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Israel - Hamas War 2023: Propaganda & Fake News: Gaza Hospital Attack

Israel Blames Palestine Islamic Jihad For Deadly Gaza Hospital Blast, While Hamas Reportedly Blames Israel - 10/17/2023

Arab Leaders Cancel Meeting With Biden After Palestinians Hit Their Own Hospital With Rocket - 10/17/2023

IDF Confirms Gaza Hospital Blast Caused By Islamic Jihad Rocket Misfire - 10/17/2023

Hezbollah Calls For 'Day Of Unprecedented Anger' At Israel, U.S.; U.S. Issues Lebanon Travel Advisory - 10/17/2023

ALL The Evidence Points To THIS Culprit In Gaza Hospital Rocket Strike - 10/18/2023

US Intel Assesses Palestinian Militant Group Caused Hospital Strike: REPORT - 10/18/2023

U.S. Intelligence Indicates Palestinian Terrorist Responsible For Explosion At Hospital - 10/18/2023

Biden Arrives In Middle East, Declares Israel Wasn't Responsible For Gaza Hospital Attack - 10/18/2023

Biden Tells Netanyahu It Appears 'The Other Team' Is Responsible For Brutal Hospital Strike - 10/18/2023

Arab Leaders Refuse To Meet Biden As Protests Rage Around the World After Gaza Hospital Strike - 10/18/203

People Are OUTRAGED By Ilhan Omar's Refusal To Retract The PROVEN Lie - 10/18/2023

Alyssa Farah Griffin Condemns Far-Left Dems For Pushing Hamas Propaganda On Hospital Bombing - 10/18/2023

Press Must Be Held Accountable For Fake Gaza Story That Instigated Violence Worldwide - 10/19/2023

Sen. Fetterman Asks Key Question About Tlaib, Omar Rushing To Believe Hamas Propaganda About Hospital Strike: 'Truly Disturbing' - 10/19/2023

Are Rep. Tlaib, The New York Times, And Other Media Guilty Of Disinformation On The Hospital "Strike"? - 10/19/2023

Liberal News Outlets And The Squad Lie Through Their Teeth Over Hospital Bombing - 10/18/2023

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Blatantly Lies To Two Congressmen About American Media's Coverage Of Hospital Bombing - 10/19/2023

'You're Getting It From Hamas!": Cenk Uygur Gets Into Shouting Match With NewsNation Host Over Gaza Casualty Numbers - 10/19/2023

U.S. Intel Gives New 'High Confidence' Assessment About What Happened With Gaza Hospital Explosion - 10/24/2023

Rashida Tlaib's Excuse For Not Believing Israel Did Not Bomb Gaza Hospital Raises An Important Question - 10/24/2023

Terrorist Says During Interrogation That Hamas Used Shifa Hospital For Operations - 11/23/2023

BBC Confronts Its Own Journalist Over False Reporting About Gaza Hospital Strike - And A Stunning Response Follows - 11/27/2023

Silence In The Face Of Hamas' Hospital Atrocities Will Ensure More Civilians Die - 12/27/2023