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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Sanctuary Cities: New York City: Mayor Eric Adams

"This Is Unsustainable" - NYC Mayor Eric Adams Declares State Of Emergency Over Influx Of Illegal Aliens (VIDEO) - 10/7/2022

'Strickly Forbidden': Canadian Official Tells Eric Adams To Stop Busing Illegal Migrants North - 2/13/2023

Eric Adams Blasts Biden, Says Border Crisis Has 'Destroyed' NYC - 4/21/2023

Adams: Texas Governor Is "Targeting 5 Cities Run By Black Mayors" - 5/1/2023

'This Should Not Be Happening': Eric Adams Calls Out Biden Over Migrants In New York City - 5/16/2023

Mayor Eric Adams Pleads With Judge To 'Revisit' NYC's Sanctuary City Law Amid Illegal Immigration Surge: ' We Have Reached Our Limit' - 5/16/2023

NYC Mayor Blames Republicans For Struggles Handling Migrant Influx In Sanctuary City He Helms - 5/21/2023

NYC Mayor Envisions Private Residences Housing Migrants - 6/5/2023

Mayor Adams Now Supports Enhanced Border Control, Calls For State Of Emergency Amidst Influx Of Illegal Aliens In NYC (VIDEO) - 8/2/2203

After NYC Mayor Complains Of Migrant Wave, Reporter Calls Him Out With Stats - 9/11/2023

NYC Mayor Adams On Illegal Aliens Pouring In: 'The City We Knew, We're About To Lose' - 9/7/2023

New York Times: Eric Adams In A Democrat So It's No Longer Hateful To Oppose Uncontrolled Mass Migration - 9/9/2023

FLASHBACK: Here's Eric Adams' Immigration Rhetoric - Before He Had To Deal With Illegal Migrant Surge - 9/10/2023

After NYC Mayor Complains Of Migrant Wave, Reporter Calls Him Out With Stats - 9/11/2023

NYC Mayor Eric Adams: The World's Migrants Have A 'Right' To American Jobs - 10/10/2023

New York Mayor Eric Adams: Illegal Immigration Is 'Not Sustainable,' Cities Are 'Overwhelmed' - 10/21/2023

FBI Raids Home Of Eric Adams' Chief Fundraiser - Mayor Abruptly Cancels DC Meetings To Return To NYC - 11/2/2023

FBI Raids Home Of Top Eric Adams Fundraiser - 11/2/2023

FBI Investigating NYC Mayor Adams' Campaign Over Alleged Illegal Foreign Donations: Report - 11/3/2023

FBI Seizes NYC Mayor Adams' Phones In Fundraising Investigation - 11/10/2023

FBI Seizes Eric Adams' iPad And Phones Amid Foreign Influence Investigation Of His Campaign - 11/10/2023

FBI Seizes Eric Adams' Phones Amid Federal Corruption Investigation - 11/10/2023

BREAKING: Eric Adams SLASHES NYPD Budget Amid Illegal Immigrant Influx - 11/16/2023

Former Aide To NYC Mayor Eric Adams Suspended After Telling City Hall Staffers To Delete Text Messages Following FBI Raid: Report - 11/21/2023

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Accused Of Sexual Asault - 11/23/2023

Eric Adams Accused Of Sexualy Assaulting Woman 30 Years Ago, Sued For $5M - 11/25/2023

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Mocked And Ridiculed For Bizarre Comments About 911 Terror Attacks - 12/18/2023

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Vetoes Controversial City Council Bill That Would Have Forced NYPD To Track Every Police Stop - 1/22/2024

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Boasts His Administration Is Full Of "Chocolate" Members, Proceeds To Compare Himself To Jesus (VIDEO) - 2/7/2024

Eric Adams Says New York City Is Handcuffed By Sanctuary City Laws Amid Migrant Crisis - 2/14/2024

City Council In New York Demands Investigation Of Eric Adams' Plan To Give $10,000 Debit Cards To Illegal Immigrants - 2/22/2024

Mayor Adams Says NYC Must 'Modify Sanctuary City Law' To Facilitate Deportation Of Law-Breaking Migrants - 2/27/2024

'Open Air Drug Bazaar': Mayor Eric Adams Meets With Alleged Drug Dealers In Burger King Just Blocks Away From City Hall - 3/23/2024

Gov. Greg Abbott Slams NYC Mayor Eric Adams For 'Aiding And Abetting' Biden's Border Policies - 4/7/2024