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Legacy/Main Stream Media: NPR

AP, NPR, Others Fan Dividive Flames With Remarkably Similar, Despicable Headlines On Police Shooting - 6/23/2020

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'Unseemly': NPR Refuses To Correct Story After Supreme Court Deems It False - 1/28/2022

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NPR Quits Elon Musk's Twtitter over 'State-Affiliated Media' And 'Government Funded Media' Labels - And Twitter users Roast NPR's Exit Announcement - 4/12/2023

Elon Musk Exposes Government-Funded Media's Email After NPR And PBS Leave Twitter In A Huff - 4/13/2023

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EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Gaetz Calls For Taxpayer-Funded NPR To Explain Affiliate Airing Louis Farrakhan's Speeches - 8/30/2023

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NPR Runs Pro-Witchcraft Piece - The Occult Today Is 'As Trendy And As Helpful As Veganism Or Yoga' - 11/1/2023