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Israel - Hamas War 2023: Anti-Israel & Anti-Semitism

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BBC's Refusal To Call Hamas A Terrorist Organization Is Fueling More Anti-Semitism, Former Executive Says - 10/22/2023

German Leaders Express Outrage Over Increase In Antisemitism Amid War In Middle East - 10/22/2023

Video Shows Horde Of Radical Anti-Israel Leftists Attack Elderly Driver In Minneapois, Try To Drag Him Out Of His Car, Then Chase Him Down - 10/23/2023

Pro-Palestinian Activists In NYC Chant Nazi Sentiment At Anti-Semitic March: 'There Is Only One Solution' - 10/23/2023

KJP Is Asked Layup Question About Anti-Semitism, But Her Response Is So Bad That She Is Forced To Issue Statement Hours Later - 10/24/2023

One Republican And Multiple Democrats Vote Against House Resolution That Declares Support For Israel, Decries Terror Attacks - 10/25/2023

Newly Appointed Head Of NYC's Racial Equity Commission Has Decorated History Of Spewing Anti-Semitic Rhetoric - 10/28/2023

Groups Behind Israel-Bashing Protests Backing Hamas Attacks Got $15M-Plus From Soros - 10/28/2023

Mobs In Russia Yelling 'Allahu Akbar' Hunt Down Jews, Storm Airport After Flight From Israel Arrives: Reports - 10/29/2023

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'Methods Of The 1930s': Jewish Homes In Paris Marked With Star Of David - 10/31/2023

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As China Backs Hamas, Israel Finds Out Who Its Friends Aren't - 11/1/2023

Ben Shapiro To Oxford Union Members' Calls For Israel's Destruction: 'Full Genocidal Intent For The Jewish People' - 11/1/2023

Rashida Tlaib Claims That The Phrase 'From The River To The Sea' Is About 'Freedom, Human Rights, And Peaceful Coexistence' - 11/3/2023

Bill Maher Slams Progressives For Celebrating Hamas, Spreading Anti-Semitism: 'You're The Ones With The Tiki Torches Now!' - 11/5/2023

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Leftists Silently Shredding Hostage Posters Are Saying Exactly What You Think They Are - 11/7/2023

Indianapolis Police Say 'Terrorist' Drove Her Car Into A Building After Mistaking It For A Jewish School: 'I'm Just Getting My Anger Out' - 11/7/2023

'What A Disgrace': MIT Student Launches Anti-Israel Rant During Math Lecture, But Viewers Are Shocked By Professor's Reaction - 11/11/2023

Arabic Copy Of Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' Found Inside Child's Room In Gaza - 11/12/2023

Herzog: Arabic Copy Of 'Mein Kampf' Found In Hamas Terrorist Shows What War Is About - 11/12/2023

'Deliberate Anti-Semitic Act': Bus Drivers Leave 300 Jewish People Stranded, Preventing Them From Attending Pro-Israel Event - 11/15/2023

Pro-Palestinian Group Shares 'Reprehensible' Antisemitic Map Of NYC Targest On Social Media - 11/16/2023

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Lawmaker Warns Israel Will Face The 'Wrath Of Allah' - Then He Immediately Falls To Floor With Heart Attack - 12/13/2023

Turkish Lawmaker Declares Israel Cannot 'Escape The Wrath Of God,' Instantly Collapses From Heart Attack - 12/13/2023

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U.S. Airman Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries After Setting Himself On Fire Near Israeli Embassy - 2/25/2024

'It Is Shocking!': Holocaust Survivor Tells Fox Host Anti-Jewish Protests Leave Her - 4/23/2024