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Tucker Carlson: Fox Departure

Schumer Begs Rupert Murdoch To Kick Tucker Carlson Off Air Because 'Democracy Depends On It' - 3/7/2023

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Breaking: Tucker Carlson Has Left Fox News - 4/24/2023

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Tucker Carlson Ousted At Fox Over Speech Stressing Te importance Of Prayer And The Evil Nature Of The Forces Besetting America, Claims Insider - 4/26/2023

Tucker Carlson Issues First Public Comments Since Fox News Exit - 4/26/2023

Tucker Carlson Ousted At Fox Over Speech Stressing The Importance Of Prayer And The Evil Nature Of The Forces Besetting America, Claims Insider - 4/26/2023

Reports Emerge Over Alleged Reason Tucker Carlson Was Fired From Fox News - 4/26/2023

Army Ranger Defends Tucker As Pentagon Cheers His Fox News Ouster - 4/26/2023

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"Ready For War" - Tucker Carlson Reportedly Wants A Massive Media Empire And Is "Ready To Go "Defcon 1" To Force Fox News To Give Him His Freedom - 5/7/2023

Tucker Carlson Accuses Fox News of Fraud And Breach Of Contract - 5/9/2023

REPORT: Tucker Carlson Accuses Fox News Of Breaching Contract, Fraud - 5/9/2023

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