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Weaponization Committee Hearing: Big Tech: Facebook Files

Mr. Zuckerberg, Release The Facebook Files - 7/8/2023

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Jim Jordan Unleashes 'The Facebook Files': Social Media Giant 'Censored Americans Because Of Biden White House Pressure' - 7/27/2023

The Facebook Files: More Censorship Revealed - 7/27/2023

'Smoking Gun!' Jim Jordan Drops Bombshell Facebook Files 'Proving' Biden's Role In Censoring Americans - 7/27/2023

Facebook Fumed As Biden Administration Pressured Platform To Censor Content - 7/28/2023

FACEBOOK FILES PART 2: Newly Subpoenaed Documents Reveal Facebook Surrendered To Bidn Regime's Pressure To Remove Certain COVID-19 Posts, Including Those Claiming Virus Is Man-Made - 7/28/2023

New Batch Of 'Facebook Files' Shows Social Media Giant Continually bowed To Biden Demands, Jim Jordan Says - 7/28/2023

The Facebook Files: The Effort To Censor Vaccine Information - 7/28/2023

New Files Show Biden Admin Forced Facebook To Censor "True Information" On Vaccine Side Effects - 7/31/2023

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Confirm Biden Admin Censors Think You're Too Stupid To Govern Yourself - 8/4/2023

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FBI's Chief Censor Made False Statements Under Oath About Hunter Biden Laptop Suppression, Jim Jordan Reveals - 8/7/2023

FBI Agent Lied Under Oath About Knowledge Of Hunter Biden Laptop, Talks With Facebook, Document Reveals - 8/7/2023