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Transgenderism: Puberty Blockers & Hormone Drugs

President Of American College Of Pediatricians Slams Transgender Drugs As 'Child Abuse' - 12/17/2021

Transgender Activist Makes Argument For All Children To Be Put On Puberty Blockers Until They Can Determine Identity - 12/14/2020

Doctors Give Kids Drugs That Can Chemically Castrate Them - Just Like Pedophiles - 6/6/2022

Libs Of TikTok And Matt Walsh Alert DEA About Transgender Individual Who Openly Discussed An Effort To Give Away Prescription Hormones - 8/5/2022

Report: Puberty Blockers Foisted Upon Minors Proven To Have Devastating, Irreversible Effects - 9/21/2022

Oklahoma Children's Hospital To Halt 'Certain Gender Medicine Services' After State Places Restrictions On Funding - 9/28/2022

American Academy Of Pediatrics Executive Admits Children On Trans Hormones 'Probably Will Be Infertile' - 12/12/2022

Pumping Gender-Bending Drugs Into Kids Is Even More Dangerous Than We Thought - 3/30/2023

Whistleblower Who Warned Trans Clinic Was Hastily Prescribing Hormones, 'Permanently Harming' Children Has Clalims Corroborated: Report - 8/24/2023

UK Study Finds Puberty Blockers Exacerbated Mental Anguish For Trans-Identified Teens - 9/25/2023

Transvestites Taking Confusion-Affirming Hormones Face Up To 93% Greater Likelihood Of Heart Disease - 10/6/2023

Doctor Admits Research Is 'Severly Lacking' On Impacts of Cross-Sex Hormones And Puberty Blockers, Requests Grant Funding For Study: Report - 10/16/2023

Alabama Allowed To Start Enforcing Ban On Puberty Blockers, Cross-Sex Hormones For Children - 1/13/2024

EXCLUSIVE: Top Trans Pediatric Doctors Admit In Unearthed Video That Puberty Blockers Aren't As 'Reversible' As Advertised - 1/16/2024

Canadaian Conservatives Slam Trudeau For Opposing Alberta's Ban On Children's Sex-Change Surgeries And Puberty Blockers, For Inviting Nazi To Parliament And Lying About It (VIDEOS) - 2/7/2024

NHS England Permanently Bans Puberty Blockers From Being Prescribed To Minors - 3/12/2024

Pro-LGBT Doctors Push Known Dangerous Hormones On Children - 3/14/2024

Prominent U.K. Doctor's Independent Review Finds 'No Good Evidence' Supports Chemically Castrating Kids - 4/10/2024

Children's Gender Clinic Whistleblower Tells Dr Phil Patients Were Begging 'To Have Breasts Put Back On' And Bosses Told Medics To 'Keep Silent' On De-Transitioners - 4/18/2024

Medical Associations Silent After Review Finds 'Weak Evidence' For Giving Puberty Blockers To Kids - 4/19/2024