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Israel - Hamas War 2023: Ceasefire & Hostage Release

Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Begins, Setting Stage For Hostage Release - 11/23/2023

'We Don't Know': Biden Has No Update On Freeing On American Hostages While Touting Release Deal - 11/24/2023

Hamas Releases Hostages In Exchange For Israeli Prisoners On First Day Of Ceasefire - 11/24/2023

Hamas Releases The First 13 Israeli Hostages - 11/24/2023

IDF Says 13 Israeli Hostages Are In Red Cross Care Being Taken To Egypt - 11/25/2023

Hamas Releases Second Group Of Hostages - 11/25/2023

17 Hostages Released By Hamas As Video Of 9-Year-Old Israeli Boy Reuniting With His Father Goes Viral - 11/25/2023

Hamas Releases 14 Hostages Including 4-Year-Old US Citizen Orphaned By Hamas - 11/26/2023

Hamas Releases First American Among Third Group Of Hostages - 11/26/2023

Israel Agrees To Extend Truce With Hamas By 2 Days Amid Hostage Negotiation Efforts - 11/27/2023

Temporary Ceasefire Extended For Two Days In Gaza, Qatar Announces - 11/27/2023

Pentagon Confirms Lull In Attacks On US Troops Since Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Started - 11/27/2023

Hamas Releases 12 More Hostages During Ceasefire With Israel - 11/28/2023

Attempted MURDERERS Among Palestinians RELEASED In Hostage Deal - 11/28/2023

4 Of The Most Morally Bankrupt Lies Anti-Israel Pundits Are Spreading About Hostage Swap - 11/28/2023

Terrorists 'Violage' Temporary Ceasefire In Gaza As Israeli Forces Come Under Attack: IDF - 11/28/2023

White House Surges Aid Into Gaza As Pause In Israel-Hamas War Extends - 11/28/2023

'Hero': Defiant Hostage Stares Down Hamas Captor During Release To Israel - 11/29/2023

Hamas Kills Three Israelis In Jerusalem During Gaza Truce - 11/30/2023

At Least 10 Freed Hostages Were Sexually Abused In Hamas Captivity, Doctor Says - 12/6/2023

Hamas Said Refusing Israeli Demand For Release Of 40 Living Hostages In Truce Deal - 4/10/2024