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Train Derailments & Toxic Spills

East Palenstine, Ohio

Vinyl Chloride Not The Only Chemical Found In Fiery Ohio Derailment - 2/13/2023

Buttigieg Makes No Mention Of Cancer-Causing Chemical Release From Fiery Ohio Train Derailment - 2/13/2023

Animals Falling Sick, Dying Near Hellish Ohio Train Derailment Site, Locals Claim - 2/13/2023

After Chemical 'Nuke' Rocks American Town - Officials Tell Residents To Go Home, Buttigieg Talks White Construction Workers - 2/14/2023

'I Have Not Called Him Back': DeWine Suggests He Turned Down Federal Assistance For Train Wreck - 2/14/2023

Train Derailment Update: Clean-Up Continues Following Deadly Crash In Splendora - 2/14/2023

Jesse Watters: We Declared An Emergency Over Monkeypox But Not For Ohio Chernobyl? (VIDEO) - 2/14/2023

Attorney Representing East Palestine Residents Urges Locals DO NOT Take Initial Payment From Norfold Southern - 2/15/2023

Gov. DeWine Says He Hasn't Seen Pete Buttigieg 'At All' After Toxic Train Derailment - 2/15/2023

Charges Dismissed Against Reporter Arrested While Covering East Palestine Press Event By Ohio Governor DeWine - 2/15/2023

Ohio Woman Finds All Of Her Chickens And Rooster Dead 10 Miles From East Palestine Following Mushroom Cloud Of Toxic Chemicals Released Into Air - 2/15/2023

WITNESS: Train Derailment Causing 'WAR ZONE' Scenes In Ohio - 2/15/2023

Officials Say Water Is Fine Near Ohio Train Derailment, But Watch The Creek Behind On-Scene Reporter - 2/16/2023

PA Governor Suggests Norfolk Southern May Have Rushed 'Controlled' Release Of Toxic Fumes Above East Palestine To Get Rail Line Open, Ignored Other Options - 2/16/2023

Biden Rejects Federal Disaster Assistance For Ohio Town Impacted By Toxic Train Derailment: Report - 2/16/2023

Ohio Gov DeWine: Biden's FEMA Still Denying Assistance For East Palestine - 2/16/2023

Residents In East Palestine 'May Already Be Undergoing DNA Mutiations,' Lawyer Alleges - 2/16/2023

Ohio Train Tragedy Blasts Toxic Cloud Of Hypocrisy Over Buttigieg, Green Liberals - 2/16/2023

CDC Updates Profile For Vinyl Chloride Days Before Ohio train Derailment, And Removes Section On How It Affects Children - 2/16/2023

'This Is Disgusting': Watch JD Vance Reveal Environmental Horros Of East Palestine Train Derailment - 2/17/2023

"There Are Roughly 1,000 Cases A Year Of A Train Derailment" - Pete Buttigieg Downplays Ohio Train Derailment And Toxic Disaster (VIDEO) - 2/17/2023

Ohio To Set Up Health Clinic To Address Town Medical Needs After Toxic Train Derailment - 2/17/2023

After Ohio Gets Shaken By Train Chemical Spill - President Biden Finally Responds To Victims, Refuses FEMA Aid - 2/17/2023

Derailed Ohio Train Evidence Raises Eyebrows - Senator Vance Shows America Chemicals In The Creek Water - 2/17/2023

Corrupt New York Times Freaks Out Over Gas Stoves, Downplays Poisonous Chemical Spill In Ohio - 2/17/2023

'IT'S ALL A SHAM': Why Bittigieg & FEMA Are DITCHING Ohio - 2/17/2023

Cincinnati Blocks Ohio River To City Following Toxic Chemical Mushroom Cloud Explosion In East Palestine - 2/18/2023

Hours After Trump Announces Trip To East Palestine, Ohio - FEMA Finally Releases Disaster Relief Funding To Local Citizens Affected By Toxic Chemical Mushroom Cloud Explosion - 2/18/2023

EPA Administrator Tries To Defend Delayed East Palestine Response - 2/18/2023

Local Farmer Sounds The Alarm: Why Did East Palestine Launch 'MyID' Emergency Service To Surveil Biometrics 1 Week Before Ohio Train Derailment? - 2/19/2023

Biden Secretary Of State Blinken Announces $185 Million In Aid To Turkey Following Earthquake - But Administartion Ignores East Palestine (VIDEO) - 2/19/2023

Railway Employee Says One Major Factor Made Ohio Derailment So Much Worse - 2/19/2023

Ohio Senator: East Palestine Residents Are 'Right To Be Skeptical' After Toxic Train Crash - 2/19/2023

Residents Say They've Broken Out In Rashes After East Palestine Train Derailment - 2/19/2023

Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw On Toxic Chemical Explosion: "Frankly, That Told Us There Was Success... We're Making Progress" (VIDEO) - 2/20/2023

Trump Blasts Biden For Choosing Ukraine On President's Day Over Ohio: 'They Were Abandoned' - 2/20/2023

Utterly Tone Deaf Media Praises Biden's 'Historic' Trip To Ukraine While Ohio Suffers - 2/20/2023

Pete Buttigieg Sends strongly Worded Letter To Norfolk Southern Railway - That Blames Trump - 2/20/2023

Report: Norfolk Southern Has Greased pliticians' Hands To The Tune Of Nearly $100 Million Since 1990 - 2/21/2023

WATCH: East Palestine Mayor Slames Biden For Giving Millions To Ukraine - Says 'He Doesn't Care About Us' - 2/21/2023

EPA Takes Over Managment Of Ohio Train Accident, Orders Railway To Clean Up Toxic Spill - 2/21/2023

The Brief: Toxic Train Disaster Underscores The incompetence Of Biden's 'Woke' Administration - 2/21/2023

"Ugh", Close Biden Aide Jen O'Malley Dillon Deletes Reaction To Pete Buttigieg Telling Reporting He's "Taking Some Personal Time" As He Ignores East Palestine Questions - 2/22/2023

President Trump Buys McDonald's Meals For East Palestine First Responders (Video And Photos) - 2/22/2023

'You Are Not Forgotten': Trump Visits Ohio Town Impacted By Train Crash, Hits Biden Over Lack Of Attention Toward Community - 2/22/2023

EXCLUSIVE NEW PHOTO: Norfolk Southern Train Axle Appears to Be On Fire For At Least Forty Three Minutes Before Derailment - 2/23/2023

Weeks After Ohio Train Derailment, Health Concerns Mount - 3/9/2023

Pete Buttigieg Takes 'Personal Time' In Midst Of East Palestine Disaster, Asks If He Can Snap Photo Of Reporter Who Dares To Question Him - 2/22/2023

Man Finds Undetonated Blasting Cap 1.4 Miles From Ohio Derailment - 2/22/2023

Norfolk Southern Lawsuits, Accident Reports Show Rail tragedy A Common Hazard - 2/22/2023

Five Environmentalists Flying To Ohio Die In Plane crash - Worked For Company Testing Water In East Palestine, Ohio - 2/23/2023

BOOM! Reporter Hernandez Confronts Pete Buttigieg in East Palenstine "Why Did It Take You 2-And A Half Weeks To Get Here?" - Coward Pete Runs Away (VIDEO) - 2/23/2023

Buttigieg's Office Refuses To Say Why He Took Photo Of DCNF's Jennie Taer, Demands Reporter Turn Off Camera - 2/23/2023

'I'm Really Not Intimidated': DCNF Reporter Responds To Buttigieg Backlash - 2/23/2023

Officials Relase update On Wildlife Killed By Ohio Train Drailment - 2/24/2023

Joe Biden 'Can't Recall' If He Has Spoken To The Mayor Of East Palestine, OH (VIDEO) - 2/24/2023

"My Voice Sounds Like Mickey Mouse" - East Palestine Residents Report Shocking New Symptoms After Train Derailment And Toxic Disaster - 2/25/2023

DANGER LOCKED OUT: Water Fountains At East Palestine High School Are Locked - 2/25/2023

JUST IN: Heartless EPA Orders A PAUSE To Cleanup In East Palestine Despite Residents' Horrific Suffering - 2/25/2023

Texas, Michigan Officials Say They Weren't Warned Before Receiving Contaminated Ohio Soil, Water - 2/26/2023

East Palestine Man Complains Of Freaky Voice Change Despite EPA's Assurance Everything's Find - 3/1/2023

Railroad Union: Workers Getting Sick At Site Of Norfold Southern's Catastrophic Hazmat Spill In East Palestine - 3/2/2023

WaPo Couldn't Find A Single Regulatory Change Made Under Trump That Contributed To Ohio Train Derailment - 3/2/2023

Are East Palestine Residents Victims Of EPA's Environmental Racism? - 3/8/2023

Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found In East Palestine Soil As High As Hundreds Of Times Greater Than Past EPA Safety Recommendation - 3/18/2023

Man Sets Up Shop Outside Pete Buttigieg's Office, Within 37 Seconds Security Shows Up - 3/24/2023

'Can't Be Blamed': Washington Post Fact-Check Dismantles Narrative Blaming Trump For East Palestine Disaster - 3/28/2023

On Same Day Report Finds Biden Spent 40% Of Presidency On Vacation, President Says He 'Hasn't Had The Occasion To Go To East Palenstine' - 9/2/2023

After Downplaying East Palestine Disaster Coastal Media Elites Panic Over Wildfire Haze in NYC - 6/9/2023

Ohio Governor Asks Biden For East Palestine Disaster Declaration 150 Days After Train Derailment - 7/3/2023

Ohio Senators Want East Palestine Derailment Declared Public Health Emergency - 9/27/2023

Spendora, Texas

BREAKING: Train Derails In Houston, Texas, Hazardous Materials On Board - 2/13/2023

Emergency Crews Respond To Deadly Train Derailment In Splendora Area - 2/13/2023

Driver Killed After Crashing Into Freight Train - 2/13/2023

Texas Train Derails In Collision With 18-Wheeler, Leaving Driver Dead - 2/13/2023

Enoree, South Carolina

BREAKING: Train Derails In South Carolina - 2/13/2023

Investigation Underway After train Derailment In Enoree - 2/13/2023

Two More Train Derailments In Texas And In South Carolina Raise More Concerns - 2/13/2023

BREAKING: Second Train Derailed In South Carolina - 2/14/2023

Tucson, Arizon

Collision And Hazardous Materials Spill On Interstate 10 In Tucson - 2/14/2023

Truck That Crashed On Interstate In Arizona Leaked Nitric Acid - 2/14/2023

WATCH: Chemical Spill Causes Evacuations, Shelter-In-Place Near I-10 In Tucson - 2/14/2023

Truck Carrying Hazardous Matericals Crashes In Tucson, AZ, Releasing Nitric Acid, People Warned To Shelter In Place - 2/14/2023

Tanker Spills Toxic Chemicals After Rolling Over, Arizona Interstate Shutdown For Hours - 2/15/2023

Detroit, Michigan

Train Derails In Van Buren Township Outside Detroit, One Car Carrying Hazardous Materials, Same Operator As East Palestine Derailment - 2/16/2023

Train Carrying Hazardous Materials Derails Near Detroit - 2/16/2023

Norfolk Southern Train Derails Near Detroit - 2/16/2023

Doral, Floriday

Massive Fire At A Renewable Energy Plant In Doral, Florida Continues To Burn For 6 Days Straight - EPA Report Shows 'Unhealthy' Air Quality (VIDEO) - 2/17/2023

Schools, Parks Impacted As Fire Burns For Sixth Consecutive Day At Florida Renewable Energy Plant - 2/18/2023

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Police Sources: 18-Inch Pipe Bomb Found Behind Holmesburg Church, Near Railroad Tracks - 2/19/2023

18-Inch Pipe Bomb Found behind Catholic Church In Philadelphia - 2/19/2023

REPORT: Pipe Bomb Found Behind Philadelphia Church Near Railroad - 2/20/2023

Bedford, Ohio

DEVELOPING: At Least 13 Injured In Explosion At Metal Alloy Factory In Bedford, Ohio - 2/20/2023

At Least One Dead, 13 Injured After Metal Plant Explosion In Bedford, Ohio - 2/20/2023

Gothenburg, Nebraska

ANOTHER TRAIN DERAILMENT: Hazmat Team Dispatched Following A Union Pacific Coal Train Derailment In Nebraska (VIDEO) - 2/21/2023

Another Train Derails, This Time In Nebraska - 2/21/2023

Keeping Track, Mayor Pete?! Union Pacific Coal Train Derails In nebraska - The Fourth To Topple Over In Same Area In Ten Months - 2/21/2023

Mexico State-Owned Oil Facility Fires

What's Going On? Massive Fires Break Out At Three Mexico State-Owned Oil Facilities Including One In Texas Within 24 House (VIDEO) - 2/24/2023

Manatee County, Florida

Train Car Carrying 30,000 Gallons Of Propane Derails, Overturns: 'It Looks Like A Minefield' - 3/1/2023

Springfield, Ohio

Ohio Hazmat, Emergency Crews Respond To Train Derailment Near Springfield - 3/4/2023

Norfold Southern Train Derails In Springfield, Ohio; No Hazardous Materials Aboard, Railway Company Says - 3/4/2023

Video: Residents Told To Shelter In Place After Norfolk Southern Cargo Train Derails In Springfield, Ohio - 3/4/2023

Indonesia Fuel Storage

HORRIFIIC VIDEO: Witnesses Scream After MASSIVE EXPLOSION At Indonesia's Pertamina Fuel Storage Facility - At Least 15 Dead - 3/4/2023

Mohave County, Arizona

Law Enforcement Officials Say Train Carrying Hazardous Materials Has Derailed - Railroad Company Objects - 3/20/2023

Reading, Pennsylvania Chocolate Factory

Pennsylvania Chocolate Factory Explosion Leaves Five Dead ANd Six Missing - 3/25/2023

West Reading, Pennsylvania Pickle Factory

Pickle Factory Goes Up In Flames The Day After A Deadly Chocolate Factory Explosion - 3/26/2023

Bucks County, Pennsylvania Chemical Spill

Philadelphia Residents Advised To Drink Bottled Water Following Chemical Spill Into Delaware River Tributary - 3/26/2023

Wyndmere, North Dakota

Train Derails In North Dakota, Spills Toxic Materials: REPORT - 3/27/2023

Raymond, Minnesota

Fiery Train Derailment Forces Small Town To Evacuate - 3/30/2023

Train Carrying Hazardous Materials Bursts Into Flames After Derailing IN Minnesota, Sparks Evacuation - 3/30/2023

Rockwood, Maine

'Stay Clear!' Train Carrying Hazardous Materials Derails And Catches Fire In Maine - 4/15/2023

Deer Park, Texas

Video: Officials Investigating Massive Fire At Shell Petrochemical Plant In Texas That Sent 9 Contractors To The Hospital - 5/6/2023

Sky Fills With Black Smoke After Reported Explosion And Fire At Industiral Park Near Houston - 5/5/2023

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Major Philadelphia Highway Collapses Following Fiery Tanker Truck Explosion (VIDEO) - 6/11/2023

Breaking: Portion Of Interstate 95 In Philadelphia Collapses As Tanker Burns Beneath Overpass - 6/11/2023

Stillwater County, Montana

Freight Train Potentially Carrying Hazardous Material Derails Into Yellowstone River - 6/24/2023

Train Derails Into Yellowstone River; Bridge Collapses; Tanker Cars Leaking Asphalt, Sulfur (UPDATE) - 6/24/2023

Plaquemine, Louisiana

Massive Explosion Rocks Dow Chemical Plant In Plaquemine, Louisiana (VIDEO) - 7/15/2023

North Platte, Nebraska

Explosion Of Train Car Carrying Perchloric Acid Triggers Four-Mile Evacuation Zone In Nebraska, Sky Filled WIth Toxic Smoke (VIDEO) - 9/14/2023

Middleton, Idaho

Idaho Gas Line Explosion Forces 10,000 To Evacuate, Results In 1 Injury - 10/13/2023

More Than 10,000 Americans Under Evacuation Order After Explosion Rocks US - 10/13/2023

Livingstone, Kentucky

Chemicals Leak Following Kentucky Train Derailment Caused Evacuations Over Thanksgiving - 11/24/2023