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New York Library Hosts 'Drag Camp' For Kids Age 11 And Up To Adopt A Drag Persona And Perform At Pride Show - 6/3/2022

'This Is Satanic': Shocking Videos From 'Drag The Kids To Pride' Event At Texas Gay Bar Show Children Handing Money To Drag Queen Dancers - 6/4/2022

ALERT: Head Of Drag Queen Story Hour ARRESTED ON CHILD PORN CHARGES! - 6/15/2022

Michigan Attorney General Calls For 'A Drag Queen For Every School,' Says They 'Make Everything Better' - 6/15/2022

Private-School Students Forced to Watch As Drag Star Revealed What His Plans Were For Them - 7/29/2022

New Video Shows Drag Queen Performing At NYC CHurch-Affiliated High School Chapel - 8/1/2022

'We Are Done Tolerating The...Sexualization Of Our Children': Armed Protests Arise Outside 'All Ages' Drag Bingo Event Hosted By Texas Church - 9/27/2022

Biden's Genderfluid, Drag Queen nuclear Official Charged With Stealing Woman's Luggage - 11/28/2022

Non-Binary Biden Neclear Official Charged With Felony Theft For 'Accidentally' Stealing A Woman's $2K Suitcase From Airport Baggage Claim - 11/29/2022

Little Girl Watches Texas Drag Show While Parent Is 'Outside'; Drag Queen Tells her, 'We Got You, Baby.' Venue Scraps Rest Of year's Drag Shows Over Felling 'Unsafe.' - 12/5/2022

While Happy To Host Drag Queens, Public Libraries Deny Story-Hour Slot To Kirk Cameron For His New Faith-Based Book: 'We Have To Start Fighting Back' - 12/7/2022

'Our Messaging Does Not Align': Dozens Of Public Libraries Reportedly Reject Kirk Cameron Story Hour Over Faith-Based Book - 12/7/2022

'Fundalmentally Changing The Values Of America': Kirk Cameron Talks Public Libraries Refusing To Host Him For Story Hour Over Faith-Based Children's Book - 12/7/2022

After Children's Museum Hosts LGBTQ 'Santa Pride' - They Get Wrecked By Parents With Instant Pushback - 12/15/2022

SHOCKING: Explicit Adult Performances In Front Of Children At Texas Christmas-Themed Drag Queen Event - 12/15/2022

'Jesus Was Trans!' Protesters Clash At 'All Ages' Drag Show - 12/19/2022

You're 'Brainwashed' If You Don't Support Kids At Drag Shows: PBS's New Woke Stance - 12/29/2023

LA Zoo Held 'All Ages' Drag Show With Tickets For 'Children' And 'Infants' - 1/5/2023

Teletubbies And Crocs Are Sponsoring Underage Fashion show At RuPaul's Drag Convention - 1/5/2023

THIS Is How You TAKE DOWN Drag Queen Story Hour! - 2/20/2023

Video: BlazeTV Host Sara Gonzales Exposes Family-Friendly Drag Show Where Children Collect Tips, Performer Toasts Those Who 'Like Us Where We Pee' - 1/28/2023

In The War To Destroy Society, Drag Queens Are The Shock Troops - 1/30/2023

Drag Queen Forces Child To Leave Class For Denying 73 Genders, School Teachers Anal Sex To 11-Year-Olds: Report - 3/1/2023

DeSantis To Strip Luxury Miami Hotel Of Its Liquor License For Hosting Sexually Explicit Drag Show With Children In Attendance - 3/14/2023

Trans-Identified Male Likens Texas Lawmakers To Nazis Over Banning Drag For Kids - 3/27/2023

Biden's Department Of Defense Denies Drag Shows On Bases Even When Confronted With Undeniable Evidence - 3/31/2023

Texas Venue To Stop Hosting 'All Ages' Drag Queen Events After Undercover Video Shows Performer Exposing himself, Children Offering Tips - 4/12/2023

Parents Protest Drag Queen Performance At Public High School - Superintendent Defends Event, Counterprotesters Gather In Support - 4/14/2023

US Navy Used Drag Queen Influencer To Attract A 'Wide Range' Of New Troops As Recruitment Plummets - 5/1/2023

'I Can't Believe I Fought For This Bullsh-t': Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Blasts Pentagon For Drag Queen Gimmick - 5/3/2023

'Offensive To God': Drag Queen Christmas Fundraiser Sparks Backlash In Michigan Village - 5/4/2023

Texas Coffee Shop Known For 'Family Friendly' Drag Events, Handing Out Plan B Like Candy Closes Doors After Backlash - 5/26/2023

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Winner Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To Slay A Cop - 6/12/2023

Large Group Protests Dodgers' Pride Night; Sparse Crowd Watches Drag 'Nuns' Get Honored - 6/17/2023

NYC Drag March Chants 'We're Coming For Your CHildren' During Weekend Pride Event - 6/25/2023

Naked Men Freely Expose Themselves To Kids At Pride Because The Right Bought The Left's 'Tolerance' Lie - 6/26/2023

'We're Here, We're Queer, We're Coming For Your Children': 6 Scenes From NYC Pride Events - 6/26/2023

Chicago Children's Hospital Paid Employee For Drag Show In Front Of Children At Public School Event - 7/16/2023

Outrageous! Wisconsin Man Arrested By Dirty Cops While Reading The Bible On Public Property - Was Protesting Drag Event Aimed At Children (VIDEO) - 8/2/2023

Oklahoma DRAG QUEEN Hired As Elementary Principal Despite Former Child Pornography Charge - 9/1/2023

Drag Queen Spanks Burbank Mayor At Democrat Fundraiser That Teens Could Attend - 9/11/2023

Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence Member Arrested For Msturbating In Public - 9/12/2023

Drag Queen Story Hour Crumbles Into Dust As Protesters Block Library Entrance, Repeatedly Holler 'Leave Our Kids Alone!' At Wig-Wearing Performer Pickle - 10/27/2023

'Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence' Drag Queen Arrested Over Child Porn Allegations In Wisconsin - 2/16/2024

Drag Queen-Bakced 'Rainbow Book Bus' Begins National Tour Giving Explicit Books To Kids - 3/6/2024

Transvestite Founder Of LGBT Group Caught 2 Years AFter Fleeing Country; Faces Federal Fraud Charges - 3/11/2024

Easter Sunday Drag Queen Event-Goers Mock Christ, Mary In San Francisco: 'I'm Rewriting History So That Jesus Never Existed' - 4/3/2024