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Spy Balloons & UFOs: Montana Spy Balloon

Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Found Over Northern U.S. - 2/2/2023

Pentagon 'Confident' Spy Balloon Aloft In US Airspace Is Chinese - 2/2/2023

Pentagon Refuses To Shoot Down Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Hovering Over Montana For Days - 2/2/2023

China Claims Suspected Spy Balloon Is Actually 'Civilian Airship' That Was Blown Off Course - 2/3/2023

Montana Gov Tells Tucker Carlson He Wasn't Briefed On Chinese Spy Balloon Until It Was 'Hundreds Of miles' Into His State - 2/3/2023

US Could Use Laser To Force Down Chinese Spy Balloon In 'Semi-Controlled Descent': Aerospace Specialist - 2/3/2023

White House 'Keeping All Options On The Table' In Reponse To Chinese Spy Balloon - 2/3/2023

US Says Considered Shooting Down China Spy Balloon As Biden Sought Options - 2/3/2023

Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Reaches Kansas: GOP Sen. Marshall - 2/3/2023

U.S. Shoots Down Chinese Balloon Over Atlantic - 2/4/2023

Biden Tries To Take Victory Lap For Shooting Down Chinese Spy Balloon, Gets Slammed By Top Officials - 2/4/2023

VIdeo: US Fighter Jet Shoots Down Purported Chinese Spy Balloon After FAA Shuts Down 3 Airports On East Coast - 2/4/2023

China Spy Balloon Biden Allowed to Traverse Across US Carried Expolisives To Self-Detonate - 2/6/2023

"We Had Plenty Of Opportunity': Four-Star General Blasts Biden For Allowing Chinese Spy Ballon To Cross US - 2/6/2023

"It's Not A Major Breach": Joe Biden Downplays China Spy Balloon That Flew Over US For A Week - 2/9/2023

Chinese Spy Balloon Carried Technology To Monitor Communication Signals: Official - 2/9/2023

Mitt Romney Praises Joe Biden For Waiting To Shoot Down China Spy Balloon Until After It Crossed Entire US - 2/9/2023

FBI Has Recovered 'Extremely Limited' Chinese Spy Balloon Debris, Says Most Parts Still Underwater - 2/9/2023

Biden's Clown Show Military: U-2 Pilot Took "Legendary" Selfie With China Spy Balloon As Military Cowered Below - 2/9/2023

The Biden Administration Is Lying About The Chinese Balloon - 2/10/2023

BREAKING: US Intelligence Watched Spy Balloon As It Lifted Off Near China's South Coast - US Military Tracked It For A WEEK Before It Entered US Airspace - 2/14/2023

US Military Recovers 'Priority Sensors,' Electronics From Downed Chinese Spy Balloon - 2/14/2023

US Military Announces 'Significant' Recovery From Site Of Downed Spy Balloon - 2/16/2023

Secretary Of State Blinken Confirms China Spy Balloon Was Engaging In "Active Surveillance" Over "Very Sensitive Military Sites" (VIDEO) - 2/19/2023

After Leak, Pentagon Releases U-2 Pilot Selfie Photo With China Spy Ballon - 2/22/2023

Chinese Spy Balloon Did Not Collect Data While Transiting US: Pentagon - 6/29/2023