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American College of Pediatrics Reaches Decision: Transgenderism of Children is Child Abuse - 3/25/2016

Liberals Furious! Johns Hopkins Chief Psychiatrist: Transgender Is A 'Mental Disorder' [VIDEO] - 9/16/2017

Pediatrician Drops A Bomb On Idea That Transgenderism Is Real - Completely Destroys It with Truth - 10/16/2017

John Hopkins Psychiatrist Reveals Truth Of What Really Happens To Transgender Men - 1/2/2018

1st Legal Non-Binary Person Devastates Trans Community: It Was All A Fraud, Sham & Mental Illness - 3/13/2019

Transgender Puberty Blocking Drug Liinked To Thousands Of Deaths, FDA Data Reveals - 9/26/2019

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender Is 'Mental Disorder;' Sex Change 'Biologically Impossible' - 11/26/2020

New Study Just Set The Transgender World On Fire - 10/6/2021

Atheist Intellectual Richard Dawkins Argues That Race Is On A 'Spectrum' - But 'Sex Is Pretty Damn Binary' - 1/7/2022

CDC Study Reveals LGBT High Schoolers Afflicted With High Depression Rates - 4/11/2022

Progressives Blast Bill Maher As 'Transphobic' For Saying It's 'Trendy' To Be LGBTQ, Declaring Children Transitioning To Transgender Is Not Science-Based - 5/21/2022

Telling Kids To Hate Their Biology Might Be What's Actually Killing Them - 8/5/2022

Therapist: Forcing Children To Declare And Use Pronouns Risks Psychological Harm - 10/19/2022

When Study Shows Transgender Medicine Hurts Kids, Activists And Media Allies Slant The Science - 1/30/2023

The Whole Transgender Inducstry Is Founded On Two Faulty Studies - 2/1/2023

4 Out Of 5 Children Grow Out Of Gender Confusion, Majority Have Mental Health Issues, Says Leading Child Psychiatrist From Finland - 2/7/2023

'Morally And Medically Appalling': Transgender Clinic Whistleblower Says Medical System Is 'Permanently Harming' Children - 2/10/2023

Transsexuals Pen Leter Asking U.S.-Based Medical Organizations To Reject Ideology In Favor Of Evidence - 2/24/2023

Washington Post Poll Inadvertently Finds Vast Majority Of 'Trans' People Aren't Really Transgender - 3/23/2023

Social Contagion Is Making Teen Girls Depressed - And Trans - 3/27/2023

Study Reveals SHOCKING Link Between Trans Boys And Mothers - 4/27/2023

Chuck Todd Gets Slapped With Basic Lesson In Biology When He Challenges Vivek Ramaswamy On The Trans Agenda - 5/1/2023

Texas Democrat Lawmaker Cites Science To Support Banning Minors From Trans Medical Procedures - 5/13/2023

Evolutionary Biologist Shuts Down Science Magazine Editor For Using A Bird To Push Far-Left Gender Narrative - 5/18/2023

'What Is A Woman?' Reaches No. 1 For Streaming Movies On Rotten Tomatoes - 6/4/2023

Matt Walsh Offers To Respond To Rolling Stone's Comment Request On ONe Condition: 'I Will Provide A Comment For Your Hit Piece If You Can Define The Word 'Woman' " - 6/6/2023

Video: Dan Crenshaw Floors Democratic Witness With Simple Request For Scientific Proof That Child Sex-Change Mutilations Are Beneficial: 'Tell Me One.  Name One Study.' - 6/15/2023

Common Herbicide Could Be Causing Sexual Dysphoria: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - 6/16/2023

On Dangerous Puberty Blockers, It's Time To Follow Britain's Lead - 6/21/2023

'Irreversible Infertiity' Listed As Risk Of Hormone Therapy On Trans Clinic Waiver - 6/23/2023

Transgender Suicide Deaths 3.5 Times Higher Than General Population, Landmark Study Shows - 6/27/2023

Landmark Study Shows Suicide, Psychiatric Conditions Much Higher In Transgender People - 6/28/2023

21 International Experts Dispute Prevailing US Gender Transition Methods - 7/15/2023

NBC News Totally Obliterates Trans Ideology By Accident - 8/2/2023

UK Study Finds Puberty Blockers Exacerbated Mental Anguish For Trans-Identified Teens - 9/25/2023

Doctor Admits Research Is 'Severly Lacking' On Impacts of Cross-Sex Hormones And Puberty Blockers, Requests Grant Funding For Study: Report - 10/16/2023

'Sports Is Biological': Fitness Guru Jillian Michaels Says Trans Athletes Will 'Destroy' Female Sports, Hurt Women - 12/28/2023

Why The Medical Definition Of 'Gender Dysphoria' Is A Get-Rich Scam, Not A Real Diagnosis - 1/8/2024

Pediatricians Group Says Research Doesn't Support 'Gender Affirming' Treatments - 2/8/2024

LGBT Activists Tout Survey On 'Satisfaction' After Gender Transitions. There's Just One Problem - 2/18/2024

'This Is Sick': British Hospitals Say 'Milk' From Men Equal To Mothers' Breast Milk For Babies - 2/19/2024

Are Doctors Rushing "Trans Care"? Gender Scientist Thinks So - 2/19/2024

Scientists Deal Another Blow To Gender Ideology, Confirming The Obvious: Men's And Women's Brains Work Differently - 2/21/2024

Media Ignore Science on Dangers Of Transgenderism In Kids To Tout Garbage Pro-Trans Survey - 2/22/2024

Unhinged Health 'Experts' Claim Men Can Breastfeed Too - 2/26/2024

'He Became Desensitized To Violent Acts': Woman Shares What Her Porn-Addicted Husband Requested Of Her In The Bedroom - 3/2/2024

Poll Finds Majority Of Scientists At British Universities Agree Sex Is Binary - 3/3/2024

Science Keeps Obliterating The Left's Favorite Transgender Narratives - 3/6/2024

Trans Ideologues Would Rather Revolt Against Reality Than Admit They Were Wrong - 3/14/2024

Scientists Refute Olympic Committee's Misguided Policies On 'Fairness' And Testosterone Levels - 3/29/2024

Rates Of Suicide Attempts Doubled After Gender-Reassignment Surgery: Study - 4/1/2024

Side Effects Of Transgender 'Medicine' Show It Isn't Just Junk Science, It's Malpractice - 4/3/2024

Prominent LGBT Activist Faces Humiliating Reality Check Over Suggestion That Various Animals Are 'Biologically Trans' - 4/9/2024

'An Especially American Problem': Michael Knowles Addresses The U.S. Establishment's Radical Embrace Of Transgenderism - 4/9/2024

Prominent U.K. Doctor's Independent Review Finds 'No Good Evidence' Supports Chemically Castrating Kids - 4/10/2024

Medical Associations Silent After Review Finds 'Weak Evidence' For Giving Puberty Blockers To Kids - 4/19/2024