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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Other Criminal Activity: Burglary & Theft

Large Number Of Criminal Juveniles Entering US Through DACA - 11/27/2022

Texas Border Sheriff Sends SOS: 'Illegal Aliens Wreaking Havoc In Our Communities' - 1/22/2023

Texas Mayor Warns Of Robberies, Home Invasions As City Flooded With Illegal Immigrants - 9/22/2023

Gangs Of Illegal Immigrants From South America Are Committing Burglaries On Upscale Homes In Michigan - 10/1/2023

Analyst Leaves CNN Host Speechless After He Reveals Why Migrants Choose New York City - Not Florida - For Criminal Activity - 2/2/2024

Illegal Migrant 'Theft Groups' Reportedly Target Pennsylvania Town - 2/15/2024

4 Likely Illegal Immigrants In Chicago - 3 Of Whom Have Already Been Arrested - Accused Of Strangling, Robbing Man On Train - 2/20/2024

Venezuelan Illegal Who Mocked Americans And Instructed Illegal Aliens On How To Invade American Homes Arrested By ICE - 3/29/2024

ICE Arrests Illegal Alien TikTok Influencer Who Told Migrants To Seize Vacant Homes In The US Through Squatter's Rights - 3/29/2024

Officers Arrest Fugitive TikTok Influencer Who Encouraged Migrants To Squat In Homes: REPORT - 3/29/2024

ICE Arrests Viral TikToker Who Urged Illegals To Claim Squatter's Rights: Report - 3/29/2024

Chilean Gangs In US On Visa Waiver Program Targeting High-End Michigan Homes - Again, Sheriff Says - 4/1/2024

Venezuelan Illegal Alien Who Advocated Squatting In Homes Is Facing Potential Gun Charges: Report - 4/3/2024

4 Of The Gun-Toting Migrant Squatters In NYC House Skipped Out On Processing Appointments After Being Released Into US: ICE - 4/4/2024