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ICE Report: Open Border Policies Allowed Pedophile To Slip Right Back Into The US - 11/18/2021

Biden Is Human "Trafficker In Chief" As Abandoned Young Children At Border Are Lft Unable To Speak Due To Relentless Brutal "Gang Rapes" - 2/21/2022

Human Trafficking: Cartels Exploit Chaos At Southern Border; Helping Young Victims - 3/12/2022

Border Patrol Union Leader Says Biden Border Policies Push Migrants Into Cartel Hands - 5/23/2022

At Least 46 Illegal Aliens Found Dead In A Trailer In San Antonio, And Death Toll May Climb Higher - 6/27/2022

Human Smuggling Suspects Arrested After At Least 21 Illegal Immigrants, Including Pregnant Women And 3-Year-Old Girl, Discovered Naked And Starving In Fort Worth Home: Report - 12/26/2022

15-Year-Old Human Smuggling Suspect Leads Texas Police On High-Speed Chase In Car Full Of Other Illegal Immigrants Near US-Mexico Border - 2/16/2023

15 Migrants Found 'Suffocating' In 'Wired Shut' Shipping Container On A Train Newr Uvalde, Texas; 2 Have Died - 3/25/2023

Border Authorities Foil 'Smuggling Scheme,' Find Over 140 Illegal Migrants Crammed Inside 2 Stash Houses - 4/5/2023

Abbott Calls For Crackdown On Stash Houses, Human Smuggling In Border Statement - 5/19/2023

2,700 People Tricked Into Working For Cybercrime Syndicates Rescued In Philippines - 6/28/2023

'Not Getting... The Real Threat': Tulsi Gabbard Slams Dems For Flip-Flopping On Migrants After They Come To Blue Cities - 9/15/2023

Texas, Florida Troopers Apprehend More Human Smugglers In Border Communities - 12/9/2023

Woman And Son Sentenced To Prison For Sex Trafficking Across Southern Border - 12/9/2023

Watch: O'Keefe Exposes Nonprofit 'No Mas Muertes' Likely Facilitating Cartel Members' Human Smuggling To Phoenix - Undercover Journalist Held AT GUNPOINT! - 2/14/2024

WATCH: O'Keefe Media Group Releases Footage Of Unitarian Universitarian Church Of Tucson's Board Meeting Where They Discuss Reporting On Possible Human Trafficking Operation In Arizona (VIDEO) - 2/19/2024

SHOCK VIDEO: Laura Loomer Exposes Massive Human Trafficking Operation In Panama On Camera - Bus Transporting Aftrican Illegals In The Middle Of The Night North To America - 2/22/2024

Florida Sheriff Excoriates Congress After Human Trafficking Operation Finds Illegal Aliens Using Federal Flight Vouchers - 3/6/2024