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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Law Enforcement

IRS Defends Giving Refunds To Illegal Immigrants - 3/2/2015

Democrats Don't Want ICE Notified When Illegal Aliens Try to Purchase Guns - 2/18/2019

26 Democrats Defy Pelosi, Vote With GOP To Pass ICE Amendment In Gun Bill = 3/1/2019

WATCH: Police Reveal Suspect In Brutal Murder Was Shielded From Deportation SIX Times By Sanctuary Laws - 3/14/2019

Ben Carson Defends Plan To Evict Illegal Immigrants From Government Housing - 5/21/2019

Brandon Judd: ICE Deportation Raids - Here's The Truth (That Even Pelosi And Clinton Don't Want To Admit) - 7/14/2019

Already Stretched Thin, Border Agents Must Now Use Politically Correct Pronouns Under New Edict - 4/4/2022

Border Patrol Agents Have Lost Morale Under Biden's Immigration Crisis, The General Sentiment, 'What's The Point?' - 6/13/2022

'We Lost Our Purpose': Overwhelmed Border Patrol Sees Alarming Surge In Agent Suicides - 11/21/2022

Soros-Backed DA Seeks To Protect Illegal Immigrant Crime Suspects From Deportation - 12/7/2022

ICE Blindsides Tennessee With Plan To Release 'Single Adult' Illegal Immigrants Into State At Left-Wing Advocacy Group's Request - Republican State Officials Rush To Block Unexpected Plan - 12/21/2022

Border Patrol Union Boss Rips McConnell For Funding Border Security Overseas, Defunding At Home - 12/23/2022

Breaking: Federal Judge Stands Up To Joe Biden, Blocks Biden From Imposing Restrictions To ICE 'A Great Victory For The Rule Of Law' - 12/31/2023

ICE Arrests 16 Illegal Immigrant Drug Criminals - 2/13/2023

Biden Admin Continues To Tout Success of Major ICE Program, But Experts Say The Data Is 'Misleading' - 2/18/2023

U.S. Doesn't Have Operational Control Of Border: Border Patrol Chief - 3/15/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower Reveals Law Enforcement Isn't Vetting Sponsors For Child Migrants - 4/26/2023

Texas Gov. Praises Troops For Repelling Illegal Immigrants, Vows That 'Elite' Units Will Continue Effort - 5/11/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Here Are The Docs Instructing Border Patrol To Release Waves Of Migrants Into The Country - 5/11/2023

'Cannot Control The Movement Of People': Mayorkas Refuses To Say Whether Border Crisis Could Have Been Avoided - 5/12/2023

Huge Number Of Border Agend Candidates Failing DHS Polygraphs, Union Suggests It's Intentional - 5/14/2023

Authorities Reportedly Ignore Migrant Moms Illegally Selling Fruit Along Dangerous Highways, Babies In Tow - 5/21/2023

In D.C. Non-Citizens Can Now Work As Police Officers - 7/13/2023

Border Patrol Sector Chief Get Brutal News Hours After Turning Whistleblower, House Oversight Announces Retaliation Probe - 7/23/2023

'This Is Madness': Illinois Gov. Pritzker Signs Bill Allowing Non-US Citizens To Become Police Officers - 7/29/2023

DHS Plans Move To Shield Some Undocumented Migrants From Deportation - 8/12/2023

Gov. Bill Lee To Send Tennessee National Guard Troops To Combat 'Unprecedented Crisis' At The Border - 5/25/2023

'He's A Joke': Border Patrol Agents Applaud Chief's Retirement - 5/31/2023

Video: Border Patrol Agent Cuts Razor Wire Installed By Texas To Deter Illegal Crossings - Then Allows Migrants To Enter Private Property - 7/3/2023

Top Biden Immigration Official Called To 'Abolish' ICE, End Detention Of Illegal Immigrants - 7/16/2023

Border Patrol Sector Chief Get Brutal News Hours After Turning Whistleblower, House Oversight Announces Retaliation Probe - 7/23/2023

'State Of Emergency': Dem Gov Calls On National Guard Over Migrant Crisis - 8/31/2023

'Turn It Into A Travel Agency': GOP Senator Spars With Biden Official On Funding Police Abroad While Defunding ICE - 9/7/2023

DHS Has Limited Ability To Accurately Track Migrants' Post-Release Addresses: IG Report - 9/11/2023

Leftists Cry Foul Over 'Photo Op' Of Law Enforcement Around Captured Illegal Alien Fugitive - A Convicted Killer. But State Cop Shoots Them All Down. - 9/13/2023

VIDEO: Border Patrol Releases Hundreds Of Illegal Migrants Onto San Diego Streets: 'You're Free' - 9/15/2023

Border Patrol Under Biden Sparated Migrant Families After He Slammed Trump For Doing The Same: REPORT - 9/18/2023

Biden's DHS Let 200,000 Illegal Immigrants Fly Directly Into 43 Cities - 9/21/2023

Biden Admin Deploys 800 Troops To Border To Assist With Migrant Processing Rather Than Stemming Invasion - 9/22/2023

New U.S. Border Patrol Boss: Cartels Flood Border With Illegals To Distract So They Can Sneak These In - 9/24/2023

Border Patrol Agent Allegedly Bloodied By Migrant With 'RAT' Written On Forehead - 9/25/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Migrants Fist Bump Border Patrol Agent After He Cuts Through Border Wire - 9/28/2023

Liberal Governor Deploys National Guard To Help Illegals Fill Out Paperwork For Housing, Jobs: 'Give Them What They Want' - 9/30/2023

Alabama Governor Deploys 275 National Guard Troops to Southern Border Amid Migrant Crisis - 10/6/2023

The Supreme Court Is Not A Suicide Pact - 1/25/2024