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Israel - Hamas War 2023: Pro-Israel Support

Muslim Org That Advised White House Gives Students, K-12 Parents Script To Denounce 'One-Sided' Support Of Israel - 10/12/2023

Glenn Beck Delivers Powerful Warning Of 'Good Versus Evil': 'We Are Facing A New Kind Of Monster' - 10/12/2023

GOP Rep Bryan Mast Shows Up To Congress In IDF Uniform With Message For Rashida Tlaib - 10/13/2023

Former Aide To Democratic Rep. Shri Thanedar Attacks Him Following Declaration Of Support For Israel - 10/13/2023

Floyd Mayweather To Send Bulletproof Vests To Israel On His Private Plane - 10/13/2023

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FINALLY: One Of 'The View' Hosts Just Got Something Right (Like, VERY Right) - 10/16/2023

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Voice Actress Tara Strong Fired From Animated Series After Sharing Pro-Israel Posts - 10/18/2023

I'm A Palestinian In The West Bank. Hamas Alone Is Responsible For Any Bloodshed In Gaza | Opinion - 10/17/2023

Over 80 Nobel Laureates Submit Letter To UN Condemning Hamas's 'Mass Atrocities' - 10/22/2023

Hamas Co-Founder's Son: Israel Must Destroy Hamas; U.S. Should Back Israel; Stop Sending Aid To Gaza - 10/24/2023

Brave Democrats Break Party Lines To Stand With Israel, Vote For Military Aid - But Two Republicans Go The Other Way - 11/3/2023

'No Understanding Of God's Honor': Jon Voight Slams Daughter Angelina Jolie Over Her Israel Comments - 11/5/2023

Former Muslim Shares Viral Conversation With His Father Dismantling The Narrative Blaming Isreal For 'Genocide' - 11/7/2023

'Used To Justify Slavery': Democrats Play Race Card When Jewish Colleague Calls Out Dems Who Voted Against Israel Resolution - 11/9/2023

A Young Palestinian Who Found Refuge In Israel - 11/10/2023

Christie Pushes Back On U.N. Claiming Israel Is 'Comiitting War Crimes': 'I Was There' And 'Saw What's Going On' - 11/19/2023

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Boycott Backfires! Barista's Quit New York Cafe Over Israel Support, Customers Line Up Around The Block To Show Support - 11/25/2023

WATCH: Republicans Use On-Camera Activist Traps To Put Hamas On Notice - 3/8/2024

'Hamas Only Deserves Elimination': Fetterman Continues To Unflinchingly Support Israel - 4/3/2024