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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Trump

Trump Tweets 'Build The Wall' AFter Immigrant Is Acquitted In Kathryn Steinle Case - 11/30/2017

Trump Uses The Words Of Obama, Clinton To Bolster Support For Border Security - 1/6/2019

Potential National Emergency Declaration Controversial But Not Unprecedented - 2/14/2019

Ignored by Media: Trump Is Using Obama's National Emergency On Mexican Cartels To Build The Border Wall - 2/16/2019

Congressman Backs Trump's Emergency Declaration After Border Deployment: 'What I Saw Was Really Disturging' - 2/25/2019

OF COURSE! Obama-Appointed Judge Just Blocked Trump's Asylum Policy - 4/9/2019

Is It Finally The Time?  Trump Inches Closer To Openly Defying A Judicial Order - 4/9/2019

Trump To Sign Memo To Curb Welfare Use By Non-Citizens - 5/23/2019

Trump Signs Order Cracking Down On Welfare-Dependent Immigration -5/23/2019

Hispanics Still Thriving With The Economic Growth Of Trump Era - 5/23/2019

Trump Requires Sponsors Of Immigrants To Pay For Their Social Services - 5/24/2019

Soap Actress Crops Out Time Stamp To Blame Trump For 'Torture' That Happened Under Obama - 6/24/2019

White House Threatens To Veto Border Bill Due To Provisions Thrown In By Democrats - 6/25/2019

President Trump Responds Forecfully To Photo Of Migrants Drowned At The Border - 6/26/2019

Obama's Former ICE Director Says That Obama, Not Trump, Is Responsible For Kids In 'Cages' At The Border - 6/27/2019

"It PAINS Me To Say It...But TRUMP IS RIGHT' - CNN's Fareed Zakaria On Refugee System - 6/30/2019

El Salvadoran President: Migrant Deaths In Rio Grande River "Our Fault" Not Trump's - 7/1/2019

Release Of Illegal Aliens Into U.S. Cut 85% Since Trump-Mexico Deal - 7/10/2019

Trump Officially Issues Executive Order To Tally Citizens Through The Commerce Department - 7/11/2019

Trump's Immigration Deal With Mexico Is Working - 7/16/2019

Students Say 'Trump Quote' On Immigration Is Super Racist - But Are Shocked When They Discover Comments Were Actually From Obama - 7/18/2019

REPORT: US Is Less Racist Under Trump Than Obama - 2020

Supreme Court Hands Win To President Trump On 'Public Charge' Rule, Which Gives Feds More Power To Block Immigrants Who Are Likely To Require Public Assistance - 1/27/2020

More Suspected Terrorists Found Illegally Crossing Southern Border In April Than In Four Trump Years Combined - 6/2/2023

Trump's Stance On Birthright Citizenship Puts Him Decisively To The Right Of Any Other Candidate On Immigration - And It's Not Even Close - 6/8/2023

Border Patrol Under Biden Sparated Migrant Families After He Slammed Trump For Doing The Same: REPORT - 9/18/2023

Trump Vows To Invoke 1798 Law To Handle Illegals As Part Of 'Largest Deportation Operation In US History' - 9/23/2023

Check Out Trump's Incredibly Effective Plan To Keep Jihadists AND Their Sympathizers OUT Of America - 10/18/2023

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Dem Campaign Official Sits In Silence As Bret Baier Lists Trump-Era Border Policies Biden 'Flipped' - 1/16/2024

NYT Reporter Challenges KJP Over Why Biden's Border Stance Isn't Called 'Xenophobic' But Trump's Was - 1/29/2024

Trump Predicts '100% Chance' Of Terrorist Attack In 'Not-Too-Distant Future' From Border Crisis - 2/9/2024

CNN Data Analyst Says Hispanic Voters 'Overwhelmingly Trust' Trump On Border Security, Immigration - 3/21/2024