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Israel - Hamas War 2023: Abductions, Hostages, Rape & Death

Israel-Hamas War Updates: Shocking Videos Purportedly Show Israeli Women Being Abducted, Netanyahu Issues Grave Warning To Gaza Residents - 10/7/2023

MSNBC Reporters Criticize Israel As Palestinian Terrorists Invade Country, Kill Over 100 Israelis - 10/7/2023

'We Are At War': Netanyahu Responds After Hamas Carries Out Massive Attack On Israel, Kills 40 And Injuries At Least 560 - 10/7/2023

EXCLUSIE: 'Babies Being Taken By Terrorists': Israelis React To Hamas' 'Shocking' Surprise Attack - 10/7/2023

Death Toll Exceeds 1,100 In Israel And Gaza, Report - 10/8/2023

IDF Recaptures Kibbutz, Finds Over 100 Dead Bodies Massacred By Hamas - 10/9/2023

White House Confirms At Least 11 Americans Killed In Hamas Attack On Israel - 10/9/2023

Biden Acknowledges Death Toll For Americans In Israel Now At 14, Calls Attacks 'Act Of Sheer Evil' - 10/10/2023

Tally Rises Of Foreigners Murdered, Abducted Or Reported Missing In Hamas Terrorist Attack - 10/10/2023

The Hamas Massacre Is A Wake-Up Call For America To Fortify Itself Agaist Evil - 10/10/2023

WATCH: Rashida Tlaib Refuses To Condemn Beheadings Of Israeli Babies When Confronted By Media - 10/10/2023

14 Americans Murdered By Hamas, U.S. Citiznes Taken Hostage: Biden - 10/10/2023

Tearful Israeli Mother Whose Boys, 12 And 16, Are Hamas Hostages Accuses MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell To Trying To Garner Sympathy For 'Animal Human Beings' In Terror Group - 10/11/2023

'Dirty Them...Rape Them': Video Of Hamas Terrorist Reveals Why They Kidnapped Women - 10/11/2023

'The US Conducts Prisoner Swaps': Hamas Official Cites Biden's Iran Deal As Rationale For Taking Hostages - 10/11/2023

'My Mom Died On Top of Me': 16-Year-Old Israeli-American Recalls Playing Dead As Hamas Terrorists Stormed His Home, Murdered Parents In Front Of Him - 10/12/2023

CBS 'News' Dragged For Downplaying Massacre Of Israeli Civilians - 10/12/2023

Levin: Hamas Are 'Nazi Murderers' Who Aim To Bring About 'The Second Holocaust' - 10/12/2023

Devastated Irishman Says He Was Grateful To Learn His Daughter Had Been Killed By Hamas Rather Than Taken Hostage: ' Death Was A Blessing' - 10/12/2023

Astonishing Moment IDF Elite Force Retakes Military Post Overrun By Hamas, Rescuing 250 Hostages, Killing 60 Hamas Fighters And Capturing Top Terror Leader - 10/13/2023

'Top Secret' Hamas Documents Show Palestinian Terrorists Intentionally Targeted Children: Report - 10/13/2023

Israel Says Its Forces Killed Hamas Leader Who Spearheaded Massacre - 10/14/2023

Hamas Commander Who Led Attack On Israel Killed In Airstrike, IDF Says - 10/14/2023

American Woman - Who Spent Her Life Advocating For Palestinian Rights - Murdered By Hamas In Israel - 10/15/2023

Canadian-Israeli Woman Who Went Missing After Music Festival Now Dead, Family Confirms - 10/15/2023

'They Butchered Us': Israelis Speak Following Deadly Hamas Attacks - 10/15/2023

U.S. Says 30 Americans Dead, 13 Missing After Hamas Attacks On Israel - 10/15/2023

Catholic Cardinal Offers Himself For Hostages Held By Hamas - 10/16/2023

Israel Takes Out Another Hamas Commander, 'One Of The Most Dominant Figures In The Terrorist Organization' - 10/17/2023

Hostages' Family Responds To Shaun King Claiming He Knew Them, Helped Get Them Released: 'He Is Lying!' - 10/21/2023

BLM Activist Caught Lying About Helping Release Hamas Hotsages - 10/23/2023

Two More Hostages Released From Gaza; Terror Expert Explains Why - 10/23/2023

German Woman Found Dead After Being Kidnapped By Hamas At Israeli Music Festival And Paraded Through The Streets - 10/30/2023

The Biden Effect: Admits 500 Americans Held Hostage By Hamas, Americans Abandoned Again - 11/1/2023

Hamas Terrorist Who Held 1000 Palestinians Hostage As Human Shields In A Hospital - 11/11/2023

Nine Americans Still Missing Since Hamas Attack: National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan - 11/12/2023

Israel Recovers Hamas Intelligence About Hostages During Hospital Raid - 11/16/2023

Sex Assault Center At Canadian University Denies Women Were Raped During Hamas Attack On October 7 - 11/18/2023

Israel, Hamas Agree To Temporary Ceasefire Deal To Free 50 Hostages - 11/21/2023

This Israeli Saw His Kidnapped Brother In Hamas Propaganda Videos - But Still Holds Out Hope - 11/21/2023