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Legacy/Main Stream Media: CBS

Former CBS Producer Says Epstein's Gal Pal Indicated Sex Tapes Of Bill Clinton Exist But She Wouldn't Help Find Them In Order To Protect Hillary's 2016 Run - 2/19/2021

ABC, CBS And NBC Ignore Report Confirming Andrew Cuomo Covered Up Thousands Of Nursing Home Deaths - 3/17/2022

MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC Ignore Bombshell Testimony That Clinton Green-Lit 2016 Trump-Russia Allegations - 5/24/2022

CBS Anchor Talks Over GOP Guest To implicate Republicans For Political Violence - Then He Corners Her WIth Media Hypocrisy - 10/31/2022

CBS News Reporter Frustrates Jean-Pierre For Exposing Hole In Excuse For Hiding Details About Biden Classified Docs - 1/18/2023

CBS Deletes 'We Are Ready To Worship!' Tweet That It Had Posted Ahead of Sam Smith's 'Unholy' Grammy Performance - 2/6/2023

CBS Openly Admits Goal WIth Message To Artist Before Satanic Performance - It was Hidden In Plain Sight - 2/6/2023

CBS Banned Employees From Using 'Transgender' When Referring To Nashville Shooter: REPORT - 3/31/2023

'I Will Kill You': Journalist Attacked And Threatened By Alleged CBS Crew Member Outside Trump Arraignment In NYC - 4/5/2023

CBS Breaks Out Bogus 'Bipartisan' Mom Group To Push Gun Control - 4/24/2023

'It's Actually Not': CBS Reporter Smacks Down Dem Lawmker For Trying To Deceive On What Devon Archer Actually Testified - 8/4/2023

CBS 'News' Dragged For Downplaying Massacre Of Israeli Civilians - 10/12/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Red State AGs Push CBS To Ditch Super Bowl Ads From Chinese Companies - 2/10/2024

CBS Anchor Confronts Biden's Attorney With Important Question That Crumbles His Narrative About The Special Counsel Report - 2/12/2024