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Transgenderism: Transgenders In Prisons

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Two Women Pregnant After Sex With Transgender Inmate At Female-Only Prison In NJ - 4/14/2022

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Transsexual Who Butchered His Parents No Longer Serving His 40-Year Sentence In Men's Prison, Now Listed As A 'Female' In Medium-Security Prison - 12/29/2022

Convicted Sex Offender With History Of Crimes Against Minors Identifies As Intersex Female, Petitions for Transfer To Women's Prison - 1/8/2023

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O'Keefe Strikes Again! - 'Rapists In Our Rooms' - Insider Footage Shows Female Inmate Distressed Over Transgender Assaults On Women (VIDEO) - 4/13/2023

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'Taste For Blood': Protesters Demand 10 Biologically Male Inmates' Removal From A Women's Prison - 4/16/2023

Minnesota Department Of Corrections Will Pay For Inmate's Sex-Change Surgery And Transfer Him To A Female Prison, Per Settlement - 6/5/2023

Transgender Triple Murderer Sent To Women's Prison - 6/27/2023

Over Half Of Transgender Prisoners In Wisconsin Are Sex Offenders - 8/25/2023

Female Prisoner Says She Was Sexually Assaulted By Transgender Inmate In New Jersey Prison, Lawsuit Alleges - 9/8/2023

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California Has Spent $4 Million On Sex Changes And Gender Surgeries For Prisoners Since 2017 - 11/7/2023

Rikers Island Staff Told Male Prisoner To Identify As Trans So He Could Access Women's Ward, Pimp Out Female Inmates: Lawsuit - 1/25/2024

JK Rowling Buries Trans Activists With Must-Read Takedown In Defense Of Women: ' You Are Not Kind. You Are Not Righteous.' - 2/20/2024

Biological Male Killed 12-Year-Old Girl Who He Had Alleged Sexual Realtionship With, Transitioned To Transgender After Arrest - 3/23/2024