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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Sanctuary Cities: New York City: Buses Arrive & Reaction

Abbott Invites Sanctuary City Mayors To See Border Crisis Up Close And Personal - And One Has Already Rejected The Offer - 8/2/2022

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Email Shows NYC Struggling To Cope With 'Drastic Influx' Of Illegal Aliens Amid Border Crisis - 8/2/2022

Texas Governor Buses Illegal Immigrants To NYC After City's Mayor Declines To Visit Border - 8/5/2022

'They Are Threatening The Drivers': Sen. Marsha Blackburn Reveals Migrants Bused To DC And New York City Are Getting Off In Tennessee - 8/15/2022

7 More Buses Full Of Illegal Aliens Heading To New York City Left El Paso Yesterday - 9/17/2022

El Paso's Democrat Mayor Defends Busing Migrants To New York - 9/18/2022

"This Is Unsustainable" - NYC Mayor Eric Adams Declares State Of Emergency Over Influx Of Illegal Aliens (VIDEO) - 10/7/2022

New York City Is Busing Illegal Migrants To The Candaian Border - 2/6/2023

'Strickly Forbidden': Canadian Official Tells Eric Adams To Stop Busing Illegal Migrants North - 2/13/2023

"This Is Absurd, And We Will Not Stand For It" - Nearby Counties Disagree With Eric Adams's Plan To Relocate Illegal Aliens Out Of NYC - 5/6/2023

'Hypocritical': NY Counties Declare States Of Emergency As NYC Mayor Threatens To Bus Migrants To Suburbs - 5/9/2023

Republican-Run County Declares State Of Emergency Over Eric Adams' Plan To Bus Migrants Out Of New York City - 5/9/2023

Long Island Town Declares 'State Of Emergency' To Resist NYC Mayor's Migrant Dump - 5/24/2023

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Suing Rural NY Counties For Refusing To Take Illegal Immigrants - 6/9/2023

Project Veritas Shows NYC Mayor Adams Exporting Migrant Crisis To Small-Town NY, Calls It "Decompression Strategy" - 6/14/2023

Eric Adams Relocating Illegal Immigrants Around The World, Including China: Report - 6/24/2023