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Activism & Punishments: Targeting Of Christians

- See: Amendments: 2A: Schools & Mass Shootings: Covenant Christian School

Christian Adoption Agencies In Michigan Will Lose State Funding If They Turn Away Same-Sex Couples - 3/22/2019

God-Fearing Flight Attendant Asks Single Question On Internal Message Board, Gets Attacked And Cancelled By Woke Airline - 9/26/2021

Christian Teaher Thrown In Jail: 'I Am Here Today Because I Said I Would Not Call A Boy A Girl!' - 9/6/2022

Embattled Christian Baker Appeals Ruling Over Gender Transition Cake Request - 10/6/2022

Justice Gorsuch Corners Colorado Solicitor General Into Admission About What State Did To Cake Baker Jack Phillips - 12/6/2022

Colorado Appeals Court Rules Against Baker In Case Over Gender-Transition Cake - 1/27/2023

UN Looking To Push Religious Communities To 'Fully Comply' With LGBTQ Agenda - 2/5/2023

UN To Push Religious Communities To 'Fully Comply' With Human Rights Law To 'Empower' LGBT+ People - 2/6/2023

Chaplain FIRED For Saying NO To Men In Women's Sports And REFUSING To Apologize - 3/19/2023

'God Was Really Clear': Goldberg Suggests Bible Supports Transitioning Children! - 4/27/2023

'Sheer Tyranny': Man Arrested After Trying To Quote Bible To Pride-Rally Attendees - Who Applaud When He's Put In Handcuffs - 6/6/2023

VIDEO: Christian Man Arrested While Preaching At Pennsylvnaia Pride Event - 6/7/2023

Christian Social Worker Sues After Losing Job Offer, Told He Must 'Embrace And Promote Homosexual Rights' - 7/12/2023

Outrageous! Wisconsin Man Arrested By Dirty Cops While Reading The Bible On Public Property - Was Protesting Drag Event Aimed At Children (VIDEO) - 8/2/2023

Church's Pro-Life Sign Vandalized In Maine With 'Queer Love' And Pro-Abortion Messages - 9/12/2023

Authoritarian Thugs Continue Their Persecution Of Jack Phillips - 10/5/2023

Christian Baker Who Refused to Make LGBT Cake Scores Win As Colorado Supreme Court Agrees To Hear His Appeal - 10/10/2023

Thousands Of Methodist Congregations Leave The Denomination Over LGBTQ Issue - 12/16/2023