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Israel - Hamas War 2023: Academic Activism: Pro-Hamas

'Elite' College Students Blame Israel For Hamas Terror Attack - 10/9/2023

Google Nukes 'College Terror List' Naming Students Who Support Hamas - 10/11/2023

University Of Wisconsin Students Cheer Hamas Killers - Chant "Glory To The Martyre!" At Pro-Palestinian Student Protest After Hamas Terrorists Slaughter Over 1,000 Jews - 10/11/2023

'From The River To The Sea': College Students Hold Pro-Palestinian Rallies After Hamas Terrorist Attacks - 10/13/2023

Cornell Professor Admits Hamas Terrorist Attack On Israel Left Him 'Exhilerated': 'It Was Energizing' - 10/17/2023

Bill Maher Blasts Harvard Groups For Siding With Terrorists Over Israel: 'Don't Go To' Harvard - 10/21/2023

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Harvard Must Condemn Pro-Hamas Students - 10/22/2023

University Students' Support For Terrorism Isn't Ideology, It's Conditioning - 10/23/2023

Here's How Hamas' Influence Has Infiltrated Schools And The Media - 10/24/2023

Leftist American Lecturer Gives INSANE Excuse For Hamas Terrorism - 10/30/2023

'Complicated': Over 100 Harvard Faculty Defend 'From The River To The Sea' - 11/14/2023

Elite Universities That Are Hotbeds For Pro-Hamas Activism Got Billions In Federal Grants, Tax Benefits - 11/15/2023

Colleges That Had Pro-Palestinian Rallies Are Holding Candlelit Vigils For 'Transgender Day Of Remembrance' - 11/15/2023

Oakland High School Flies Palestinian Flag In Place Of American Flag - 11/16/2023

Sex Assault Center At Canadian University Denies Women Were Raped During Hamas Attack On October 7 - 11/18/2023

'Immediate F*cking Ceasefire': Pro-Palestine Harvard Students End Occupation Of University Hall After 24-Hours - 11/18/2023