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Elon Musk Says World Must KNow Truth About What Twitter Was Doing: 'The More I Learn, The Worse It Gets' - 11/28/2022

Twitter Docs Released By Musk And Journalist Suggest Democrats Could Manipulate Speech On Platform - 12/2/2022

Elon Musk Calls New York Times 'Lobbying Firm For Far-Left Politicians' After Paper Apparently Ran No Story About 'The Twitter Files' - 12/3/2022

Leftist Heads Explode Over Elon Musk's Release Of 'The Twitter Files,' Journalist Matt Taibbi Attacked: 'Selling Your Soul For The Richest White Nationalist On Earth' - 12/3/2022

PETER ROFF: Musk's 'Twitter Files' Confirm Everything We Already Knew - 12/3/2022

All Hail Elon Musk For Revealing 'The Twitter Papers' - 12/3/2022

'Twitter Files' Confirm Big Tech Leftists Suppressed Hunter Biden Laptop Sotry Ahead Of 2020 Election - 12/3/2022

Musk Reveals Details Of Behind-The-Scenes Twitter Operation To Censor Hunter Biden Laptop Story - 12/5/2022

'The Twitter Files' Compromised After Lawyer Involved In The Controversy Was Behind Vetting The Files - 12/6/2022

MacIntyre: The Twitter Files Reveal The Left Will Win At Any Cost - 12/6/2022

Check Out Media Goons' Failed Attempts To Use Trump To Kill Twitter Files - 12/7/2022

'No Smoking Gun Here': CNN Host Tries To Downplay Twitter Files - But The Look On Her Face Says It All - 12/8/2022

Harvard-Harris: 64% Believe Twitter Engaged In "Political Censorship," Interference In 2020 Elections -- And 74% Want Prosecutions - 12/17/2022

'Did You Approve Hidden State Censorship?': Musk Calls out Schiff Over Twitter Files Revelations - 12/20/2022

Twitter FIles #1-11 Downloads (PDF Format) - 12/27/2022

Courts Won't Stop The Feds From Deputizing Big Tech - The People Must - 12/29/2022

The Twitter Files Parts 1-15:A Comprehensive Summary, Analysis, And Discussion Of Ramifications For American Institutions (Updated 1.19.23) -

How 'The Twitter Files' Undermine The J6 Report' - 1/23/2023

The FBI Isn't The Only Guilty Party In The 'Twitter Files,' And It Isn't 'Partisan' To Say So - 2/13/2023

The Censorship Complex Isn't A 'Tinfoil Hat' Conspiracy, And The 'Twitter Files' Just Dropped More Proof - 3/10/2023

"Something Very Dramatic Has Changed": Matt Taibbi Says Democrats Ditched Free Speech - 3/29/2023

Matt Taibbi Rips MSNBC Host Over Network Doing 'Nothing But Vomit Up Fake Russian' Stories Before Host Ends Segment - 4/7/2023

Democrat 'Delegate From Virgini Islands' Stacey Plaskett Threatens Twitter Files Journalist Matt Taibbi With Imprisonment - 4/20/2023

Democrat Rep. Threatends Independent Journalist Matt Taibbi With Jail Time Over 'Twitter Files' Testimony - 4/20/2023

House Dem Uses Falsehood From MSNBC Host To Threaten 'Twitter Files' Journalist With Jail Time - 4/22/2023

Sen. Ron Johnson Calls On IRS To Explain Unannounced Visit To Journalist Matt Taibbi's Home - 4/29/2023

How And Why Twitter Blocked The Hunter Biden Laptop Story - Part 1

Elon Must Says Releasing Internal Discussions On Hunter Biden Laptop Story Is 'Necessary To Restore Public Trust - 11/24/2022

Musk Indicates He Will Release Internal Twitter Docs On Censorship Of Hunter Biden Laptop Story - 11/26/2022

Twitter's Former Safety Exec Admits It Was A Mistake To Censor Hunter Biden Laptop Story - 11/30/2022

BREAKING: HERE IT IS: Elon Musk Reveals Why Twitter Suppressed Hunter Biden 'Loptop From Hell' Story - 12/2/2022

Elon Musk Releases A Trove Of Emails Detailing The Internal Debate At Twitter Over Censorship Of The Hunter Biden Laptop Story - 12/2/2022

REMINDER: TGP's Joe Hoft Was Suspended On Twitter For Sharing Hunter Biden Had Fmaily Pictures In A Pornhub Account Found On Laptop - Those Who Retweeted This Were Banned For Hours - 12/3/2022

Musk Says Twitter Suppressed Free Speech Under Orders From Government - 12/3/2022

'Twitter Files' Confirm Big Tech Leftists Suppressed Hunter Biden Laptop Story Ahead Of 2020 Election - 12/3/2022

FBI Explicitly Warned Twitter Of 'Hack' Involving Hunter Biden Before Story Was Censored - 12/5/2022

MSNBC Goes Full-Blown Censorship Denier In Crazed Rant - 12/6/2022

Twitter Files Part 1: What Secret Details The Document Revealed And What Is It Impact? - 12/7/2022

Karine Jean-Pierre Cuts Off Reporter Trying To Ask About Hunter Biden 'Twitter Files' - 12/8/2022

Soros-Funded Nonprofit Played Key Role In Twitter's Preparation For Dealing With Hunter Biden story, Docs Reveal - 12/19/2022

One Month Before Hunter Biden Laptop Story, Twitter Execs And Journalists War-Gamed An Eerily Similar Scenario - 12/19/2022

Twitter's Secret Blacklist - Part 2

Elon Musk Releases The Second Set Of 'Twitter Files,' Detailing How Conservatives Were Shadow-Banned And Blacklisted - 12/8/2022

Twitter's Underhanded Actions Targeting 'Libs Of TikTok' Revealed In New 'Twitter Files' Release - 12/8/2022

Stanford's Dr. Bhattacharya: Twitter 'Harmed Science' By Squelching Scientific Debate - 12/8/2022

'Twitter Files: Part Two' Confirms The Tech Giant Has Been Shadowbanning Conservatives For Years - 12/9/2022

Glenn Beck: Elon Musk's 'Twitter Files' Part 2 EXPLAINED - 12/9/2022

'Twitter Files: Part Two' Confirms The Tech Giant Has Been Shadowbanning Conservatives For Years - 12/9/2022

All The Times Twitter Execs Lied To Our Faces About Their Insidious Shadowbanning - 12/9/2022

Trump Was Right Again... President Trump Called Out Crooked Yoel Roth Back In May 2020 (VIDEO) - 12/10/2022

'Great Barrington Declaration' Co-Author Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Invited To Twitter Headquarters To Review Twitter's Internal Slack Messages Regarding Content Modulation - 12/11/2022

Latest 'Twitter Files' Bomb: Forget Shadow-Banning - Twitter Had Entire Blacklists And We Have Names - 12/12/2022

'Twitter Files' Journalist Matt Taibbi Confirms Platform's 'Supreme Court' Had Been Shapiro In Its Sights - 12/16/2022

The Removal Of Donald Trump- Part 3

BREAKING: Trump Was Censored By Twitter 'Under Pressure From Federal Agencies' Before Being Banned - 12/9/2022

Third Twitter Document Dump Details Decision to Ban Donald Trump - 12/9/2022

Twitter Files Part 3 Reveals What Led To Trump's Removal From Social Media Platform - 12/9/2022

Elon Musk Drops Third Set Of 'Twitter Files' Detailing Federal Involvement In Decision To Ban Trump - 12/9/2022

Twitter Files Part 3 Reveals What Lead To Trump's Removal From Social Media Platform - 12/9/2022

'Twitter Files' Part 3 Details 'Internal Debate' Over Trump's Ban After Jan. 6 Riot - 12/9/2022

Head Of Twitter's Censorship Operation Was A Former FBI, CIA Operative - 12/9/2022

You Can Read All The 'Twitter Files' Right Here - 12/9/2022

Twitter Files Unmask Censorship Collaboration With Feds, Earlier Effort To Hamper Trump Account - 12/10/2022

Third Batch Of Twitter Files Shows Twitter's Lead Censor Joking About FBI Collusion - 12/10/2022

The Removal Of Donald Trump - Part 4

Twitter Files Part 4 Drop Showing Executives' Approach To 'Change Of Police For Trump Alone' - 12/10/2022

'Twitter Files Part 4' Details How Paltform Changes Policy Specifically To Ban 'Trump Alone' - 12/10/2022

American Author Michael Shellenberger Releases 'Twitter Files Part 4' - 12/10/2022

Twitter Deleted Posts With Pics Of Trump's Tweets In Them - Even If They Were Bashing Him - 12/10/2022

Twitter Exec Pushed To Ban Matt Gaetz' Account After Jan. 6 - 12/10/2022

'Slippery Slope': Internal Docs Show Just One Twitter Employee Raising 'Serious' Free-Speech Concerns Over Trump Ban - 12/10/2022

Twitter Files: Part 4 Reveals How Platform Made Up Policies On The Fly To Ban Donald Trump - 12/11/2022

Deplatforming Of Trump Sparked Internal Dissent, New 'Twitter Files' Show - 12/12/2022

Twitter Employees Cheered When President Trump Was Kicked Off Their Platform As Khomeini And Other Tyrants Remain - Same People Cheered BLM Violence - 12//12/2022

EXPOSED: Twitter Files Show Former Employees Attempted to Ban Congressman Matt Gaetz - 12/12/2022

The Removal Of Donald Trump - Part 5

Fifth 'Twitter Files' Release Details Furious Debate To Ban Trump - Despite No Policy Violations - 12/12/2022

The Twitter Files Part 5: The Removal Of Trump From Twitter - 12/12/2022

Twitter Files Part 5 Reveals Staffers Who Didn't Believe Trump Violated 'Incitement' Policy - 12/12/2022

Twitter Files Part Five Details Trump Was Deplatformed Despite 'No Violations Of Policy' - 12/13/2022

Twitter, The FBI Subsidiary - Part 6

BREAKING: Twitter Files Show Twitter Acted As 'Subsidiary' Of FBI - 12/16/2022

FBI Responds To Latest Release Of 'The Twitter Files' - 12/16/2022

New Twitter Files Show FBI Flagging Accounts For Company To Target - 12/16/2022

Newest 'Twitter Files' Release Reveals Platform's 'Constant And Pervasive' Dealings With FBI - 12/17/2022

New Twitter Files Show Top Executive Uncomfortable With FBI Intervention - 12/18/2022

6 Huge Takeaways From The Sixth Dump Of 'Twitter Files' - 12/19/2022

FBI Slams Journalists Behind Twitter File As 'Conspiracy Theorists' To 'Discredit The Agency,' Claims Internal Message Shows Nothing But A Longstanding Relationship With Twitter - 12/21/2022

Spooks Infiltrate Silicon Valley: Facebook Is Riddled With Ex-CIA Agents - Including President's Briefer Who Now Runs 'Harmful Content' Team - So Many Ex-FBI Work At Twitter They Have Slack Channel And Google Is Rife With Ex-CIA - 12/22/2022

The FBI & The Hunter Biden Laptop - Part 7

Twitter Files Part 7: FBI, DOJ 'Discredited' Information About Hunter Biden's Foreign Business Dealings - 12/19/2022

Twitter Files 7.0 Show FBI Pressured Social Media Platforms To 'Discredit' Hunter Biden Laptop Story - 12/20/2022

Twitter Files 7.0: FBI Paid $3.4 Million To Twitter, Made Top Executives Dub Hunter Biden Laptop Story As 'Russian Disinformation' - 12/20/2022

'Dangerous Incentive': Twitter Files Journo Tells Ben Shapiro FBI Payents Shaped Twitter Policy - 12/21/2022

FBI Primed Twitter Execs To Censor NY Post's Hunter Biden Laptop Story, Twitter Files Reveal - 12/21/2022

FBI And Twitter Formed A Censorship Alliance And They Can't Be Allowed To Get Away With It - 12/21/2022

THIS Lawyer Proves The FBI Is FAR TOO FRIENDLY With Big Tech - 12/22/2022

Did The FBI Violate The First Amendment When It Colluded With Twitter? - 12/23/2022

FBI Assigned Personnel To 'Look' For 'Violations' Of Twitter's Own Policies, Docs Reveal - 12/24/2022

FBI Office Investigating Hunter Biden Sent Twitter Numerous Censorship Requests Right Before 2020 Election - 12/27/2022

How Twitter Quietly Aided the Pentagon's Covert Online Psyop - Part  8

'Twitter Files Part 8' Shows Interactions Between Social Media Giant And Government - 12/20/2022

BREAKING: Twitter Files Part 8: How Twitter Quietly Aided The Pentagon's Cover Online PsyOp Campaign - 12/20/2022

Twitter Colluded With Pentagon To Run Network Of Fake Accounts Around The World - Including AI-Created Deep Fakes - Despite Publicly Claiming To Delete Government Backed Propaganda - 12/20/2022

Twitter Files Part 8: Platform 'Directly Assisted' U.S. Military's Influence Operations - 12/20/2022

'Twitter Files' Reveal Platform Aided Pentagon Propaganda Efforts Abroad - 12/20/2022

Twitter Aided Pentagon Propaganda Campaigns Across Middle East, Amplifying Agency-Aligned Accounts - 12/20/2022

Twitter Boosted Pentagon Propaganda Efforts In The Middle East, Files Show - 12/20/2022

Twitter And "Other Government Agencies" - Part 9

Twitter Files Part 9: Vast Web Of Coordination Between Tech Giant And CIA, State Department, Other Agencies - 12/24/2022

Latest Twitter Files Shows CIA, FBI Have Spent Years Meddling In Content Moderation - 12/24/2022

Twitter Files 9.0 Reveals Coordination Between Tech Giant & Govt Agencies Other Than FBI - 12/25/2022

Tucker: DNC Sent Twitter List Of Biden Critics to Purge, 'Largest' 1st Amendment Violation 'In Modern History' - 12/26/2022

Ten Major Revelations Exposing Extent Of Government Pressure On Big Tech To Censor Americans - 12/28/2022

How Twitter Rigged The Covid Debate - Part 10  

'Twitter Files' Show Intel Reports Flagging Ukraine And COVID 'Narratives' - 12/25/2022

Twitter Files 10: The COVID Lies - 12/26/2022

The Twitter Files: Part 10 - Full Transcript! How Twitter Rigged The COVID Debate! -

Twitter Censored Accurate COVID Information That Conflicted With Federal Sentiments, New Files Show - 12/26/2022

Twitter Files: Biden Admin Was 'Very Angry' Twitter Didn't De-Platform More Accounts Spreading COVID 'Misinformation' - 12/26/2022

Ex-FBI Twitter Lawyer Questioned Why Trump Wasn't Censored Over 'Optimistic' COVID Tweet, Docs Show - 12/26/2022

New 'Twitter Files' Show Company Suppressed COVID Information From Doctors And Experts - 12/26/2022

BREAKING: Biden Admin Pressured Twitter To Censor Medical Experts Who Questioned CDC Covid Guidance On Vaccines - 12/26/2022

Twitter Files Part 10: Trump, Biden White House Leaned On Tech Giant To Moderate Content During COVID - 12/27/2022

Latest 'Twitter Files' Alleges Rigged COVID Debate - 12/27/2022

'Rigged The COVID Debate': How Federally Enticed Censorship Undermined Science During Pandemic - 12/30/2022

Elon Musk Says 'Fauci Files' Coming This Week As More 'Twitter Files' Drops Expected - 1/2/2023

How Twitter Let The Intelligence Community In - Part 11

(PDF) Twitter Files Release 12 (sic): Why Twitter Let THe Intellgence Community In - 1/3/2023

Twitter Files 11: How Twitter Let Intelligence Community In - 1/4/2023

Twitter Files 11 Released By Matt Taibbi - How Twitter Let The Intellience Community In - 1/3/2023

Twitter And The FBI "Belly Button" - Part 12

The Twitter Files: Part 12 - Full Transcript! Twitter And The FBI "Belly Button" -

The Twitter Files: Twitter And The FBI 'Belly Button' - 1/3/2023

Twitter Bowed To Dem Lawmaker Pressure, Buddied Up With Intel Agencies, Docs Show - 1/3/2023

BREAKING: Twitter Files #12: "Twitter And The FBI Belly Button", And The Scoop On Schiff - 1/3/2023

BREAKING: Feds Used Russian Election Interference Fears to Gain Access To Twitter, Influence Policy - 1/3/2023

White House Pressed Facebook To Censor Tucker Carlson, Document Reveals - 1/6/2023

Pfizer Urging Twitter Censorship - Part 13

BREAKING: Twitter Files #13: How Pfizer Board Member Secretly Urged Twitter To Hide Posts - 1/9/2023

Pfizer Board Member Pressured Twitter To Censor Posts On Natural Immunity, Low COVID Risk To Children: Emails - 1/9/2023

Twitter Files 13: Pfizer's Dr. Scott Gottlieb Lobbied For Censorship - 1/3/2023

JUST IN: Another Twitter Files Drop: How Pfizer Board Member Scott Gottlieb Used Twitter Lobbyist At White House To Suppress Debate On Covid Vaccines - 1/9/2023

Twitter Files #13: Former FDA Head Dr. Scott Gottlieb's Ties To Pfizer Exposed In Latest Revelations - 1/10/2023

Latest Twitter Files Files Puts Pfizer Insiders On The Hotseat - 1/10/2023

The Russiagate Lies - Part 14

BREAKING: Adam Schiff Lobbied Twitter To Ban Journalist Over 'QAnon Conspiracies' - 1/3/2023

Elon Musk Confronts Rep. Adam Schiff About His Efforts To Pressure Twitter To Silence Critics And Journalists - 1/4/2023

Adam Schiff Dragged After 'Twitter Files' Shows He Asked Site To Suspend Journo:' Expel Schiff From Congress' - 1/4/2023

'Twitter Files' EXPOSE Adam Schiff's Attempts To SILENCE Journalists He 'Didn't Like' - 1/4/2023

How Democrat Adam Schiff Abused His Power To Demand I Be Kicked Off Twitter Simply Due To A Personal Vendetta - 1/6/2023

(PDF) Twitter Files #14: The Russiagate Lies, PartOne-The Fake Tale Of Russian Bots ANd The #ReleaseTheMemo Hashtag - 1/12/2023

In Blow To Conspiracy Theories, Study Finds 'No Evidence' Russian Social Media Swayed Voters In 2016 - 1/12/2023

BREAKING: Democrats, Mainstream Media Knowingly Pushed False 'Russian Disinfo' Hoax On Twitter: Twitter Files - 1/12/2023

New Twitter File Dump Shows Dem. Lawmakers Knowingly Pushed Fake Russia Narrative About Nunes Report - 1/12/2023

By Enabling Leftist Misinformation, Twitter Helped Democrats And Their Media Allies Peddle Another Russia Hoax - 1/13/2023

Devin Nunes Rips Top Democrats After 'Twitter Files' Bombshell On Russia Collusion: 'Fools' - 1/13/2023

Latest 'Twitter Files' Reveal Humorless Adam Schiff, Dems Pushed To Censor Biden Joke - 1/13/2023

Twitter Files: Adams Schiff's Office Asked 'Quite Often' To Remove Tweets, Including Parody Biden Pic - 1/13/2023

Adam Schiff's Office Repeatedly Tried To Get Twitter To Censor Posts, Documets Show - 1/13/2023

US Rep. Adam Schiff Repeatedly Asked Twitter To Remove Critical Tweets: Twitter Files - 1/14/2023

Move Over, Jayson Blair, Twitter Files Expose Next Great Media Fraud - Part 15

(PDF) Twitter Files #15: Move Over, Jayson Blair - Twitter Files Expose Next Great Media Fraud - 1/27/2023

Twitter Files: Employees Knew The Media's Favorite Russian Bots List Was Fake - 1/27/2023

Latest TwitterFiles Drop Exposes The Sham Behind The Media's 'Russian Bots' Claim - 1/27/2023

Move Over, Jayson Blair: Meet Hamilton 68, The New King Of Media Fraud - 1/27/2023

Left-Wing Think Tank Responsible For Thousands Of Fake Russia Stories: New Twitter Files - 1/28/2023

Hamilton 68: Brief Addendum - 1/29/2023

By Exposing Hamilton 68, The 'Twitter Files' Proved The Deep State Is A Weapon Aimed Directly At You - 2/3/2023

Comic Interlude: A Media Experiment - Part 16

Twitter Files #16: A Media Experiment - 2/19/2023

'Twitter Files' Compares Maine Sen. Angus King To Nixon If He 'Sniffed Glue' - 2/19/2023

Twitter Files 16: A Comic Interlude - 2/20/2023

NEWS ALERT: Twitter Files #16: Senator Targeted 'Suspicious' Americans For Blacklisting - 2/20/2023

New Knowledge, The Global Engagement Center, And State-Sponsored Blacklists - Part 17

Twitter Files: Government Funding Created 'Cottage Industry' Of 'Disinformation Labs' - 3/2/2023

Twitter Files Part 17: The Government Funded Cottage Industry Of Disinformation 'Experts' - 3/2/2023

Twitter Files #17: More 'Gov't-Funded' Blacklists That Allegedly Scooped Up Americans In The Process - 3/2/2023

Twitter Execs Scoffed At Lists Of Supposed Propaganda Accounts Submitted By Feds, Disinfo Groups - 3/2/2023

TWITTER FILES: Taxpayer Dollars Are Being Spent On The Blacklisting Of American Citizens - 3/2/2023

'Twitter Files' Show More Gropus Used Hamilton 68's Bogus Methodology To Sell The Russia Hoax - 3/6/2023

Statement To Congress, The Censorship-Industrial Complex- Part 18

Twitter Files #18: Statement To Congress: The Censorship-Industrial Complex - 3/9/2023

Matt Taibbi Releases Twitter File Review #18 - Whole Of Government Censorship Approach, Including Senate Intel And Legislative Branch - 3/9/2023

The Great Covid-19 Lie Machine Stanford, The Virality Project, And The Censorship Of "True Stories" - Part 19

Latest 'Twitter Files' Allege Censorship Of Proven Facts - 3/17/2023

New "Twitter Files' Reveals Massive Conspiracy To Censor Accurate Pandemic Information - 3/17/2023

The U.S. Goverment Is Building A Vast Surveillance And Speech Suppression Web Around Every American - 3/21/2023

Fauci Pharma Files - Part 20

JUST IN: Another Twitter Files Drops: The Fauci Pharma Files - 4/20/2023

Confirmed: New Twitter Files Drop Reveals Fauci Lied Under Oath - Took Over White House COVID Response Twitter Account - 4/20/2023

How To Find Russians Anywhere - Part 21

Twitter Files Part 21: Russia, Russia, Russia - 4/26/2023

Twitter Files #21: The Neo-McCarthyite Panic - 4/26/2023

Tucker Twitter Files - Part 22

#TuckerTwitterFiles: Tucker Carlson Censored For Complaining About Big Tech Censorship - 4/27/2023

'Tucker Twitter Files' Reveal How WHO Helped Twitter Censor Tucker Carlson - 4/28/2023

TWITTER FILES: The Tucker Carlson Censorship Edition - 4/28/2023

Missouri vs Biden Edition - Part 23

Twitter Files: Missouri v. Biden Edition - 7/11/2023

Matt Taibbi's 'Missouri v. Biden Edition' Of Twitter Files Sheds More Light On 'Censorship Exterprise' - 7/12/2023

New 'Twitter Files' Reveal DNC Flagged Coverage Of Hunter Biden's Laptop To Twitter For Censorship - 7/13/2023

Child Exploitation

Musk Agrees That "It's A Crime" Three Twitter Employees Refused "To Take Action On Child Exploitation for Years" - 12/10/2022

10 Million Views Of Child Sexual Expolitation Material Allegedly Watched On 'Old Twitter': Report - 12/12/2022

Election Interference

Elon Must: It Is Likely Twitter Interfered In 2022 Brazilian Election - 12/3/2022

FBI Warned Twitter Of Hunter Biden 'Hack-And-Leak Operation' Before 2020 Election - 12/5/2022

Elon Musk Calls Out Sussmann, Perkins Coie For 'Attempt To Corrupt A Presidential Election' - 12/8/2022

Musk Was Right About Twitter's 'Election Interference' In 2020 - FBI Laid Groundwork, According To New Testimony - 12/8/2022

Internal Files Point To Twitter Meddling In 2020 Elections - 12/10/2022

Twitter Files Overshadow The Bigger Scandal: FBI Lied To Tech Giants To Interfere In Election - 12/13/2022

The Twitter Files Illustrate How Intelligence Agencies Can Rig Politics - 12/14/2022