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Israel - Hamas War 2023: Iran, US & Other Aid To Hamas

'Funding Both Sides Of The War': Ted Cruz Rips Biden, Says $6 Billion Will Help Iran Build Drones - 9/18/2023

Freed US Prisoners On Flight Home After Swap With Iran As Tehran's Assets Unfrozen, Officials Say - 9/18/2023

Trump's Prediction About Biden Handing Iran $6B Goes Viral After Hamas Attack - 10/7/2023

CHRISTIAN WHITON: Biden Funded Hamas And Its Iranian Masters - 10/7/2023

Iran Greenlit Palestinian Terror Attacks On Israel; Israel Vows To 'Strike' Iran's Leadership: Report -10/8/2023

Hamas Confirms It Received Suport From Iran For Terror Attacks On Israel - 10/8/2023

Biden Admin's Defense Of $6 Billion Payment To Iran Isn't So Simple, Experts Say - 10/9/2023

Biden's New Military Chief Warns Iran Over Israel-Hamas Conflict - 10/9/2023

Here Are The Concessions The Biden Admin Made To Iran In Years Leading Up To Hamas Attacks - 10/9/2023

EU Freezes Millions Of Dollars of Funds To Palestinian Authorities After 'Terror' And 'Brutality' Enacted By Hamas - 10/9/2023

If Democrats Don't Want Blame For Appeasing Iran And Hamas, They Should Stop Doing It - 10/9/2023

Pressure Builds On Biden To Freeze $6 Billion In Iranian Cash As Democrat Senators Join Push - 10/10/2023

'Only Emboldened Terrorists:' Repubican Senators Demand Biden Admin Freeze $6 Billion Transfer To Iran - 10/10/2023

'That Is Not The Argument!': Reporter Clashes With State Dept. Spokesman About Iran Using Unfrozen Funds To Back Hamas - 10/10/2023

'That's Not True': John Kirby, Bret Baier Spar Over $6 Billion Iran Deal's Involvement In Hamas Attack - 10/10/2023

Hamas Atrocities Expose Peril Of Liberals' Long Embrace Of Palestinians And Iran - 10/10/2023

The U.S. Money Trail With Iran Is Worse Than You Think - 10/11/2023

Northern Israelis Shelter Over Suspected Aircraft From Lebanon Where Terrorists Have Drones, Gliders - 10/11/2023

Top GOP Senators To Introduce Bill To Immediately Refreeze Biden Admin's $6 Billion Transfer To Iran - 10/11/2023

Vulnerable Dems Join GOP Colleagues' Call For Biden To Re-Freeze $6Billion To Iran - 10/11/2023

'The US Conducts Prisoner Swaps': Hamas Official Cites Biden's Iran Deal As Rationale For Taking Hostages - 10/11/2023

US Blocks Iran From Accessing $6 Billion Fund After Hamas Attack: REPORT - 10/12/2023

EXPOSED: Biden Let Iran Access MUCH MORE Than $6 Billion Before Israel War - 10/12/2023

The US Has Poured Hundreds Of Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars Into Gaza Since Hamas Took Over - 10/12/2023

Israel War: Iran Seeks To Rally 'All Arab And Islamic Countries' To Back Palestinian Terrorists - 10/12/2023

Iran Claims Biden And Democrat Senators Are Lying About Frozen $6 Billion In Assets - 10/13/2023

Lawmakers To Probe If U.S. Weapons Sent To Ukraine, Abandoned In Afghanistan Are In Hamas' Hands - 10/13/2023

Iran Hints Hezbollah Is Ready To Join Fight Against Israel, Warns Of A 'Huge Earthquake' - 10/14/2023

Here's How China Is Helping Iran Bankroll Hamas, Other Terror Orgs - 10/14/2023

Biden Admin Sent $75 Million To Palestine As Intel Agencies Were Buzzing About Gaza Strip - 10/15/2023

Biden Announces $100 Million In Aid To Gaza Days After Hamas Stole Humanitarian Supplies - 10/18/2023

'Totally Inappropriate': Trump Rips Biden For Sending $100 Million In Aid To Gaza - 10/18/2023

Multiple Nations Urge Citizens To Evacuate Lebanon As Iranian Terrorists Escalate Attacks On Israel - 10/18/2023

'Give Me A Break': Josh Hawley Blasts Biden Over Millions In Gaza Aid, Special Ops Photo Gaffe - 10/19/2023

Biden Official Claims There's An 'Understanding' With Hamas About Not Stealing $100 Million In Aid - 10/19/2023

Republicans Press Pentagon On Reports Of Hamas, Russia Using American Weapons - 10/23/2023

US Destroyer Shoots Down 3 Missiles, Drones Fired Over Red Sea By Iran-Backed Faction In Yemen - 10/23/2023

Despite The Horrors Inflicted Upon Israel, Biden CONTINUES To Push For A Two-State Solution AND Sends Aid To Gaza - 10/23/2023

Hillary Clinton Gets Into Heated Screaming Match With Anti-War Advocate: 'I'll Still Meet You Outside' - 10/24/2023

Groups Behind Israel-Bashing Protests Backing Hamas Attacks Got $15M-Plus From Soros - 10/28/2023

Revealed: Soros Gave $15 Million To Radical Groups Behind Pro-Hamas Protests - 10/30/2023

Sec. Blinken Flat Out Admits Some US Aid To Gaza Will End Up In Hamas' Hands - 10/31/2023

U.S Watchdogs Warn Of Dangers Of Aid To Hamas-Controlled Gaza, Detail How Taliban Diverted Money - 11/6/2023

Pentagon Announces Additional Strikes In 'Direct Response' To Attacks 'By Iran' - 11/21/2023

Iranian-Backed Terrorists Fire Ballistic Missles At U.S. Destroyer - 11/26/2023

Senator Cotton: A "Massive Retaliation' Against Iran Directly Is Only Way To Stop Attacks On U.S. Forces - 11/26/2023

White House Surges Aid Into Gaza As Pause In Israel-Hamas War Extends - 11/28/2023

US Efforts To Extend Gaza Truce Are 'Objectively Pro-Hamas': John Bolton - 12/3/2023

Biden Admin Advances Plan To Punish Israelis For Alleged Crimes Against Palestinians - 12/6/2023

White House Attempts To Counter Houthi Attacks In The Red Sea Aren't Going Well - 12/24/2023

House Dem Leader Knocks Speaker Johnson's Standalone Israel Aid Proposal - 2/4/2024

Biden To Order US Military To Construct Port In Gaza To Increase Aid Flow - 3/7/2024

McConnell Rebukes Schumer Over Israel Remarks: 'Grotesque And Hypocritical' - 3/14/2024

Nancy Pelosi Joins House Dems' Calls For Biden To Halt Weapons Shipments To Israel- 4/5/2024

Iran Smuggles Arms To West Bank, Officials Say, To Foment Unrest With Israel - 4/9/2024

Several Michigan Democrats Fail To Condemn 'Death To America' Chants - 4/10/2024