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Transgenderism: Activism

Settlement Victory: Christian PE Teacher Who Rejected Trans Policy Gets The Best Of Loudoun County - 11/17/2021

WATCH: Transgender Pioneer Defies Current Trans Agenda, Warns Parents Everywhere - 5/25/2022

Matt Walsh Holding 'Rally To End Child Mutilation' In Tennessee - 10/1/2022

University Of Michigan Medical Professional Fired For Resisting Gender Ideology Demands: Lawsuit - 10/12/2022

'I'm Done With The Bulls**t': Chad Prather Reacts To A Hypocritical Statement Made By A Transgender CNN Commentator - 12/1/2022

Court Shuts Down Biden Attempt To Force Doctors To Sterilize Sex-Confused Patients - 12/9/2022

Leftists Call Free Speech 'Violence' To Mute Critics Of Barbaric Transgender Surgeries For Kids - 12/16/2022

Bill Maher: 'The Trans Community Is Asking For Too Much' - 3/1/2023

Non-Binary Male Who Believes Little Girls Are 'Kinky' Featured During LA School Districts Week-Long Celebration Of Transgender Day Of Visibility - 3/28/2023

Matt Walsh Silences Trans Debate Opponent Who Tried To Use EMT Training To Prove Sex Is 'Complicated Spectrum' - 4/5/2023

'Capitulated To Fear': Tennessee City Makes Decision On Future Of Pride Fest That Featured 'Explicit Sexual' Performance - 4/11/2023

"They're Not Men, They're Women Dressed As Men!" - Based Teacher Shreds Trans Activists And Woke Audience On Dr. Phil Show (VIDEO) - 4/21/2023

Top General Admits Trans Inclusion Hurts Army Recruiting - 4/24/2023

Unhinged Trans Activist Shrieks For Almost A Minute At San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Meeting "I Hate You!" - 5/5/2023

OBGYNs Claim Dylan Mulvaney Is A Woman - 6/5/2023

"You Left Your Brain At The Door A Long Time Ago!" - Conservatives Destroy Woke Doctor And Cause Her To Melt Down After She Arrogantly Insists That Dylan Mulvaney Is A Woman - 6/7/2023

'I Want To Be Actress Dylan Mulvaney': Trans Activist Says He's Ready To Be In Hollywood Now That His 'Girlhood' 'Project' Is Finished - 6/7/2023

Transvestite Flashes Fake Breasts Below White House's Prominently Flown Pride Flag After Taking Photo With Bidens - 6/13/2023

Team Sanity Wins A Major Victory Over The Gender Ideology Cult - 9/29/2023

Pediatrician Group Launches New Initiative To Expose Danger Of Transgender Procedures On Kids - 9/29/2023

Maxim Names Biological Male To 'Hottest 100 Women' List - 10/19/2023

Trans-Identifying 11-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Grand Marshal At Orlando Pride Parade - 10/23/2023

Colleges That Had Pro-Palestinian Rallies Are Holding Candlelit Vigils For 'Transgender Day Of Remembrance' - 11/15/2023

3 Of The Trans People Eulogized By Biden Admin Died Attacking Innocent Strangers - 11/21/2023

There Is No 'Trans Genocide' - 11/27/2023

Surgery Without A Scalpel: How Meta's Photo Filters Fuel Transgender Delusions - 11/28/2023

Pro-Trans Activist Drives Onto Sidewalk, Honks Horn At Senior Citizen For 30 Minutes Outside Drag Queen Story Time - 12/20/2023

Queer Activists Are Putting Pornographic Books In Little Free Libraries - 12/20/2023

Interior Department Transgender Policy Threatens Employees Who Won't Play Along With Fake Pronouns - 12/21/2023

Woke Activists Announce Shock "Underground Railroad" - You Won't Believe Who They're Smuggling! - 12/26/2023

Delta Airlines Employee Stands Up To Transgender Bully Causing Scene At Airport Gate Over Pronouns: 'Human Rights Violation' - 12/27/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Prominent Psychoogist Talks Nonstop About Gender-Transitioning 3-Year-Olds During Medical Training Course - 1/8/2024

Activists Want Food Delivery Man To Be Charged With Hate Crime After lethal Shooting Over 'Misgendering' Of Transgender Woman - 1/9/2024

New York Times Warns Of 'Ideological Extremism' By Transgender Activists, Stresses Detransitioners' Nightmare Of 'Gender-Affirming Care' As Children - 2/3/2024

FL Transgender Activists Stage Die-In Demonstrations At DMVs Over New Drivier's License Rule - 2/10/2024

Video Highlights Deceased Transgender Activist Mourners' Alleged Deception of Catholic Cathedral Which Welcomed Them - 2/18/2024

Catholic Church Tricked Into Hosting Funeral For Trans-Identifying Activist, It Claims: 'Sacrilegious And Deceptive - 2/19/2024

Dr. Phil Blasts Those Pushing Transgenderism Onto Children: Not 'Appropriate Or Safe,' Internet Is Driving It - 2/20/2024

In Your Face: Karine Jean Pierre Posts Statement promoting Transgender Day Of Visibility After Barrage Of Criticism Over Biden's Easter Sunday 'Blasphemous' Proclamation - 3/30/2024

Gov. Kathy Hochul Orders New York Landmarks Lit Up In Trans Flag Colors On Easter Sunday For Transgender Day of Visibility, Including One World Trade Center And Niagara Falls - 3/30/2024

In Your Face: Biden Triples Down On Transgender Day Of Visibility with New Statement After White House Releases Biden Comments On Easter - 3/31/2024

They 'Can Save Their Apologies': JK Rowling Won't Forgive 'Harry Potter' Stars For Supporting Gender Transitions For Minors - 4/16/2024

LGBT Activists And Accomplice Media Exploit Teen Deaths For Political Points - 4/24/2024