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REPORT: University Of Georgia Student Goes For Run, Ends Up Missing. Police Find her Dead On Intramural Field - 2/22/2024

Man Arrested For Murder Of Georgia Nursing Student Is Illegal Alien Who Was Reportedly Released Over 'Lack Of Detention Space' - 2/23/2024

Man Arrested For Brutal Murder Of Georgia Nursing Student, Laken Hope Riley, Is Reportedly A Non-Citizen From Venezuela - 2/24/2024

INFURIATING: Promising 22-Year-Old Georgia Nursing Student Allegedly Murdered By Illegal Alien Let In Under Joe Biden - Suspect Was Previously Arrested For Harming A Child! - 2/24/2024

Migrant Accused Of Killing US Nursing Student Entered Country Illegally, Released By Authorities - 2/24/2024

Feds: Georgia Student's Accused Killer Entered U.S. Illegally, Was Paroled Under Biden Policies - 2/25/2024

'Disgusting': AP Torn To Shreds For Dismissing Illegal Immigrant Murder Suspect In Laken Riley Killing, Blaming Toxic Masculinity - 2/25/2024

Joe Biden's 'Sanctuary Nation' Policies Made Laken Riley's Death Possilble - 2/26/2024

Arrest Affidavit For Illegal Immigrant Charged With Murdering Laken Riley Adds Sickening Details To Case - 2/27/2024

White House Finally Releases Statement On Laken Riley's Brutal Murder - But It Only Makes Things worse: 'Sad And Pathetic' - 2/27/2024

Don't Blame JUST The Border Crisis For The Murder Of Laken Riley - 2/27/2024

Goeorge Takei Beclowns Himself Playing Victim After Illegal Alien Charged With Brutally Murdering Nursing Student Laken Riley - 2/27/2024

Scrutiny Of Georgia County Ramps Up After Student Murder, Repubicans Question Sanctuary Status - 2/27/2024

'Seriously Disfiguring': Grim Details Emerge In Case Of Illegal Immigrant Charged With Student's Murder - 2/27/2024

Virginia Attorney General Says Katie Porter, Jake Tapper's Response To Student's Murder Is 'Insulting To The Victims' - 2/27/2024

Laken Hope Riley's Murder Outs Georgia As Largely A Sanctuary State - 2/28/2024

Georgia GOP Looks To Crack Down On Sheriffs, Jailers Who Shield Illegal Immigrants From ICE After Laken Riley Murder - 2/28/2024

Sheriff Of County Where Laken Riley Was Murdered Campaigned On Not Cooperating With ICE Detainers For The 'Undocumented' - 2/29/2024

'Breakdown In The System': CBS Host Presses Mayorkas On Illegal Immigrant Charged in Laken Riley's Death - 3/3/2024

Mayorkas Says Feds 'Not Notified' About Suspected Laken Riley Killer's Alleged Crimes, Blames Sanctuary City - 3/3/2024

Laken Riley's Mother Gives First Comment Since Daughter's Murder, Thanks Jesus For Guiding Her Through 'Worst Nightmare' - 3/4/2024

Laken Riley Act Passed By House As GOP Seeks To Rebuke Biden For Handling Of Border - 3/7/2024

House Passes 'Laken Riley Act' To Crack Down On Illegal Immigrant Criminals - 3/7/2024

Confronted By MTG, Biden Admits Illegal Killed Georgia Nursing Student Laken Riley - 3/7/2024

'Say Her Name': Biden Botches Laken Riley's Name In Heat Of Open Border Disaster - 3/8/2024

Speaker Johnson Issues Grim Warning After 170 Democrats Oppose Laken Riley Act: 'There Will Be More Victims' - 3/8/2024

Democrats Fume Over The Word Biden Used To Describe Laken Riley Murer Suspect - But Notice What They're Not Mad About - 3/8/2024

'Needs to Do Better': Liberals Slam Biden's SOTU Comment Calling Laken Riley's Alleged Murderer 'An Illegal' - 3/8/2024

Laken Riley's Mom Slams Biden For Butchering Her Daughter's Name - 3/8/2024

Biden Says He Regrets Branding Laken Riley's Alleged Murderer As 'An Illegal' After Liberal Backlash - 3/8/2024

Trump Hammers Biden For 'Apologizing' For Referring To Laken Riley Murder Suspect As 'An Illegal' - 3/9/2024

Laken Hope Riley's Mother Blasts 'Pathetic' Biden For Not Knowing Her Daughter's Name During SOTU Address - 3/9/2024

Trump Meets Family Of Laken Riley At Georgia Rally - 3/10/2024

Laken Riley's Murder Highlights The Media's Crime Narrative Failures - 3/14/2024

Pizza Shop Owner - Outraged Over 'Sancturay Policies' That Perhaps Led To Death Of Laken Riley - Runs For Office - 3/18/2024

Biden Campaign Appears To Take Offense To Trump Calling Laken Riley's Alleged Killer An 'Amimal' - 4/3/2024