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Project Veritas

Project Veritas' James O'Keefe Speaks Out After FBI Raided Home: 'This Is An Attack On The First Amendment' - 11/8/2021

How The FBI Raid On Project Veritas Helped Protect The New York Times - 12/1/2021

BREAKING: Biden DOJ Spied On Project Veritas Journalists With Sealed Search Warrants - Then Concealed COmmunications From Federal Judge (VIDEO) - 3/22/2022

Project Veritas: DOJ Secretly Spied On Journalists' Apple And Google Accounts (VIDEO) - 4/13/2022

WHOA! Report Alleges U.S. Spied On Big Tech Accounts Of Project Veritas Employees - 4/18/2022

James O'Keefe's Opening Testimony On FBI And DOJ Overreach Leaves House Judiciary Committee Speechless - 5/26/2022

Social Media Giants Censor Project Veritas Over Video Confronting YouTube VP - 2/4/2023

Project Veritas' James O'Keefe Now On Paid Leave As Company Allegedly Endures Internal Battle - 2/9/2023

James O'Keefe Put On Leave At Project Veritas Has There Been A Coup? - 2/9/2023

REPORT: James O'Keefe On Paid Leave, Board Reportedly Considereing Removal - 2/9/2023

Project Veritas Coup: Prominent Conservatives Speak Out In Favor Of James O'Keefe - 2/9/2023

Conservatives Outraged Amid Rumors James O'Keefe Will Be Removed From Project Veritas - 2/9/2023

'Huge Mistake': Conservatives Fume Over Reports James O'Keefe Is Being Ousted From Project Veritas - 2/9/2023

BREAKING: Project Veritas Board Gets Massive Cease & Desist Letter From Top Donors After Rumored James O'Keefe Ouster - 2/10/2023

"James O'Keefe Is Veritas - We Don't Have Time For Games. We Don't Have Time For Ego Plays" - Steven Bannon Goes To Bat For James O'Keefe (VIDEO) - 2/12/2023

Project Veritas' Executive Director Releases Statement On James O'Keefe - 2/15/2023

James O'Keefe Confirms Departure From Project Veritas In Emotional Video Statement From Headquarters - 2/20/2023

BREAKING: James O'Keefe REMOVED From Project Veritas Following Board Dispute - 2/20/2023

BREAKING: Project Veritas Board Releases Statement After Removing James O'Keefe And Losing Over 100,000 Followers - 2/20/2023

James O'Keefe Release Statement On Being Removed From Project Veritas, Hints At Future Plans - 2/20/2023

THIRD PROJECT VERITAS SOURCE: Project Veritas Reporters Waiting On Details From Board Meeting To Act - 2/21/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Project Veritas Staffers Tell Board: Quit Or We Walk! - 2/21/2023

Project Veritas' Board Of Directors Lobs Accusations Of 'Financial Malfeasance' At James O'Keefe While Hemorrhaging Support Online. O'Keefe Responds. - 2/21/2023

Project Veritas BEGS Donors Not To Abandon Them In Leaked Email - 2/23/2023

Project Veritas Says James O'Keefe Could Return As It Asks Supporters To 'Give Us A Chance' - 2/23/2023

JUST IN: Project Veritas Releases Video Saying That They Want James O'Keefe Back, After Desperate Plea For Donors Not To Jump Ship - 2/24/2023

Project Veritas Staffers Release New Statement As Whistleblowers Say They Stand With James O'Keefe - 2/25/2023

JUST IN: "I'm NOT Stopping Or Giving Up!" - James O'Keefe Reveals Pfizer Whistleblower On Stage In First Appearance Since He Was Ousted From Project Veritas (VIDEO) - 3/4/2023

O'Keefe Says He Is Not Giving Up, Reveals Pfizer Whistleblower At CPAC - 'I Was worried That I Would End Up In A Body Bag' - 3/5/2023

JUST IN: Six More Powerhouse Journalists Leave Project Veritas News Organization - 3/13/2023

Project Veritas Sues Founder James O'Keefe - 5/31/2023

Project Veritas Shows NYC Mayor Adams Exporting Migrant Crisis To Small-Town NY, Calls It "Decompression Strategy" - 6/14/2023

Project Veritas Releases Tape In Which Ashley Biden Appears To Claim Ownership Of Infamouse Diary - 7/31/2023

O'Keefe Goes Undercover In Lahaina; Maui Law Enforcement Tells Journalists Governor Has Prohibited Photography On Public Land Near Burn Zone (VIDEO) - 9/14/2023

WATCH: O'Keefe Media Group Releases Footage Of Unitarian Universitarian Church Of Tucson's Board Meeting Where They Discuss Reporting On Possible Human Trafficking Operation In Arizona (VIDEO) - 2/19/2024