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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Other Criminal Activity: Sexual Crimes

Human Rights Activist: 11-Year-Old Girl Smuggled Across Border Was Raped 30-40 Times A Day - 2/4/2019

Man Charged With Raping, Killing Jogger By Drowning Her In Lake Was Twice-Deported Illegal Immigrant - 4/12/2019

Report: Illegals In NC Commit Sex Crimes 'At Rate Of Four To One, Compared To Citizens'- 7/20/2019

Border Patrol Captures Ten Convicted Sex Offenders Infiltrating America In Three Days - 6/2/2022

Illegal Alien Charged After Captive 12-Year-Old Girl Escapes House, 2 Decomposing Bodies Found - 8/4/2022

ICE Arrests Over 130 Illegal Migrant Sex Offenders - 11/21/2022

Texas Del Rio Border Patrol Arrests Three Previously-Deported Sex Offenders In Four Days - 1/9/2023

Illegal Alien Gang Member Arrested For The Rape And Murder Of 20-Year-Old Maryland Woman With Autism - 1/22/2023

Former ICE Chief Explains Why Women Illegally Crossing Border Carry These Pills - 3/8/2023

Biden Spending $332 Million To Settle Illegal Alien Rapists & Murderers In Your Neighborhood - 5/13/2023

Maryland Rape Suspect Who Threatened Victim With Machete Identified As Illegal Immigrant - 5/19/2023

UPDATE: Tennessee Soccer Coach Arrested For Drugging And Raping Multiple Children Is An Illegal Immigrant, Police Confirm - 7/13/2023

St. Louis Man Who Was Arrested For Kidnapping, Sexually Assaulting 6-Year Old Boy On A Bike And Attempting To Rape Second Boy Is Afghan Refugee With 3 Small Children - 8/7/2023

Migrant Arrested For Suspected Rape And Murder Of 11-Year-Old Girl, Wrapped Body In Trash Bag Under Her Bed After Strangulation - 8/20/2023

Clear And Present Danger: Rapists, Sex Offenders Among Those Illegally Entering U.S. - 11/26/2023

Rapes And Deaths Along Dangerous Migrant Route Are On Biden And His 'Come On In' Border Policies - 11/28/2023

Four Times-Deported Illegal Immigrant Wanted For Rape Released From Jail Before ICE Nabbed Him - 12/4/2023

Illegal Immigrant Arrested After Abducting 14-Year-Old Girl In Ohio: Report - 3/9/2024

Haitian Migrant In US Legally On Biden's 'Parole' Program Allegedly Rapes Teen Girl - 3/15/2024

Gov. Healey Shrugs Off Illegal Border Crosser Who Raped Teen: 'Things Will Happen' - 3/22/2024

Border Patrol Detain Convicted Murderer, Child Rapist Re-Entering U.S. Via Southern Border - 3/31/2024

Media Attempts To Obscure That Suspect Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Young Girls In Michigan Is An Illegal Alien - 4/8/2024