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Russia - Ukraine: Biolabs & Bioweapons

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Vladimir Putin's Adviser Says U.S. Is Developing Biological Weapons Near Russia - 2/8/2021

Secret US Bio-Labs In Ukraine - 2/24/2022

Putin Orders Military To Destroy Bio-Labs In Ukraine As US Scrubs Evidence Of Their Existence - 2/26/2022

1 Day After Reporting On US Biolabs In Ukraine, US Embassy Scrubs All Ukraine Bioweapon Lab Docs From Website (Video) - 2/26/2022

Pentagon Bio-Laboratories In Ukraine - 2/27/2022

Biden Official Victoria Nuland Admits To Biological Research Labs In Ukraine Following China And Russia Reports (VIDEO) - 3/8/2022

NOT SO FAST: Biden Gang Now Says Biological Labs That They Said Were In Ukraine Yesterday Do Not Exist - 3/9/2022

Uncovered Web Pages Show Barack Obama Led An Effort To Build A Ukraine-Based BioLab Handling 'Espeically Dangerous Pathogens- - 3/9/2022

**BREAKING VIDEO** Russia Tells The US "We Have Found Your Biological Weapons" (VIDEO) - 3/9/2022

World Health Organization Tells Ukraine To Destroy Dangerous Pathogens To Prevent 'Potential Spills' Of Disease From Labs - 3/11/2022

NOT JUST WUHAN: Documents Shows US Military Was Funding Bioresearch On Coronavirus In Insectivorous Bats In Ukraine - 3/11/2022

NEW ACCUSATIONS: Russia Allegedly Presents More Evidence Of US Biolab Research In Ukraine At UN Security Council Meeting (VIDEO) - 3/18/2022

Russia Challenges US: If Biolab Documents Are Fake Then Ask Head Of The DTRA Office At The US Embassy In Kiev Joanna Wintrol Why She Signed Off On Them? - 3/19/2022

Barack Obama Spearheaded Setting Up Of Dangerous Bio-Weapon Lab In Ukraine, US President Joe Biden's Son Hunter Biden Secured Funding For It: Reports - 3/26/2022

Horowitz: Hunter Biden's Role In Ukrainian Biolabs Raises Serious Questions About Gain Of Function And Ukraine Policy - 3/30/3022

Russian Propaganda: Ukraine May Be Conducting Bio War With US Toxic Mosquito Drones? - 4/2/2022

U.S. Firm With Ties To WEF, DOD Implicated In Bioweapons Cover-Up - CHD - 4/12/2022

US Department Of Defense Finally Comes Clean - Admits In Public Document That There Are 46 US Military-Funded Biolabs In Ukraine - 6/12/2022

The Pentagon Just Admitted To The Ukrainian Biolabs... - 6/14/2022

"Pharma, MSM, Tech, Intel, Zelensky, WHO, Deep State All Working Together To Cover Up Bioweapons In Ukraine" - 1/31/2023

Over Past Week TGP Uncovered Hunter Biden Crimes And Corruption Related To Classified Docs, Espionage, FARA Violations, And Connections To Biolabs In Ukraine - 2/2/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Is Ukraine Using Chemical Weapons" Disturbing VIDEO Indicates There Is Sufficient Circumstantial Evidence To Investigate (Warning On Content) - 2/10/2023

Russian Duma Report: Thousands of Ukrainians Used As Guinea Pigs For US Bioweapons Research, At Least 20 Died - 4/13/2023

WHO Confirms Major Fear About Biolab With Deadly Pathogens In War Zone - 5/1/2023 (Sudan)

Florida County GOP Declares COVID-19 And mRNA COVID Vaccine a 'Bioweapon' - 7/15/2023

'That Is Crap': Biden, Xi Had Heated Argument Over Alleged Biolabs In Ukraine, Book Says - 9/5/2023