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Positive Stories

Man Awakens After 12 Years In A "Vegetative State," Says "I Was Aware Of Everything" - 1/12/2015

Christian Actor Shares Powerful Burt Reynolds Clip You've Probably Never Seen - 9/8/2018

Amazing! Scientists Successfully Test Game Changing Cancer Drug - 11/15/2021

Opposing Youth Basketball Teams Pray Together For A Player's Grandfather Who Fell Ill At A Game - 3/1/2022

Every Child Needs A Mrs. Patton: Teacher Helps Boy Wtih Brain-Based Delays Excel Academically - 4/1/2022

Man Dressed Up As A Waiter To Serve Homeless People A Proper Meal - 4/1/2022

Soldier Dies On Operating Table, Comes Back, Tells Of Near-Death Experience, Words From The Lord 40 Years Later - 4/19/2022

Little Girl And Mailman Share An Adorable Bond Over Daily Dances - 4/28/2022

'No Veterans Left Behind': Group Of Almost 60 Veterans Deboard Plane After One Was Told He Wasn't Able To Fly - 5/26/2022

A Gentleman's Instruction Manual From The 1880s Explans How To Have Manners, 'General Rules Of Conduct' - 5/26/2022

Shocking Cancer Study Shows New Treatment Leaves Every Patient Disease-Free - 6/7/2022

Baseball Fan Tosses A Ball From The Game To A Boy And The Video Goes Mega-Viral After His Amazing Response - 6/23/2022

Mom Prays After Teen Pronounced Dead From Car Crash, Then She Sees hand Move - 6/26/2022

Woman Loses Purse At Store Then A Stranger Shows Up At Front Door: Act Of Kindness Caught On Video - 7/3/2022

16-Year-Old Hero Jumps Into River To Save 3 Teen Girls As Their Car Sinks.  He Also Rescues Cop Who Swam Out To Help Girls But Started To Struggle - 7/6/2022

Heroes Risk Lives To Rescue Hotel Guests From Massive Fire That 'Could've Burned The Town Down' - 7/11/2022

Kindergarteners surprise Teacher On Her Wedding Day With Hilarious Marriage Advice - 7/13/2022

Son Grows Out Hair For Over Two Years To Create Wig For His Mom Who Lost Her Hair After Radiation Treatment: She Gave Me The Hair In The First Place' - 7/27/2022

HS Football Players Become Heroes After Seeing Smoke Pour Out From Car: 'We Had To Get Her Out' - 8/16/2022

Texas State Student Pauses Education After Finding Four-Month-Old Baby In Trash In Haiti - 8/16/2022

'It's Worth It': Colorado Dad Carries Disabled Son On His Back While Traveling Across The US - 9/15/2022

Expert Explains Cancer May Be Matabolic Disease, And Shares A Cure - 11/8/2022

Minnesota Mother Asks Police If They Saved Her Four Toddlers From A Carjacker Who Had Driven Away With Them. No, 'Your Husband Did.' - 12/2/2022

'I Know It Just Wasn't Me, It Was God In Me': Memphis Cop Saves Suicidal Teen Father With Inspriational Message - 2/9/2023

Hero Police Officer Who Took Down TX Mall Shooter And Ran Into Rifle Fire As Everyone Else Ran Away Is Requesting Privacy As He "Processes This Life-Altering Tragedy" - 5/9/2023

13-Year-Old Boy With Slingshot Saves Sister From Would-Be-Kidnapper: Police - 5/13/2023

Family Adopts Lonely 82-Year-Old Widowed Neighbor As Their 'Honorary Grandpa' - 8/21/2023

14-Year-Old Out Fishing Hooked Farmer's Lost Wallet, Full Of Cash. Like His Old Man, He Knew Not To Keep Something He Hadn't Earned. - 8/28/2023

Studies Explore The Healing Power Of Music - 9/16/2023

15-Year-Old ROTC Hero Sprints Across Parking Lot, Tackles Thug Who Was Attacking Woman, 65: 'It's Just The Right Think To Do' - 12/21/2023

Handwriting Increases Brain Connectivity, Study Finds - 2/10/2024

Jimmy Stewart: A Wonderful Life Centered On Duty - 3/11/2024

Richardson Rescues Stranded Couple, Pays For New Tires After No One Would Stop To Help - 3/20/2024

Good Samaritans Save Driver Trapped Inside Car Engulfed In Flames On Minnesota Highway - 4/21/2024