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CNN Admits Their Reports On Fox News Anchor Were False (Explosive!) - 4/14/2017

CNN Forced To Retract Story, Admit It Posted "Very Fake News" - 6/23/2017

CNN Ends Interview When Venezuelan Guest Warns Radical Dems Endangering America - 2/25/2019

"It PAINS Me To Say It...But TRUMP IS RIGHT' - CNN's Fareed Zakaria On Refugee System - 6/30/2019

Acosta Blames Trump Supporter For Attacking Journalist, Video Shreds His Credibility - 7/12/2019

Comey's White House Spy Works For Buzzfeed & CNN - 7/23/2019

Medical Exam Disputes CNN Report, Shows Detained Immigrant Was Not Lactating, ICE Says - 8/20/2019

CNN Just Yadda-Yadda-Yadda'd 540 Words To Frame Trump For 'Favor' He Never Requested - 9/25/2019

CNN Silent After It Was Revealed Correspondent Andrew McCabe Apologized For Lying To Investigators - 1/6/2020

Wait...How Many Stories Did CNN Peddle About Brett Kavanaugh In 19 Days? - 4/21/2020

CNN Director: CNN Reporters Manipulate People, Those On TV Have 'Proven Track Record' Of Taking 'Bait' - 4/14/2021

'But CNN Said...': Waukesha Police Chief Dismantles Narrative That Rampage Suspect Was In A Police Chase That Led To The Ramming Of Parade-Goers - 11/23/2021

CNN Stands To Lose Another Anchor As Lemon's Accuser Details Disgusting Assult - 12/5/2021

More Scandal At CNN: Another Host Is In Hot Water & May Also Get Canned Like Cuomo - 12/8/2021

CNN Goes Viral With Smollett Verdict Headline: Network Says Actor Convicted 'On Some Charges' - 12/10/2021

CNN Reporter Attempts To Fact-Check Conservative Colleague, But It Goes Horribly Wrong. 'Got Jack To Say' - 1/8/2022

Joe Rogan Uploads Evidence Accusing CNN Of Altering His COVID Announcement Video: 'Yellow Journalism' - 1/9/2022

CNN Thoroughly Ridiculed For Comparing Joe Rogan Controversy To Jan. 6 Riot And The Rwandan Genocide: 'Dumbest Thing On The Internet Today' - 2/13/2022

CNN Slammed After Cutting Away From Russia's Crimes To Advertise Fried Chicken And Beer - 2/27/2022

CNN's White House Correspondent Gets Hammered Over Column Claiming Biden Is Powerless To Help Americans - 4/18/2022

Warner Bros. Discovery Shuttering CNN+ Amid Reports Of Dismal Subscriber Numbers - 4/21/2022

CNN Guest's Appearance Goes Viral As He Delivers Hysterical Rant On The Need To Control Unfettered Free Speech - 5/2/2022

The CNN+ Train Wreck Somehow Managed To Get Even More Humiliating - 5/15/2022

CNN Reporter Smears COP Candidate As 'Proud Spreader Of Lies' - Then Something BEAUTIFUL Happens - 6/8/2022

BREAKING: President Trump Announces He Will Sue CNN For "Repeated Defamatory Statements" Which Have "Defamed Me And Defrauded The Public Regarding The Overwhelming Evidence Of Fraud Throughout The 2020 Election" - 7/27/2022

Former CNN Cameraman Sentenced For Threatening To 'Put A Bullet' In Rep. Matt Gaetz, Harm His Family - 7/29/2022

CNN's Jim Acosta Lectures Trump's Former DHS Chief About 'Integrity' - IMMEDIATLEY Regrets It - 8/24/2022

CNN Changes Color Of Background Lighting Of Biden's Moloch Speech To Make it Look Less Evil (VIDEO) - 9/2/2022

"The Bid Lie That They Constantly Refer To Is Actually "The Big Lie" In Reverse" - President Trump Releases Statement On CNN Lawsuit And More To Come - 10/3/2022

Video: CNN's John King ON Election Night Tells Viewers To 'Trust Us ... A News Source That You Know And Trust To Be Honest.' Reactions Are Hilarious. - 11/8/2022

CNN Analyst Declares That Freedom Of Speech Is 'Nonsense,' Claims Elon Musk's New Twitter Empowers Vladimir Putin And IS 'Destructive To American National Security' - 11/26/2022

Former CNN Producer Who Boasted Of Grooming Kids 'As Young As 7 Years Old' Pleads Guilty To Sexual Crimes Against Children - 12/13/2022

CNN's New CEO Takes Surprising Shot At Liberals, Condemns Them For Their 'Uninformed Vitriol': 'Stunning' - 12/19/2022

'Less Friendly Than Fox': Piers Morgan Suggests Anderson Copper 'Backstabbed' Him While At CNN - 12/21/2022

CNN Medical Analyst Who Said The Unvaccinated Should Not Be Able To Travel Changes Her Tune, Emphasizes Benefits Of Natural Immunity - 12/22/2022

Adam Kinzinger Finally Got His Dream Job As A CNN Talking Head - 1/5/2023

Governor Swiftly Fact-Checks NBC's Chuck Todd When He Singles Out Fox News For 'Intentionally Lying' - 3/6/2023

CNN Ex-Boss Jeff Zucker Told Staff Not To Probe 'Lab Leak' Theory Because It Was 'Trump Talking Point' - 3/6/2023

McCarthy Shuts Down CNN Reporter's Question WIth Serious Accusation Against The Network: 'That Was A Real Concern' - 3/8/2023

CNN Gets Obliterated For Accusing White People Of Racist 'Digital Blackface' For Sharing Black Memes: 'The Stupidest Thing I've Read In All Of 2023' - 3/26/2023

CNN Boasts Poll Showing Majority Of Americans 'Approve' Of Trump Indictment - But There Is A Major Problem - 4/4/2023

Rep. Crenshaw Needs Just One Question To Corner CNN Host Pushing Gun Control 'To Save The Lives Of Children' - 4/4/2023

CNN Slams Conservatives For Not Seeing Transgender Sports As 'Nuanced' - 4/24/2023

CNN Contributor Blasts Teachers Union Boss Randi Weingarten Over COVID School Closures: 'I Hear No Remorse' - 4/28/2023

Fact Check: CNN's Kaitlan Collins Claims 'More Than 200 Mass Shootings In 2023' - 5/10/2023

Trump Hijacks CNN, Steamrolls Kaitlan Collins In New Hampshire Townhall: 'You Are A Nasty Person' - 5/10/2023

GOP Voter Claps Back At CNN During Town Hall Review [VIDEO] - 5/11/2023

CNN Execs Reportedly 'Put Fear Of God' Into CNN Reporter For Coverage Of Trump Town Hall: 'Visibly Shaken' - 5/15/2023

CNN's Jake Tapper: Durham Report Is "Devastating To FBI, And To A Degree, It Does Exonerate Donald Trump" - 5/15/2023

CNN Anchor Admits Durhan Report Is 'Devastating' For The FBI - But Still Finds A Way To Blame Trump: 'There Was A Lot Of Smoke' - 5/16/2023

Embattled CNN CEO Chris Licht Out - 6/7/2023

CNN CEO Chris Licht Is OUT As Dismal Ratings Continue To Sink Network - 6/7/2023

The Drama At CNN Shows The Impossibility Of Fixing The Media - 6/10/2023

Fake News Freak-Out! Jim Jordan's Truth Bombs Force CNN's Dana bash To Cut Him Off - 6/11/2023

CNN Host Gets Upset When Vivek Ramaswamy Gives Her Basic Lesson On How Journalism Works: 'Get To The Bottom Of It' - 6/12/2023

CNN Bends Over Backward To Blame Bud Light's Downfall On Anything But The Boycott - Even Suggests Cinco de Mayo - 6/16/2023

CNN Blames Kentucky Law After Couple Can't Hold Daughter Who Died From An Elective Abotion - 7/7/2023

CNN Host Gets Upset, Promptly Ends Interview When Lawmaker Calls Out Bias: 'Nobody Believes That, Ma'am' - 7/28/2023

CNN Claims Hunter Biden Was Selling The 'Illusion' Of Access To His Father To OVerseas Business Associates - 7/31/2023

'They Think We're Part Of The Problem': John King Says GOP Voters 'Don't Trust' CNN - 8/10/2023

CNN Hosts Perplexed That Iowa Voters Don't Trust Legacy Media - Then Proceed To Belittle, Insult Them - 8/11/2023

Guest Frustrates CNN Host When He Calls Out Deceptively Edited Video Clip Of Ron DeSantis: 'It Is Not Correct' - 8/21/2023

CNN's Fact Check Of Hunter Biden's Business Dealings With Russian Oligarch Proven Wrong - 8/24/2023

CNN's Jake Tapper Gets Testy As Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin Dodges Question On Kamala Harris As Biden's Best Running Mate (VIDEO) - 9/15/2023

Republican Virginia Foxx Breaks CNN Anchor By Telling Reporter To 'Shut Up': 'It's Anti-Democratic' - 10/26/2023

CNN Suspends Ties With Journalist Who Went Along With Hamas As They Slaughtered Jews - 11/9/2023

'That's Not What I Asked You': CNN Hosts Keeps Interrupting GOP Rep As He Attempts To Answer Question - 12/5/2023

CNN Legal Analyst Admits Special Counsel's Actions Prove Trump Case Is Politically Motivated - 12/19/2023