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Spy Balloons & UFOs: Biden Response

Karine Jean-Pierre Delivers Word Salad When Asked If This Is The First China Spy Balloon That US Identified Flying Over US Airspace Under Biden - 2/6/2023

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China Spy Balloon Episode A Sputnik Learning Moment For America, Black Eye For Pentagon - 2/6/2023

Schumer Brushes Off China Spy Balloon Getting 'Enormous Intelligence' From Flying Over Nuclear Silos, Military Installations (VIDEO) - 2/12/2023

Foreign Affairs Chairman Reveals How Much 'Damage' Biden Caused By Letting Spy Balloon Fly Over Nation - 2/12/2023

Top Republicans Slam Biden Admin's Response To China After Three Ballons Downed In A Week - 2/12/2023

Clown Show: As Kamala Harris Says Spy Balloon Will Have No Impact On US-China Relations, China Foreign Ministry Threatens Retaliation, Says US Shootdown Had "Grave Impact" On Relations - 2/15/2023

What Pentagon Just Revealed Is Disastrous For Joe Biden - 2/15/2023

Biden Says 3 Objects Shot Down Liekly Not Related To Chinese Spy Program, But Tied To Private Companies - 2/16/2023

Did Biden Authorize Fighter Jets To Use $400,000 Missles To Shoot Down Hobby Club's Balloon? - 2/17/2023

Newsmax Reporter Grills John Kirby On Biden's Decision To Use $400,000 Missiles To Shoot Down Benign Objects (VIDEO) - 2/17/2023

Biden Regime Caught In ANOTHER Lie: Spox John Kirby Struggles To Explain How Biden Admin Was Able To Track Balloons During Trump Years Since Radar Was Just Upgraded To Spot Them (VIDEO) - 2/17/2023

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GOP Senators Accuse Pentagon Official Of Leaking Classified Information On Chinese Spy Balloons - 3/11/2023

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Senate Republicans Press FBI To Investigate Pentagon Official Who Allegedly Leaked Classified Information - 5/25/2023