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Grooming: Keeping Info From Parents

- Education: Public & Private Schools: Sexual/LGBTQ+ Agenda

Teachers' Unions Push Abortions On Children As Young As 12 Without Their Parents' Knowledge - 4/16/2019

SHOCKING!  Parents Fight Back Against School's Transgender Policy - 11/18/2021

Lawsuit Claims School Re-Gendered Child Without Telling The Parents! - 11/18/2021

New Jersey Middle School Forced 12 Yr Olds To Learn About Transgender Hormone Therapy Without Parental Consent - 3/28/2022

CDC Promotes Teen Chate Platform To Discuss LGBT Topics, Witchcraft Without Parental Oversight - 7/22/2022

'Disturbing' State Department Of Eduction Training Materials Coach Teachers To Hide Kids' Transgender Identity From Parents - 8/14/2022

Dark Side To School-Controlled Locking Phone Case: Kids Can't Document Abuse - 9/5/2022

Social Worker Secretly Gave 13-Year-Old Daughter Chest Binder To Flatten Her Breasts, Mom Tells School Board - 12/21/2022

War On Parents: Male Teacher Asked This Mom's 11-Year-Old 'Transgender' Daughter To Sleep In Boys' Cabin - 8/10/2022

Report: Michigan's Education Department Is Urging Teachers To 'Transition' Kids Behind Parents' Backs - 9/16/2022

'Deflecting The Question': GOP Rep Presses Witness On Whether Parents Should Know About Kids' Gender Transitions - 12/14/2022

'State-Sanctioned Grooming': Connecticut Dems Want To Prevent Teachers' Sexuality, Gender Discussions With Students From Being Obtained Via FOIA - 2/8/2023

6,000 Public Schools In The U.S. Hide Students' Gender Status From Parents - 3/9/2023

California School Board Keeps Policy That Hides Students' Gender Transitions From Parents Despite Pending Letigation - 4/6/2023

Judge Blocks Policy Requiring Parental Notification If Kids' Well-Being Affected By Gener Transitioning, Sexuality - 5/20/2023

Target Gave $2 Million To LGBTQ Education Organization Urging Schools To Hide Gender Transitions From Parents, Wants Gender Ideology Integrated Into Math Classes - 5/27/2023

"This Is Evil!" - Wisconsin County Poised to Pass Four-Part Resolution To Become Nation's First Sex Reassignment Sanctuary For "Trans And Non-Binary" Children So They Can Be Transitioned Without Parental Consent - 6/12/2023

Mom Fights School District For Hiding Script Read To Students About Teacher's Gender Transition - 8/2/2023

WATCH: Arrogant Executives Of Radical Non-Profit Group Reveal How They Are Sneaking Woke LGBTQ+ Curriculum Into Elementary Schools And Indoctrinating Children WITHOUT Parental Knowledge - 9/15/2023

Is Knowing Your Child's Gender "A Privilege, Not A Right"? - 9/21/2023

Get THE DOCUMENTS For The 'Parental Advisory' Glenn TV Special - 9/21/2023

Thousands Take To The Streets Across Canada As Part Of Parental Rights Protests Against LGBT Indonctrination In Schools - 9/22/2023

Dad WARNS Parents: 'Government TRANSITIONED My Daughter' - 9/27/2023

Parents, Teachers Start Winning Court Battles Against Secret Gender Transistion Policies - 9/28/2023