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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Sanctuary Cities: New York City: Housing & Benefits

NYC To House Migrants At Cruise Ship Terminal, Mayor Eric Adams Confirms - 1/22/2023

New York City Is Shelling Out $8 Million Per Day To House Migrants - 5/8/2023

NYC Pleads With Private Property Owners To House Migrants As Title 42 Ends, Email Shows - 5/11/2023

Homeless Vets Are Being Booted From NY Hotels To Make Room For Migrants: Advocates - 5/12/2023

Outrage Grows Over Vets Evicted From New York Hotels To House Migrants - 5/13/2023

NYC Buses Illegal Aliens To Upstate NY, Hotels Kick Out Homeless Vets As A Result - 5/13/2023

Lawsuits Fly: Hotel Allegedly Boots Homeless Vets, Wedding Parties To Make Room For Migrants - 5/14/2023

Critics Pile On Over Reports Of Homeless Vets Getting Kicked Out Of NY Hotels To Accommodate Migrants - 5/15/2023

Migrants To Be Housed In 6 More NYC School Gyms - Outraged Parents Say Plan Is 'Just Insane' - 5/15/2023

'Overflowing': Blue State Considers Using Airplane Hangers At Major Airport To House Migrants - 5/22/2023

NYC Mayor Envisions Private Residences Housing Migrants - 6/5/2023

It Begins: Democrats Announce Plan To Turn New York City Into 'Coming Home' Scene From Dr. Zhivago (VIDEO) - 6/5/2023

"They Have Spare Rooms" - NYC Mayor Eric Adams Wants To House Illegal Aliens In "Private Residences" (VIDEO) - 6/5/2023

New York State Senate Democrats Approve Legislation For Low-Cost Health Care For Illegal Immigrants Following Federal Funding Agreement - 6/10/2023

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Looking To House Illegal Border Crossers In Empty School Buildings For The Summer - 7/7/2023

Mayor Eric Adams Declares NYC Is Full - Says There's 'No More Room' For Illegal Immigrants (VIDEO) - 7/20/2023

'There Is No More Room': NYC Considers Housing Illegal Immigrants In Central Park: Report - 8/4/2023

NYC Planning To Convert Soccer Fields On Randall's Island Park Into Shelter For 2,000 Illegal Immigrants - 8/9/2023

NYC School Kids KICKED OUT To Make Room For Migrants: 'No More Room' - 9/11/2023

Judge Orders NYC To Vacate Illegal Immigrants From Former Staten Island School - 9/26/2023

Dozens Of NYC Seniors Evicted From Nursing Home Turned Into Migrant Shelter - 11/29/2023

Massive Brawl Ensues In NYC As Over 400 Migrants Seek Shelter Before Snowstorm: Report - 1/6/2024

Illegal Immigrants In New York To Get Pre-Paid Debit Cards In $53 Million Program - 2/3/2024

New York Governor Kathy Hochul Fast-Tracking Proposal That Would Allow Illegal Immigrants To Take American Jobs - 2/7/2024

REPORT: Illegal Border Crossers In New York City To Receive Debit Cards Worth Up To $10,000 EACH - 2/19/2024

NYC Dems Look To Eliminate Shelter Stay Limits For Illegal Immigrants, Calling It A 'Human Rights Abuse' To Have Evictions - 2/20/2024

'Null And Void': Court Declares New York City Law Letting Noncitizens Vote Is Unconstitutional - 2/23/2024