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Israel - Hamas War 2023: The Squad

- Ilhan Omar

- Rashida Tlaib

AOC, Other 'Squad' Members Backed By Democratic Socialists Of America Mum On Rally Cheering Hamas - 10/9/2023

Democratic Reps. Cori Bush And Rashida Tlaib Blasted For Criticizing Israel Following Hamas Terror Attacks: 'Reprehensible And Repulsive' - 10/9/2023

Hamas Atrocities Expose Peril Of Liberals' Long Embrace Of Palestinians And Iran - 10/10/2023

Only One Democratic Socialists Of America Lawmaker Condemns Group's Antisemitic Statement - 10/11/2023

AOC: U.S. Should 'Prevent' Israel From Potential 'Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestinians' - 10/12/2023

DAVID MARCUS: Vile Ivy League Students And Far-Left Politicians Call Conservatives Nazis - But Don't Condemn Hamas, Killers Of Jews. How Sickeningly Low Can They Go? - 10/12/2023

'Squad' Members Were Boosting Hamas Long Before It Beheaded Babies - 10/13/2023

'Squad' Members Claim 'Ethnic Cleansing' After Israel Tells Gaza Residents To Leave For Their Protection - 10/13/2023

'Squad' Member Calls For US To Accept Some Of 1 Million Palestinian Refugees; Ron DeSantis Strongly Disagrees, Offers Solution - 10/14/2023

'Squad' Member Congressman Wants The US To Accept Palestinian Refugees - 10/14/2023

Dem Reps Unveil Resolution Calling For Ceasefire In Gaza Following Deadly Terrorist Attacks Against Israel - 10/16/2023

'Israel Should Stop': Democrats At Odds Over Israel Policy Following Hamas Terror Attacks - 10/16/2023

Leftists Can't Acknowlege Real Terrorists Without Exposing 'Terroirst' Smears Of Republicans As Ridiculous - 10/18/2023

AOC's Latest Video Is PROOF She's An 'Apologist For Terrorist Organizations' - 10/18/2023

Liberal News Outlets And The Squad Lie Through Their Teeth Over Hospital Bombing - 10/18/2023

One Republican And Multiple Democrats Vote Against House Resolution That Declares Support For Israel, Decries Terror Attacks - 10/25/2023

AOC Tries To Defend Jewish People, But Really Steps In It When She Posts Explanation Of Her Statement - 10/31/2023

Vulnerable Dems Have Been Taking Buckets Of Cash From Anti-Israel 'Squad' Lawmakers - 10/31/2023

'It's No Secret They're Horribly Anti-Semitic': Jon Lovitz Tears Into 'Self-Loathing Jew' Bernie Sanders And 'The Squad' - 11/22/2023

'Radical Queer' Rabbi Becomes The Darling Of The Squad And Other Critics Of Israel - 11/25/2023

AOC Says US Aid Used To Commit 'Human Rights Violations' In Gaza - 11/27/2023

Far-Left Lawmaker Stuns CNN Host With Answer When Confronted Over Hamas Raping Israeli Women - And Even Dems Are Outraged - 12/4/2023

AOC Blasted For Attacking Israel In Explaining Her Version Of The 'Story Of Christmas' - 12/25/2023

2 House Dems Vote Against Denying Refuge To Noncitizens Involved With Hamas Attack On Israel - 1/31/2024

Jamaal 'Fire Alarm' Bowman Scolds Israel For Daring To Rescue Hostages During The Super Bowl - 2/12/2024

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Rep Blasts Squad Dems For Trying To Block Sale Of F-35s Israel Used To Defend Against Iran Attacks - 4/14/2024

Here Are The 14 Reps Who Voted Against A House Resolution Condemning Iran's Attack On Israel - 4/18/2024