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Israel - Hamas War 2023: Propaganda & Fake News: Anti-Israel Reporting

MSNBC Reporters Criticize Israel As Palestinian Terrorists Invade Country, Kill Over 100 Israelis - 10/7/2023

CNN's Tapper: Last Few Days Really Eye-Opening To 'Antisemitism On The Left' - 10/10/2023

CBS 'News' Dragged For Downplaying Massacre Of Israeli Civilians - 10/12/2023

Associated Press Reporter Tasked With Covering Israel And Gaza Is A Longtime Anti-Israel Activist - 10/13/2023

'The View' Co-Host Claims Israel Already Committing 'War Crimes' - 10/13/2023

Student Accuses Israel Of Genocide, Cites False Hamas Claims; Kamala Harris Praises His 'Leadership' - 10/18/2023

However Much You Hate The Media, These 7 Moments In Israel Coverage Prove It's Not Enough - 10/27/2023

Huffpost Op-Ed Compares Israel To Nazi Germany, Gazans To Holocaust Victims In Despicable Display Of Ignorance - 10/29/2023

Netanyahu Shuts Down CNN Anchor Who Demands He Take 'Personal Responsiblity' For Hamas' Barbaric Oct. 7 Attack - 11/13/2023

BBC Forced To Apologize After Falsely Accusing IDF Of War Crimes - 11/16/2023

The Associatd Press Referred To Antisemites Storming Airport, Threatening To Kill Jews As A 'Protest' - 10/29/2023

Voice Of America Aids Hamas Terrorists By Refusing To Call Them That - 11/23/2023

Reuters Blasted For Claiming 13 Israeli Women, Children Taken hostage By Hamas Were 'Israeli Solders' - 11/25/2023

Beware Of Media Sanitizing Antisemitism With Phony 'Jewish' Sources - 12/1/2023

New York Times Failures In Israel Coverage Point To Larger Bias: Experts - 4/23/2024