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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: The Numbers: Misreported, Underreported & Censored Data

Biden Accused Of Withholding Critical Report - For First Time In 10 Years, Presdient Fails To Provide ICE Data - 1/6/2022

EXCLUSIVE: ICE Is Uderreporting Illegals It Releases Into The Country Without Tracking Equipment By Over 18,000% - 12/1/2022

EXCLUSIVE: ICE Is Massively Misreporting How Many Illegal Immigrants Are Being Released With GPS Trackers - 12/6/2022

'Miscalculation' Causes ICE To Underreport Illegal Immigrnats Released Without Tracking Technology By Over 18,000% - 12/9/2022

ICE Quietly Fixes Misleading Data After DCNF Exposed Massive Flaws In Illegal Immigrant Stats - 12/7/2022

'It's All Political': Border Patrol Council President Says Biden Admin Hid Border Numbers To Pass Omnibus - 12/23/2022

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Senator Demands Answers From Biden Admin After DCNF Exposes Major Errors In Illegal Immigrant Data - 2/3/2023

EXCLUSIVE: ICE Chief Admits To Enromous Illegal Immigration Data Errors Exposed By DCNF - 2/9/2023

Corporate Media Distract From Biden's Border Catastrophe With Mayorkas' Deliberately Dishonest 'Drop' In Arrests Narrative - 5/15/2023

'You're Going To Tell Me The Numbers Are Not Different?': GOP Rep Pushes Back Against CNN Host About Border Crisis Claim - 5/17/2023

DHS Hides Monthly Number Of Illegal Migrants Released into U.S. After Interacting With Border Agents - 8/27/2023

DHS Purposely Not Reporting How Many Illegal Border Crossers Are Released Into The Country, Former Immigration Judge Claims - 8/28/2023

'Were They Deported?': Doocy Presses KJP On Video Of Illegal Immigratns Stampeding Across Border - 3/22/2024

Abbott Admin Blasts Biden After KJP Dodges Question About Border Storming, Deflects To Texas Governor - 3/22/2024