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Google & Social Media: Twitter: Corruption Within Twitter

Twitter Suspends Researcher Who Exposed Antifa-Journalist Connections - 5/31/2019

The Federal Bureau Of Tweets: Twitter Is Hiring An Alarming Number Of FBI Agents - 6/23/2022

Deep State Attorney James Baker Came To Twitter "Committed To... An Open Internet And Freedom Of Expression" - It Was A Lie - 12/3/2022

Ex-Twitter Executive: Elon Musk Is Putting Us 'In Harm's Way' By Showing How We Censored Content - 12/3/2022

Top FBI Lawyer-Turned-Twitter Counsel Supported Decision To Suppress Hunter Biden Laptop Story: Report - 12/3/2022

Musk Fires Twitter Lawyer Over Alleged Role In Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story - 12/6/2022

Calls For Investigations Grow Over Katie Hobbs' Alleged Use Of Twtitter Censorship, 1A Issues - 12/6/2022

Elon Musk Fires Former FBI Lawyer Behind Russiagate Hoax Following 'Unconvincing' Explanation For Hunter Biden Laptop Censorship - 12/7/2022

REMINDER: Corrupt James Comey Praised His FBI Attorney James Baker, The Same Guy Fired Yesterday For Withholding Information At Twitter On Hunter Biden Laptop - 12/7/2022

Former Twitter CEO Urges Elon Musk To 'Release Everything' After Ex-FBI Official's Exit - 12/7/2022

Elon Musk Says 'Important' Twitter Data Was 'Hidden,' May Have Been 'Deleted' - 12/7/2022

FBI Agent's Testimony Implicates Headquarters Brass In Social Media Censorship - 12/7/2022

Katie Hobbs' Office Defends Asking Twitter To Take Down Posts Criticizing Them - 12/7/2022

Here's How The CDC Used A Backchannel With Twitter To Control The COVID-19 Narrative - 12/7/2022

Musk Says Key Bits Of 'Twtter Files' Were Compromised As He Fires Ex-FBI Twitter Lawyer Involved In 'Vetting' The Data - 12/8/2022

Former FBI Lawyer TERMINATED From Twitter For Vetting 'Twtitter Files' Also Played Key Role In 'Russiagate' - 12/8/2022

More Evidence That Twitter Was Run By The Deep State -Former CIA And FBI Employee Identified At The Top Of The Censorship Activities - 12/9/2022

COVID Critic Bhattacharya: Twitter Censors 'Harmed Science, Harmed Children, Harmed American Public' - 12/9/2022

CAUGHT IN LIES: Latest Twitter Files Release Reveals Feds And Twitter Both Caught Lying, Hiding Evidence In Major Lawsuit; Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt Calls Then Onto The Carpet - 12/10/2022

Twitter Censorship Contributed to Destructive Pandemic Policies And Is Criminal, Says Former White House COVID Adviser - 12/15/2022

Former Twitter Employee Convicted Of Spying For Saudi Government Sentenced To Prison - But For Fewer Years Than Prosecutors Asked - 12/15/2022

Documents Reveal Secret Twitter Portal US Government Used To Censor COVID-19 Content - 12/15/2022

Soros Org, Twitter, Meta, And NYT All Participated In Biden Leak 'Training Exercise' In 2020, A Month Before Laptop Story - 12/20/2022

How The FBI Bought Twitter Long Before Musk Did, And For A Much Better Price - 12/20/2022

FBI Admits It Meddles In 'Numerous Companies,' Not Just Twitter - 12/22/2022

The Most Paranoid Deep State Nightmares About Twitter Were True - 12/22/2022

Jordan Demands FBI Turn Over All Communications With Twitter As Probe Of Censorship Heats Up - 12/23/2022

Elon Musk Reveals Twitter Staff Had A 'Fauci Fan Club' - 12/28/2022

Twitter Permanently Suspends OANN Reporter For Reporting On Rep. Buddy Carter's Fair Tax Act Which Will ABOLISH The IRS - 1/11/2023

COVID-19 Drugmakers Pressured Twitter To Censor Activists Pushing For Generic Vaccine - 1/16/2023

Twitter Suspended Accounts Who Raised Concerns over 'Trans Day Of vengeance.' Now Users Demand Answers. - 3/30/2023

Twitter Officially Joined The Censorship Regime When It Silenced 'Trans Day Of Vengeance' Reporting - 3/31/2023

Twitter's Open Source Code Reveals US Government Can 'Intervene' With Recommendation Algorithm - 4/1/2023

Twitter Restricts Posts Featuring Substack After It Rolls Out Rival Service - 4/7/2023

BREAKING: Elon Musk Says US Gov't Agencies Had 'Full Access' to Twitter Users' DMs - 4/16/2023

Elon Musk Says Government Access To Twitter 'Blew' His Mind - 4/16/2023

Elon Musk Drops Bombshell In Tucker Carlson Interview: US Government Had 'Full Access' To Twitter Users' Private Messages - 4/17/2023

Elon Musk Reveals Line Of Code Twitter Used To Suppress Tweets If They Contained Certain Words - 5/31/2023

Elon Musk: @LibsOfTikTok Account Wrongly Throttled When Twitter's 'D**k Pic Bot' Spotted Pride Parade Nudity - 7/9/2023

Twitter CEO Reveals Details Of 'Freedom Of Speech, Not Reach' Policy - 8/12/2023

Twitter Throttles Account Exposing The Obscene Books Libraries Give Kids - 9/12/2023