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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Other Criminal Activity: Attacks On Law Enforcement

'Hostile' Migrants Break Border Gate To Enter Mexico, Then Attack Police - And They're Headed North - 4/14/2019

Sheriff: Florida Deputy Killed In Hit-And-Run By Illegal Immigrant Construction Worker Who Was Expelled From US In 2021; Police Uncover 'Serious' Immigration Concern During Investigation - 9/24/2022

Texas Border Sheriff Sends SOS: 'Illegal Aliens Wreaking Havoc In Our Communities' - 1/22/2023

Fargo Cop Assassin Mohamad Barakat Was Syrian Asylum Seeker - 7/23/2023

Border Patrol Agent Allegedly Bloodied By Migrant With 'RAT' Written On Forehead - 9/25/2023

Dem Gov Says Depoting Migrants Who Allegedly Beat Police Officers Should Be On The Table: REPORT - 1/31/2024

Migrants Who Assaulted NYPD Officers May Be On The Run To California, Cops Reportedly Believe - 2/1/2024

Illegal Migrant Suspects In NYPD Attack Flip Off Cameras After Release From Custody - 2/1/2024

Migrants Released From Jail After Brutal NYPD Cop Assault Reportedly Skip Town, Show Zero Remorse: 'We Don't Have An Answer' - 2/2/2024

RESIGN! Soros-Funded Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Issues Public Statement Following The Release Of Illegal Immigrants Who Brutally Attacked NYPD Cops - Claims Insufficient Evicence Despite Video Footage (VIDEO) - 2/3/2024

Illegal Alien Arrested And Released For Attack On NYPD Officers Arrested Again For Macy's Robbery - 2/14/2024

Migrants Who Allegedly Attacked NYPD Cops Are Members Of Venezuelan Gang Tren de Aragua, Feds Say - 2/16/2024

Unruly Migrants At Randall's Island Shelter Attack NYPD Officers Attempting To Make An Arrest: Video - 2/20/2024

Massive Brawl Breaks Out Migrant Shelter In NYC: Illegal Aliens Violently Attack NYPD Officers (VIDEO) - 2/20/2024

NYC Migrant, 22, Who Brazenly Flipped Off Bystanders Outside Court When He Was Arrested For Attack On Times Square Police Officers Is EXONERATED After he Was Misidentified - 3/2/2024