin For Saying ICE Will Reduce Deportations If GOP Doesn't Pass Border Bill - 2/8/2024

ICE May Release Nearly Half Of All Detained Illegal Aliens Because Of Budget Issues: 'Give Us More Money Or Else' - 2/15/2024

Biden Admin Asks Sanctuary Cities To Cooperate With ICE To Deport Criminal Illegal Migrants - But There's A Problem - 3/2/2024

DeSantis Touts Win After Forcing Biden Admin To Arrest Illegal Alien Wanted For Rape - 3/5/2024

Illegal Migrant Charged In Michigan Woman's Killing Was Deported Under Trump But Snuck Back In: ICE - 3/27/2024