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9th Circuit: Kate Steinle's Parents Can't Sue San Francisco For Granting 'Sanctuary' To Her Killer - 3/27/2019

California Appeals Court Overturns Conviction In Kate Steinle Death - 8/30/2019

BREAKING: California Appeals Court Overturns Sole Conviction Against Illegal Alien Who Killed Kate Steinle - 8/30/2019

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Jose Inez Carcia-Zarate Pleads Guilty To Federal Firearm Charges In Death Of Kate Steinle - 3/14/2022

Man Sentenced To Time Served On Gun Charges Linked To 2015 Killing Of Kate Steinle On San Francisco Pier - 6/6/2022

Man Acquitted In Kate Steinle Killing To Be Sent To Texas After Sentencing In Gun Case - 6/6/2022

Illegal Alien Who Killed Kate Steinle Sentenced To Time Served - 6/6/2022

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