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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: The Numbers: Nationality Of Migrants

Border Patrol Agents Arrest Illegal Aliens From Yemen In Yuma Area - 5/14/2020

Hundreds Of Ukrainian Refugees Determine The Easiest Way To Enter The US Is Through The Southern Border: Report - 3/27/2022

Border Patrol: Mexicans 'Virtually Absent' At Top Border Crossings, Instead People Coming From 115 Different Countries - 9/12/2022

Now They're Coming From CANADA: Northern Border Sees 743% Spike In Illegal Migrants Trying To Cross In A Year Due To 'Easier Entry Than Mexico' - As Cops Release Eerie Images Of Asylum Seekers Trudging Through 12F Snow - 1/29/2023

Five Chinese Nationals Caught Entering US Illegally Through Mexico - 2/9/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Northern Border Agents Were Asked To Deploy To Florida Due To Massive Illegal Migrant Surge - 2/17/2023

Border Patrol Calls For Agents To Relocate To US-Canada Border Amid 846% Spike In Migrant Crossing - 2/21/2023

Experts Warn Criminals Fleeing El Salvador Will Enter US - 2/25/2023

EXCLUSIVE: 'It Hasn't Stopped': The Northern Border Is Wide Open And People Are Funneling Across - 3/2/2023

94 Illegal Immigrants Apprehended At The US-Canada Border - 3/13/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Border Authorities Warn Of Greater Surger In Chinese Illegally Crossing Into US, Reveal Smuggling Routes - 3/30/2023

'The Hospital Is Not A Housing Agency': Dozens Of Haitian Migrants Sleeping In Lobby Of Boston Medical Center - 5/1/2023

EXCLUSIVE: US Authorities On Alert After Discovering New Chinese Migrant Smuggling Route - 8/7/2023

Chinese Nationals Posing As Tourists Breached US Military Bases And Other Sites, Raising Espionage Concerns: Report - 9/5/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Border Authorities Are Counting Palestinian Migrants As Other Nationalities - 10/25/2023

EXCLUSINVE: Illegal Venezuelan Migrants Continue To Pour Into US Despite Biden Admin Beginning Deportation Flights - 11/2/2023

Middle Eastern Illegal Immigrants Overwhelming Finland's Border At Russia's Direction, Finnish Government Says - 11/25/2023

Well-Dressed Chinese Migrants With High-Quality Luggage Stopped And Processed After Trying To Cross Border Into California - 12/5/2023

Illegal Immigration Surges Months After Biden, Trudeau Make Deal To Crack Down On Northern Border Influx - 12/10/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Admin Watered Down Vetting Process For Chinese Illegal Immigrants, Email Shows - 1/2/2024

Open Border Allows Chinese Special Operators To Infiltrate America - 2/7/2024

Bill Melugin: Illegals From 73 Different Countries Invade San Diego In One Week Span - 2/8/2024

REPORT: Illegal Border Crossings Are Now Surging At The Northern Border Too - 2/14/2024

Border Patrol Agents Record More Than 18,000 Encounters of Chinese Illegal Migrants In Just Four Months - 2/14/2024

Hundreds Of Migrants Released At Bus Station After Aid Money Runs Out - 2/24/2024

'All These Individuals Are Let In': DCNF Reporter Reveals China's 'Endgame' As Migrants Flood US - 3/8/2024

ICE Says Tren De Aragua Member Arrested: 'This Venezuelan Noncitizen Represented A Significant Threat' - 3/25/2024

Tren De Aragua, Venezuela's Newest Deadly Export, Infiltrates US Borders - 3/28/2204

Illegal Immigrant From China Detained After illegally Entering Marine Corps Base - Security Concerns Prompt Investigation - 3/30/2024