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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Sanctuary Cities: Martha's Vineyard

Video: Hundreds Of Migrants Cross Into Eagle Pass, Texas, As Democrats Are Still Complaining About 50 Illegal Immigrants In Martha's Vineyard - 9/16/2022

Martha's Vineyard Homeless Shelter Coordinator Says illegal Immigrants Flown To Wealthy Island Can't Stay There: 'We Don't Have Housing For 50 More People' - 9/16/2022

Left-Wing Martha's Vineyard Elites Deport Illegal Immigrants After Just 24 Hours - 9/16/2022

I Have A Few Questions About The Martha's Vineyard Migrant Kerfuffle - 9/16/2022

Local Officials Wanted Marth's Vineyard To Be A 'Haven' For Illegals, Until Migrants Actually Arrived - 9/16/2022

Martha's Vineyard Declares 'Humanitarian Crisis,' Ted Cruz Has Perfect Response - 9/16/2022

Massachusetts Gov. Activates National Guard, Sends Martha's Vineyard Ilegal Immigrants To Military Base - 9/16/2022

DeSantis Defends Sending About 50 Illegal Immigratns On Flights To Martha's Vineyard - 9/16/2022

Martha's Vineyard Residents Were Having Total Meltdown, Turning On Each Other And Calling Out Friends - 9/17/2022

NBC News Deletes Tweet Comparing Illegal Aliens On Martha's Vineyard To Trash - 9/17/2022

Here We Go... Leftist Attorneys Of Illegal Aliens Flown To Martha's Vineyard Urge Criminal Investigations Against Gov. DeSantis For Daring To Send Unwanted Aliens To Liberal Elite Community - 9/18/1022

Who Is Javier Salazar, The Texas Sheriff Investigating Florida Gov. DeSantis Over Migrant Flights To Martha's Vineyard? - 9/20/2022

Martha's Vineyard Residents Speak Out In Defense Of DeSantis: 'A Great Statement For The Country' - 9/20/2022

BREAKING: Illegal Venezuelan Migrants File Class Action Lawsuit Against DeSantis - Claim Flight To Martha's Vineyard Was A Cruel As Treatment By Maduro's Marxist Regime - HAHA! - 9/20/2022

DeSantis Release Evidence Undercutting Federal Lawsuit Regarding Migrant Flight To Martha's Vineyard - 9/21/2022

Martha's Vineyard Isn't The First Time Democrats Failed To Live Up To Their Empty 'Sanctuary' Promises - 9/22/2022

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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against DeSantis Migrant Flights - 11/17/2022

'I Don't Want To Leave': Migrants Whom DeSantis Sent To Martha's Vineyard Love their New Life On The Luxury Island - 6/29/2023

Judge Dimisses DeSantis From Lawsuit Over Illegal Immigrant Fights To Marths's Vineyard - 4/2/2024