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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Texas State Border Rights Fight

More Than 400 Illegal Immigrants Apprehended Within 5 Minutes By Border Agents In Texas - 3/20/2019

This Is What A Wide Open Border Looks Like: Endless Stream Of Illegals Wade Across Rio Grande Unimpeded - The Uniparty Supports This - 5/16/2022

Texas Counties Declare 'Invasion' In Bid To Pressure Governor Over Illegal Migrant Crisis - 7/6/2022

WATCH: Texas National Guard Finally Shuts FLOODGATE For Illegal Migrants - Then Biden's Border Patrol Shows Up - 8/19/2022

Biden Border Crisis: Deadliest Mass Drowning At The Border In Recent Years - Eight Illegal Immigrants Found Dead In Rio Grande, Texas - 9/2/2022

VIdeo: Hundreds Of Migrants Cross Into Eagle Pass, Texas, As Democrats Are Still Complaining About 50 Illegal Immigrants In Martha's Vineyard - 9/16/2022

Texas Governor Declares Invasion At Border, Invokes Constitutional Powers In Historic Action - 11/16/2022

WATCH: Thermal Drone Video Shows Massive Group Of Illegal Aliens Marching Like Soldiers Into Private Property In Eagle Pass, Texas - 11/18/2022

Thousands Of Illegal Aliens Storm El Paso In 'One Of The Largest Mass Crossings Ever' - 12/12/2022

Border Patrol Arrests Illegal Immigrants Sneaking Onto Buses, Sleeping Outside Church In El Paso - 1/5/2023

El Paso Border Standoff Between Migrants, CBP Officers Blocks Paso Del Norte Bridge - 3/12/2023

US & Mexican Riot Police Hold Back Thousand Migrants Trying To Bum-Rush El Paso Bridge - 3/13/2023

INVASION: Drone Footage Shows Hundreds Of Illegal Aliens Cross The Border Into Brownsville, Texas (VIDEO) - 5/8/2023

Biden's Feds Cut Through Razor Wire Placed By Texas Authorities To Let Illegals Into U.S. - 6/30/2023

Biden Admin Threatens To Sue Texas Over Barriers On Rio Grande Blocking Illegal Immigration - 7/22/2023

After DOJ Tries To Give Texas A Direct Order - Governor Abbott Sends Back A Brutal Response - 7/25/2023

Biden Admin Considering Policy To Prevent Migrant Families From Being Bussed Out Of Texas - 9/7/2023

Biden Administration Is Unwilling To Secure Southern Border But Is Now Considering Fencing Illegal Aliens Inside Texas. Abbott Promises To Retaliate By Sending More Buses To DC. - 9/8/2023

Texas Scores Major Win As Judge Issues Order Blocking Biden From Destroying State's Border Fence - 10/30/2023

Greg Abbott Signs Bill Allowig Texas Cops To Arrest Illegal Aliens - 12/18/2023

ACLU, Other Groups Sue Texas Over Aboott's Law Allowing The Arrest Of Illegals By State Authorities - 12/19/2023

Gov. Abbott Ratifies Law Allowing Texas Police To Arrest Illegal Aliens - To The Great Displeasure Of Open-Border Leftists - 12/19/2023

DOJ Threatens To Sue Texas Over Law Enabling State Authorities To Arrest Migrants Who Enter Illegally - 12/28/2023

Texas Attorney General Accuses Biden Admin Of 'Aiding' Drug Cartels - 12/31/2023

Greg Abbott Stops KJP From Spreading Biden's False Narrative About The Border Crisis: 'Think Americans Are Fools' - 1/3/2024

Texas National Guard Takes Control Of Border Park Amid Feud With Biden Over Border Crisis - 1/12/2024

'They're Quietly Applauding': DCNF Reporter Reveals How Border Patrol Agents Feel About Greg Abbott's Latest Move - 1/14/2024

Texas AG Tells Biden Administration To Pound Sand In Response To Threatening DHS Letter - 1/18/2024

SCOTUS Permits Biden Admin To Remove Razor Wire From Southern Border - 1/22/2024

Supreme Court Allows Biden Admin To Remove Texas Border Wire - 1/22/2024

Attorney General Ken Paxton Responds To SCOTUS Ruling On Concertina Wire Case - 1/22/2024

Texas AG Paxton Promises 'Fight Is Not Over' After SCOTUS Rule On Biden Admin's Razor Wire Cutting - 1/22/2024

Texas Countines To Set Up Razor Wire To Stop Illegal Immigration Despite SCOTUS Ruling - 1/23/2024

Gov. Abbott Defies Biden And Asserts Texas Right Of Self-Defense, Dems Demand Biden Take Control Of Texas National Guard - 1/24/2024

Abbott: Texas Has Constitutional Right To Defend Its Borders From Invasion, Supersedes All Federal Law - 1/24/2024

Abbott: Texas Has A Constitutaionl Right To Defend Its Sovereignty - 1/24/2024

Gov. Abbott Is Right: Texas Has The Right To Defend Itself And Secure Its Border - 1/25/2024

Texas Authorities Lock Down Eagle Pass, But Border Crossings Persist In Surrounding Areas - 1/29/2024

FIRST LOOK At The Trucker Convoy Headed To The Border - 1/31/2024

The Biden Administration Is Treading On Texas' Sovereignty, Not The Other Way Around - 2/1/2024

The Legal War Raging Between The White House And Texas - 2/1/2024

Watch: Texas National Guard Holds The Line, Patrols Waters In Shelby Park To Deter Illegals (VIDEO) - 2/3/2024

"Take Our Borders Back" Trucker Convoy Arrives At U.S.-Mexico Border Amid Calls For Stronger Security Measures (VIDEO) - 2/3/2024

DeSantis: Florida National Guard Being Deployed To Texas To Help Install Razor Wire, Barricades - 2/3/2024

Why Texas Does NOt Need To Beg The Feds To Protect Its Interests - 2/3/2024

'Your Obligation, Your Duty': 14 GOP Governors Gather To Support Texas' Right To Protect Its Borders - 2/4/2024

Abbott, 13 Governors Declare States Can Secure Border, Have Right To Self-Defense - 2/4/2024

Republican Govs Back Texas At Border: We're 'Doing The Job Of The Federal Government' - 2/4/2024

Biden Calls Texas Stopping Border Illegals In Eagle Pass 'Blocking Enforcement' - 2/6/2024

JUST IN: Biden Admin Takes Texas To Court Over Law Making Illegal Border Crossing Arrestable Offense, Denies 'Invasion' On Border - 2/15/2024

Texas Attorney General Sues NGO Over Suspected Facilitation Of Illegal Immigration - 2/21/2024

Federal Judge Blocks Texas Law That Would Allow Law Enforcement To Arrest Illegal Migrants - 2/29/2024

Federal Appeals Court To Allow Controversial Texas Immigration Law To Take Effect, If SCOTUS Doesn't Intervene - 3/3/2024

Republican Attorneys General Pick Up Win In Border Wall Fight With Biden Administration - 3/9/2024

Supreme Court Rules Texas Can Enforce Law Allowing Police To Arrest Migrants - 3/19/2024

US Supreme Court Allows Texas To Enforce Law Against Illegal Immigration - 3/19/2024

Appeals Court Reinstates Hold On Texas Immigration Law - 3/20/2024

Texas Official Accuses Federal Court Of HELPING Cartels By Blocking Immigration Law - 3/21/2024

Abbott Admin Blasts Biden After KJP Dodges Question About Border Storming, Deflects To Texas Governor - 3/22/2024

Federal Judge Says There Will Be Real 'Consequences' After Texas Blocked Again From Enforcing Immigration Law - 3/27/2024

Appeals Court Extends Block On Texas Arrests Of Illegal Immigrants - 3/27/2024