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Activism & Punishments: Hypocricy

Rape Victim Is Forced To Quit Her Therapy Sessions Because She Feels Threatened By A 6ft Trans Woman In Men's Clothes Who - A Woke Charity Insists - Has As Much Right To Be There As She Does - 11/27/2021

Woke NBA To Hold Preseason Games In UAE Where Homesexuality Is Punsihable By Death - Canceled Game In Charlotte In 2016 Over Transgender Bathroom Law - 5/10/2022

It's 'Not Moral' To Request Abstinence To Stop Monkeypox: LGBT Activists - 8/8/2022

Watch: Rep. Nancy Mace Outs Transsexual Extremist As A Hypocrite Who Said SCOTUS Justices 'Should Never Have A Peaceful Moment In Public Again' - 12/14/2022

Library Cancels 'Pastor Story Hour' Claiming Church Violated Policies - Then Agrees To Reinstate Event After Pastor Lawyers Up - 1/13/2023

Days After Nashville Shooting, Wyoming Dem Sides With Antifa, Implies Supporting Gun Violence Against Those Who Oppose 'Trans' Agenda - 4/3/2023

Trans Prof Runs From Debate With Michael Knowles Days Before Event - 4/11/2023

Straight White Male Republican Identifies As Lesbian Of Color, His Family Receives 'Violent Threats' - 4/30/2023

Leftists Fuming After Republican Councilman Identifies As An Indian Woman To 'Shatter That Glass Ceiling' - 5/1/2023

A 'Lesbian Indian' Forces Alphabet Activists To Turn On Their Own Talking Points - 5/2/2023

STEM Students Troll Woke LGBT Survey - Researchers Blame 'Rise Of Online Fascism' - 7/24/2023

NBC News Mocked After Saying You Can't Change Your Race, But You Can Change Your Gender And Sex - 8/2/2023

Local Media Slam Library 'Book Bans' While Omitting The Explicit Content Being Pushed On Minors - 9/12/2023