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Transgenders In Sports: Injuries Due To Transgenders

WOKE WAR ON WOMEN: Biological Male Concussess Female During NHL-Endorsed Transgender Hockey Tournament - 12/11/2022

A Middle-Aged Man Identifying As Woman Is Playing Cricket Against Girls As Young As 12, Has Injured A Player And Umpire - 2/20/2023

Make Sports Safe For Women Again, Player Gives Heartbreaking Testimony About Injuries - 4/25/2023

Male Athlete Allowed To Play With Girls In Wisconsin As Players Quit Over Safety Concerns: 'Girls Are Leaving With Welts And Bruises,' Parents Say - 8/11/2023

Male On Women's Field Hockey Team Hospitalizes Opponent with 'Significant Facial Injuries' - 11/3/2023

Male HS Field Hockey Player Fires Shot Into Female Opponent's Face, And She's Hospitalized. Riley Gaines, Others Are Furious. - 11/3/2023

5 Transgender Athletes Dominate Women's College Volleyball Game, 2 Of The Males Accused Of Injuring Female Players - 1/31/2024

Video: Trans Controversy Erupts When Girls Basketball Game Ends In Forfeit Following Three Injuries - 2/19/2024

Trans-Identifying Male Causes Multiple Injuries During Girls' High School Basketball Game, Prompting Opponents To Forfeit - 2/20/2024

'Girls Actually Get Hurt': Rep. Victoria Spartz Shows Videos Of Transgender Athletes Injuring Girls In Fiery House Hearing - 3/22/2024

Trans-Identifying Athlete Who Caused Injuries At Girls' Basketball Game 'Caught Staring' At Topless Female: Report - 4/3/2024

Riley Gaines Goes AFter Massachuesetts Governor After Girls Injured By Trans-Identifying Athlete - 4/3/2024