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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Terrorists

Exclusive: US May Have Let 'Dozens' Of Terrorists Into Country As Refugees - 11/19/2013

REPORT: At Least 15 Known Terrorists Have Been Arrested Trying To Jump The Southwest Border - 11/27/2018

More Than A Dozen Terrorists Found In Migrant Caravan - 11/28/2018

ISIS Plotted To Send Westerners To US Through Mexico Border: Report - 6/6/2019

Nicaraguan Military Arrests Four ISIS Terrorists Planning To Enter U.S. Via Mexico - 6/26/2019

DHS Boss Downplays Terror Suspects Sneaking Across US-Mexico Border - 3/17/2021

Democrats Who Downplayed Suspected Terrorists At Border Remain Silent As Agents Keep Catching More - 4/5/2021

Suspected Terrorists Crossing Border 'At A Level We Have Never Seen Before,' Outgoing Border Patrol Chief Says - 8/16/2021

'Potential Terrorist' Who Crossed Border In Oneida Ambulance Corps Jacket Nabbed - 12/20/2021

The Biden Admin Released A Suspected Terrorist Into The United States AFter He Illegally Crossed The Border - 3/4/2022

Nearly Two Dozen On Terror Watch List Nabbed By Border Patrol In '21 - 4/18/2022

DHS Secretary Doesn't Know If Terror Suspects Caught At The Border Are Still In The US - 4/28/2022

DHS Secretary Admits He Doesn't Know Whereabouts Of 42 Illegal Immigrants On Terror Watch List - 4/29/2022

Report: ISIS Operative Plotted To Kill George W. Bush In Dallas By Smuggling Team Of Assassins In Through The Southern Border - 5/24/2022

'Greatly Compromised:' Lawmakers See Major Security Hole After 15 Suspected Terrorists Cross Border - 6/19/2022

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Declares Mexican Drug Cartels Terrorists, Calls On Biden To Do The Same - 9/21/2022

Border Agents Arrested Dozens of People On The Terror Watchlist In Just Three Months - 1/23/2023

Abbott's 'Operation Lone Star' Finds Iranian National On FBI Terror Watchlist Being Smuggled Into U.S. (VIDEO) - 2/1/2023

Border Patrol Catches Suspected Terrorist At The US-Canadian Border Amid Illegal Migration Surge - 3/15/2023

Border Patrol Encountered 16 People On FBI's Terror Watch List Last Month - 3/20/2023

"We Have Lost Track': Taliban Handing Out 'Visas And Passports' To Terrorists Who Can End Up At Border, GOP Rep Says - 5/15/2023

'Administration Refuses To Do Something': Border Patrol Council VP Rips Biden Over Terrorists Apprehended At Border - 5/15/2023

Arrests Of Migrants On Terror Watchlist Reaches Previous Year's Total In Just 7 Months - 5/17/2023

More Suspected Terrorists Found Illegally Crossing Southern Border In April Than In Four Trump Years Combined - 6/2/2023

Arrests And Encounters Of FBI Terror Watchlist Suspects At Southern Border Hits All-Time High - 6/21/2023

Biden Admin Released Migrant On Terrorist Watchlist, Took Two Weeks To Arrest: DHS Inspector General - 6/23/2023

Biden Has A Border Terrorism Problem As Encounters With Flagged Aliens Explode Ninefold - 7/23/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Feds Flagged Nearly 75,000 Illegal Migrants As Potential Natioinal Security Risks - 9/1/2023

Border Patrol Agents Have Stopped Thousands Of 'Special Interest Aliens' From Middle East At Southern Border Since 2021: Report - 10/10/2023

Hamas Attack Is A Warning To America About The Risks Of Our Open Border - 10/11/2023

Two 'Special Interest Aliens' From Lebanon Apprehended At Southern Border - 10/13/2023

Record Number Of Illegal Immigrants With Terrorist Ties Stopped At US Border - 10/21/2023

Hamas Fighters May Enter U.S Via Southern Border, CBP Field Office Warns - 10/23/2023

Federal Authorities Warn Of Iranian-Backed Terrorists Trying To Enter U.S. Southern Border - 10/24/2023

'Greatest Risk Of A Terrorist Attack In 20 Years': Senator SLAMS 'Atrocious' Biden Move - 10/25/2023

'Clear And Present Danger': Ron Johnson Rips Biden For Lax Security Amid Discovery Of IEDs At Border - 12/15/2023

Hobbs Orders National Guard To Mobilize On Southern Border After 10 IEDs Discovered In Tucson Sector - 12/15/2023

10 IEDs Found At US-Mexico Border As Feds Warn Terror Level Remains High: Report - 12/16/2023

Number Of Illegal Migrants Caught On Terror Watchlist On Pace To HIt New Record - 12/22/2023

Border Congressman Reveals He's Seen Evidence Of Terror Threat On Southern Border - 1/13/2024

EXCLUSIVE: Terrorist Caught Illegally Crossing The Border Was Allowed To Roam Free For Nearly A Year, Memo Says - 1/29/2024

EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Immigrant Admits Past Terrorism Ties After Crossing Border, Memo Shows - 2/8/2024

30,000 Migrants With Possible Ties To Terrorism Or Other 'Nefarious Activity' Released Into US: Report - 2/8/2024

EXCLUSIVE: Pakistani Illegal Immigrant On Terror Watchlist Given Free Day Of Release In US - 2/9/2024

EXCLUSIVE: Feds Nab Afghan Illegal Immigrant On Terror Watchlist - 2/13/2024

Border Patrol Has Nabbed More Terror Watchlested Individuals In Last Four Months Than In Previous Years Combined - 2/14/2024

Sheriff's Source: 2 Million Terrorists Have Entered U.S. - 2/15/2024

FBI Director Wray Warns Of Southern Border Smuggling Network With 'ISIS Ties' - 3/11/2024

Illegal Alien Caught At Border Says He's A Hazbollah Terrorist, Planned To 'Make A Bomb': Report - 3/18/2024