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Weaponization Committee Hearing: Whistleblower Testimony

Jim Jordan Opens Weaponization Committee Hearings Detailing FBI Whistleblower Claims (VIDEO) - 2/11/2023

Judiciary Democrats Go After GOP 'Whistleblowers' In FBI Probes - 3/3/2023

FBI Politicized J6 Cases, Targeted Pro-Lifers, Whistleblowers Tell House Panel On Weaponization - 3/4/2023

Whistleblower: FBI's D.C. Office Tried To Sic Local Agents On Innocents After Bank Of America Volunteered Gun Records - 3/6/2023

FBI Whistleblowers Send Shockwaves With Warning That Threat Tags Used To Target Conservatives - 3/7/2023

EXCLUSIVE - The FBI's 'Abuse of Power': Three Whistleblowers Will Lay Out How Bureau 'Inflated Domestic Extremism' Stats And Prioritized January 6 Defendants Over Child Predators In Bombshell Hearing - 5/15/2023

Tale Of Two Whistleblowers Highlights Reprisal Risk As Congress Probes Weaponization Issues - 5/16/2023

Whistleblowers Expose FBI's Corruption And Ongoing Persecution of Political Opponents In Damning New Testimony - 5/18/2023

FBI Obtained Americans' Bank Records Without Subpoena: Whistleblowers - 5/18/2023

Whistleblower Report: FBI Used Jan.. 6 Riot To Mislead On Domestic Terrorism Spike - 5/18/2023

Democrats Attack FBI Whistleblowers - Giving Cover To The Agency's Abuses - 5/18/2023

FBI Whistleblowers Allege 'Retaliation' As Democrats Cast Them As Security Threats - 5/18/2023

FBI Retaliated against Whistleblowers Who Exposed Bureau's 'Politicized Rot' By Revoking Security Clearance, Suspending Employees: House Report - 5/18/2023

VIRAL: Jim Jordan Causes Dems To Have Meldown During FBI Whistleblower Hearing - 5/18/2023

'The FBI Will Crush You. This Government Will Crush You And Your Family': Whistleblower's Chilling Testimony Warns About Costs Of Exposing Government Corruption - 5/19/2023

Democrats Attempt To Discredit Weaponization Committee's FBI Witnesses: 'These Are Not Whistleblowers' - 5/19/2023

THESE FBI Actions May Be Worse Than The Durham Report - 5/23/2023

IRS Whistleblower Identified, Will Tetify Friday To Congress - 5/24/2023

Is This WORSE Than The Durham Report?! - 5/25/2023