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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: The Numbers

Departments Of Justice And Homeland Security Release Data On Incarcerated Aliens - 94 Percent Of All Confirmed Aliens In DOJ Custody Are Unlawfully Present - 12/21/2017

More Than 400 Illegal Immigrants Apprehended Within 5 Minutes By Border Agents In Texas - 3/20/2019

Watch: Armed Militia Detains More Than 300 Illegal Immigrants Who Crossed Border Into New Mexico - 4/19/2019

Pew: Illegal Alien Population Booms In Red States Ahead Of 2020 Election - 6/14/2019

US Border Patrol Needs Extra Toilets To Handle All The Families It's Detaining - 11/26/2018

BORDER CRISIS: Border Patrol Arrests 3,700 Illegal Aliens, largest Single Day Total In Over A Decade! - 3/26/2019

Border Patrol Agents Arrest Illegal Aliens From Yemen In Yuma Area - 5/14/2020

UN Admits 70 Per Cent Of Boat Migrants Not Eligible For Asylum - 5/27/2020

Border Crisis Goes Into Overdrive As Cameras Show 1,000 Immigrants Being Held Under A Bridge - 8/2/2021

Fox News: More Than 600K Illegal Immigrants Have Been Released By Biden Admin - 9/25/2021

Biden DHS Chief Admits At 12K Out Of 17K Illegals From Del Rio Bridge Released Into U.S. - 9/27/2021

In Just 9 Months On Biden's Watch, 23 Aliens Previously Convicted Of MURDER Tried To Come Back Over The Border In Arizona Alone, And That's Not All... - 11/21/2021

Biden Accused Of Withholding Critical Report - For First Time In 10 Years, Presdient Fails To Provide ICE Data - 1/6/2022

ICE Has 'Lost' 47,000 Illegal Immigrants After Release In 2021 - 1/13/2022

Biden Admin To Dump Up To 1,000 Afghan Refugees Next To Loudoun High School - 2/18/2022

Hundreds Of Ukrainian Refugees Determine The Easiest Way To Enter The US Is Through The Southern Border: Report - 3/27/2022

This Is What A Wide Open Border Looks Like: Endless Stream Of Illegals Wade Across Rio Grande Unimpeded - The Uniparty Supports This - 5/16/2022

DOJ: 56% Of Federal Arrests In 2020 Took Place In 5 Judicial Districts Along U.S.-Mexico Border - 5/26/2022

Texas Counties Declare 'Invasion' In Bid To Pressure Governor Over Illegal Migrant Crisis - 7/6/2022

The Modern Day Trojan Horse - Illegals Coming Into The Country By The Millions Are Military Age Men - 7/15/2022

As The Number Of Illegals Crossing The Border Increases So Does The Number Of Deceased That Don't Make It (Graphic) - 7/17/2022

4.9 Million Illegal Aliens Crossed US Border In 18 Months Since Biden Took Office: Report - 8/21/2022

STUNNING: 4.9 Million Illegal Aliens Crossed Open Border Into US In First 18 Months Of Biden Regime - Roughly The POPULATION OF IRELAND (VIDEO) - 8/29/2022

Biden Border Crisis: Deadliest Mass Drowning At The Border In Recent Years - Eight Illegal Immigrants Found Dead In Rio Grande, Texas - 9/2/2022

Border Patrol: Mexicans 'Virtually Absent' At Top Border Crossings, Instead People Coming From 115 Different Countries - 9/12/2022

Report: Americans Bear $20 Billion Burden Yearly For The Millions Of Illegal Aliens Who've Stolen Across Southern Border Since Biden Took Office - 9/14/2022

VIdeo: Hundreds Of Migrants Cross Into Eagle Pass, Texas, As Democrats Are Still Complaining About 50 Illegal Immigrants In Martha's Vineyard - 9/16/2022

Mayorkas Maintains 'Border Is Secure' Despite Record Crossing; FBI Sees 'Significant Criminal Threats' - 11/15/2022

Texas Governor Declares Invasion At Border, Invokes Constitutional Powers In Historic Action - 11/16/2022

WATCH: Thermal Drone Video Shows Massive Group Of Illegal Aliens Marching Like Soldiers Into Private Property In Eagle Pass, Texas - 11/18/2022

EXCLUSIVE: ICE Is Uderreporting Illegals It Releases Into The Country Without Tracking Equipment By Over 18,000% - 12/1/2022

EXCLUSIVE: ICE Is Massively Misreporting How Many illegal Immigrants Are Being Released With GPS Trackers - 12/6/2022

'Miscalculation' Causes ICE To Underreport Illegal Immigrnats Released Without Tracking Technology By Over 18,000% - 12/9/2022

Who's Paying For This? Mexican Police Excort 20 Buses Of Illegal Aliens And Drop Them Off At US Border In Juarez (VIDEO) - 12/12/2022

Thousands Of Illegal Aliens Storm El Paso In 'One Of The Largest Mass Crossings Ever' - 12/12/2022

ICE Quietly Fixes Misleading Data After DCNF Exposed Massive Flaws In Illegal Immigrant Stats - 12/7/2022

ICE Lost Track Of 150,000 Illegal Migrants Due To Biden Admin's 'No Processing' Policy, Training Video Reveals - Florida AG Says The Border Crisis Was The Admin's 'Plan All Along' - 12/20/2022

'They Just Walked Right In': NBC News Correspondent Describes What She's Seeing At The Southern Border In Real Time - 12/20/2022

Illegal Migration Ticked Up Again In November To More Than 233,00 Encounters - 12/23/2022

'It's All Political': Border Patrol Council President Says Biden Admin Hid Border Numbers To Pass Omnibus - 12/23/2022

National Park Is Forced To Close After Being Overwhelmed By Migrants - And The Local Sheriff Knows Exactly Who To Blame - 1/3/2023

Border Patrol Arrests Illegal Immigrants Sneaking Onto Buses, Sleeping Outside Church In El Paso - 1/5/2023

BREAKING: House Republican Files Articles Of Impeachment Against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas - After 5 Million Illegals Cross open Southern Border - 1/10/2023

OOPS! Mayorkas Just Broke The Narrative, Illegals Are 'Straining Our System' - 1/16/2023

'Catastrophic': Former Trump Officials Shred Biden Admin Over Record-Setting Migrant Encounters - 1/20/2023

Border Crisis Keeps Growing As More Than 200,000 Migrants Illegally Crossed In December - 1/21/2023

Now They're Coming From CANADA: Northern Border Sees 743% Spike In Illegal Migrants Trying To Cross In A Year Due To 'Easier Entry Than Mexico' - As Cops Release Eerie Images Of Asylum Seekers Trudging Through 12F Snow - 1/29/2023

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Senator Demands Answers From Biden Admin After DCNF Exposes Major Errors In Illegal Immigrant Data - 2/3/2023

EXCLUSIVE: ICE Chief Admits To Enromous Illegal Immigration Data Errors Exposed By DCNF - 2/9/2023

Five Chinese Nationals Caught Entering US Illegally Through Mexico - 2/9/2023

CBP: Nearly 216,000 Apprehended, Gotaways Reported Of Illegal Entries At Southern Border In Jan. - 2/12/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Northern Border Agents Were Asked To Deploy To Florida Due To Massive Illegal Migrant Surge - 2/17/2023

Border Patrol Calls For Agents To Relocate To US-Canada Border Amid 846% Spike In Migrant Crossing - 2/21/2023

Experts Warn Criminals Fleeing El Salvador Will Enter US - 2/25/2023

Texas Sheriff Warns That America Is Experiencing A 'Silent Invasion' Of Military Age Man - 2/27/2023

The 1 Million Illegal Immigrant Encounters In Past 5 Moths Is Equivalent To Population Of Biden's Delaware - 2/27/2023

EXCLUSIVE: 'It Hasn't Stopped': The Northern Border Is Wide Open And People Are Funneling Across - 3/2/2023

DCNF Reporter Describes How 'Millions' Of Migrants 'Pour Over' The Border Under Biden - 3/10/2023

El Paso Border Standoff Between Migrants, CBP Officers Blocks Paso Del Norte Bridge - 3/12/2023

US & Mexican Riot Police Hold Back Thousand Migrants Trying To Bum-Rush El Paso Bridge - 3/13/2023

94 Illegal Immigrants Apprehended At The US-Canada Border - 3/13/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Over A Dozen Illegal Migrants Escaped From Border Patrol Bus, Union Says - 3/23/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Border Authorities Warn Of Greater Surger In Chinese Illegally Crossing Into US, Reveal Smuggling Routes - 3/30/2023

Border Crossing Surge 23% In March, Nearing 200K - 4/17/2023

US Lawmaker: 700,000 To 1 Million Illegals Gather At US Border With Mexico To Storm Country After Title 42 Ends (VIDEO) - 4/28/2023

Border Congressman: Towns 100+ Miles Away From The Border 'Overwhelmed' With Illegal Aliens - 4/30/2023

'The Hospital Is Not A Housing Agency': Dozens Of Haitian Migrants Sleeping In Lobby Of Boston Medical Center - 5/1/2023

HILARIOUS: Biden's Spokes-Muppet Lies To The Press About Border - OWNED By Twitter Fact-Checkers! (VIDEO) - 5/2/2023

Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy Confronts Press Sec. Karine Jean-Pierre Over Questionable Illegal Immigration Claim - 5/3/2023

Mayorkas After 6 Million Illegal Aliens Have Crossed Border On Biden's Watch: "The Border Is Not Open, Has Not Been Open: (VIDEO) - 5/5/2023

How Many Military Age Men Does It Take To Put In Place A Modern Day Trojan Horse In The United States? - 5/7/2023

INVASION: Drone Footage Shows Hundreds Of Illegal Aliens Cross The Border Into Brownsville, Texas (VIDEO) - 5/8/2023

Mayorkas Against Claims US Border Is Safe And Secure After 6 Million Illegal Aliens Cross Over Open Border On Biden's Watch - A COMPLETE LIE (VIDEO) - 5/10/2023

Corporate Media Distract From Biden's Border Catastrophe With Mayorkas' Deliberately Dishonest 'Drop' In Arrests Narrative - 5/15/2023

'You're Going To Tell Me The Numbers Are Not Different?': GOP Rep Pushes Back Against CNN Host About Border Crisis Claim - 5/17/2023

Migrant Child Dies In Federal Custody, Marking Third Such Death In Two Months - 5/18/2023

ONCE AGAIN... Mayorkas Lies And Says Biden Regime Working To Secure Border After 7 Million Illegals Cross Into US - GOP Lawmakers Too Weak To Impeach Him - 7/26/2023

EXCLUSIVE: US Authorities On Alert After Discovering New Chinese Migrant Smuggling Route - 8/7/2023

More Than 150K New Cases Filed With U.S. Immigration Courts In July Alone - 8/16/2023

DHS Hides Monthly Number Of Illegal Migrants Released into U.S. After Interacting With Border Agents - 8/27/2023

DHS Purposely Not Reporting How Many Illegal Border Crossers Are Released Into The Country, Former Immigration Judge Claims - 8/28/2023

Chinese Nationals Posing As Tourists Breached US Military Bases And Other Sites, Raising Espionage Concerns: Report - 9/5/2023

After NYC Mayor Complains Of Migrant Wave, Reporter Calls Him Out With Stats - 9/11/2023

White Buses With No Logos Or Insignia Release Hundreds Of Illegal Aliens To City Street In San Diego (VIDEO) - 9/15/2023

New Yorker Delivers Impassioned Rant On-Air About Dems' Response to Migrant Crisis - 9/15/2023

BETSY MCCAUGHEY: The Migrant Surge Is Coming To The Classroom - 9/16/2023

'This Is What An Invasion Looks Like': Video Shows Mexican Train Reportedly 'Bursting' With Migrants Heading To US Southern Border - 9/17/2023

The Biden Admin Has Let In MORE Illegal Aliens Than The Pupulations Of THESE 15 States - 9/19/2023

White House Defends Border Crossing Numbers: 'It Ebbs And Flows' - 9/21/2023

Biden's DHS Let 200,000 Illegal Immigrants Fly Directly Into 43 Cities - 9/21/2023

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Rep Demands Mayorkas Account For Agency Losing Track Of Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants - 9/21/2023

US Reports Massive Number Of Encounters Along Southwest Border In August - 9/22/2023

Border Encounters Surge To Nearly 233,000 In August - 9/22/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Number Of Illegal Migrants In Border Patrol Custody Surges To New High - 9/27/2023

House GOP Report: 'More Than 99% Of Illegal Aliens Relased' By Biden Administration Remain In U.S. - 10/9/2023

5.7 Million Non-Detained Migrants In US, ICE Reports - 'At A Minimum'; Taxpayer-Funded Program Will Provide Medical Services, Housing - 10/12/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Border Authorities Are Counting Palestinian Migrants As Other Nationalities - 10/25/2023